Inspiring children by Empowering Schools

The program aims to supplement and enhance the levels of motivation and learning experience of students of the schools adopted under the program, by leveraging and improving the ecosystem in which the schools operate.


Since a school is more than just a brick and mortar structure, the program takes a more holistic view of the entire ecosystem. Multiple stakeholders aid in constructively shaping the learning environment for the child. Physical activity, cultural programs, value oriented discussions, grama sabhas, sports activities are all leveraged to inspire the child and equip the school.






School Management

Local Government


The program is implemented over four phases viz. Energise, Empower, Equip and Evolve. Each of the phases has been designed to enable meticulous implementation of the program. The ‘Energise’ phase attempts to create interest, enthusiasm and fervour in students, teachers, school staff, parents and community.
‘Empower’ phase establishes the commitment of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation to the school by improving the overall well being of the children and implement programs that will enhance their capabilities, character and capacity. This stage brings out the willingness, enthusiasm, participation and capability of the schools through the children, teachers and parents.
The ‘Equip’ phase is on cost-intensive civil work like repairs to the ilapidated infrastructure, the building of additional classrooms, repairs to damaged floors or leaky roofs, construction of compound walls, whitewashing of walls etc. Thus the physical condition and appearance of the schools get transformed and there is the motivation for the students to attend school.
In the ‘Evolve’ phase, the school is connected with the larger community by engaging the students in community competitions, linking schools and implementing Government policy to meet deficiencies, if any.

Impact of Vidya Jyothi


Adopted Schools








No. Of years

Activities of the program

  • Teaching Bal Vikas
  • Periodical health check-ups of children and teachers
  • Providing Parenting tips
  • Providing teaching aids
  • Counselling children and teachers
  • Soft skill development for teachers
  • Supporting children having challenges in studies
  • Promotion of arts and music
  • Personality development classes for the children
  • Creating opportunities for participation in competitions
  • Training children with special abilities
  • Sports activities
  • Providing infrastructure support to the schools by undertaking repairs to the classroom, painting, providing benches, constructing toilets, and drinking water facility etc.

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