The Emblem of the Organisation and its significance

The emblem of the Organisation is known as the ‘Sarva Dharma Logo’ which represents the unity of all faiths and progressions to spiritual realisation. It enshrines, in the five semicircles around the centre circle, the symbols of five major religions of mankind.

The symbol of the Organisation is the Harmony of Religions, the Unity of all Faiths, the Acceptance of all Approaches

Divine Discourse, Madras

23 December 1971
Significance of the

Stupa in the centre

Inside the main circle, in the centre is the “stupa” (pillar) with concentric rings holding a lotus flower on its top on which is the illuminating flame.
The pillar represents Yoga, with a number of rings to indicate the stages of Yogic Sadhana. This Yoga leads to the unfolding of the Lotus of the Heart, whose petals are borne on top of the pillar. The next stage of this consummation of Bhakthi and the blossoming of the Heart is the Flame of Jnana, the Illumination, the Jyothi, which is symbolised as the finale of the Sthambha (pillar). The Yoga fructifies and takes the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) on from one height to another, until the Lotus of the Heart blooms and the Effulgence of Illumination is vouchsafed at last.

Significance of

Religious Symbols

The significance of the sacred symbols of various religions have been explained by Baba so that we can understand the truth that all religions lead man on the path to the same God.


Listen to the primeval Pranava ‘AUM’ resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the universe. 


Remember the wheel of cause and consequence, of deed and destiny and the wheel of Dharma that guides them all.


Offer all bitterness in the sacred
fire and emerge grand, great and godly.


Be like the star which never
wavers from the crescent, but is
fixed in steady faith.


“Cut the ‘I’ feeling clean across and let our ego die on the cross, to endow on you eternity.”
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