Who can be a Member

The Membership of the organisation is open to all irrespective of colour, caste, creed, religion or socio-economic status.

Any individual who fulfills the following criteria can become a member:

has attained the age of 18 years
has faith in God
is an eager spiritual aspirant
has good character and has won recognition as good person
is willing to abide by the Nine-Point Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations of the Organisation in force from time to time
is willing to participate in the activities of Organisation.

It is noteworthy that the membership of the organisation is not by any compulsion but is completely voluntary.

Membership Fees

There is no fee or subscription for membership. The concept of fees or membership subscription is alien to the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, for there cannot be any fee or subscription for one’s journey towards his own Self.

Why should one join?

The following excerpts from the discourses of Sri Sathya Sai Baba warrant consideration for proper understanding that underlie the purpose of joining the Organisation:

You join the Samithi, you share in its activities, for your own sake; not for the sake of Sathya Sai or the Samithi started in that name. If you feel that you can earn fame or name, or social status, or some other type of gain by entering this Organisation, there is no place for you in it. This is a place for Saadhana, constant, vigilant Saadhana (spiritual striving).

— Divine Discourse, 22 December 1971

Members of the Sai Organisation and those who adhere to the Universal path to Sai should not be carried away by ideas of inferiority or superiority based on differences of religion, caste or creed. They should honour Faith, Steadfastness, Sincerity, Purity, wherever found.

— Divine Discourse, 17 October 1972

When you join the Seva Samithi (Sai Organisation) and share in its activities, you are doing so not for the sake of Swaami, nor for the sake of the people, but the sake of the Dharma which you have a duty to uphold and foster. Attachment to Dharma, practice of Dharma and its varied manifestations of Seva (Service) and Prema (Love), can alone help transform Maanava (human) into Maadhava (God).

— Divine Discourse, 4 January 1974

As a member of Sathya Sai Organisation you should have no sense of ego or pride. As I have often said you should have your “Hands in society and heads in the forest”. This should be your guiding principle. What little you do you must do with a good and pure heart.

— Discourse to active workers at Abbotsbury, 19 January 1983
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