Category: Stories of Transformation

Stories of Transformation

Educating the blind by being their vision!

Rendering Seva is about selflessness and love for the Supreme. The Supreme can be perceived in a form or formless, with attributes or without attributes.

Stories of Transformation

A small service of filling out pay-in-slip can also be transformative!

The demonetisation of currency notes in the year 2016 resulted in long queues outside all the banks where people thronged to deposit their wealth into the bank coffers.

Stories of Transformation

Taking care of the feet walking for the Lord’s Darshan

The Indian culture has always been endowed with many traditions and activities that promote a spiritual lifestyle.

Stories of Transformation

You need not be wealthy to build houses for the needy!

Service may be rendered in any form; yet the act of empathising with the misery of our fellow beings and acting to alleviate it through self-sacrifice

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