The Holy Insignia of the Organisation
The emblem of the Organisation, the Scarf and Badge for the Seva Dal and the Prashanthi Flag constitute the holy insignia of the Organisation that have a deep spiritual significance and act as constant reminder to every member about the purpose of joining the Organisation, the required discipline to reach the destination and spiritual duty towards that one has towards his own self.


The emblem of the Organisation is known as the ‘Sarva Dharma Logo’ which represents the unity of all faiths and progressions to spiritual realisation. It enshrines, in the five semicircles around the centre circle, the symbols of five major religions of the mankind.

Holy Scarf & Badge

The Scarf and Badge is the holy insignia of the organisation. It represents sacrifice and commitment of the members of the Organisation. All members should necessarily wear scarf and badge while undertaking service activities.

Prashanthi Flag

The Prashanthi Flag symbolises the victory that each one has to achieve over the demonic urges that infect and torment us. As the official insignia of the Organisation this flag is hoisted before the commencement of any event of the Organisation.
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