The Answers to All Your Questions

Q. What is the Organisations’ fundamental belief about the Omnipresence of Divinity?

The larger the number of storeys you wish to erect, the deeper the foundation must be laid. You are planning to construct the supremely majestic tower of Self-Realisation, and therefore, great attention has to be paid to the provision of a solid foundation of faith and discipline, of dedication and surrender. Examine your own activities in these Units and judge for yourselves, whether such a foundation is being laid therein… The Lord is neither in Heaven, nor in Kailash, Vaikuntha or Swarga. To believe that He is manifest only in one place or location and to journey thither is a superstition much to be deplored. He is everywhere, in everyone, at all times. He is the witness of all, in all. He is the energy that fills space and time, and He is the energy that manifests as causation. The Organisation must implant this Truth in the minds of the members and spread this Truth, without fear and fumble. It must reveal man to himself, as a visible, moving embodiment of Divinity, in whom God shines, through whom God beckons. God is to be worshipped in and through man. This is the message that you must put into daily practice. This is the main plank of the programme you have to carry out. You should not import the tactics and tricks of political power-hunting into the Units. Nor should there be any trace of dislike or distrust, on the score of nationality, language, caste, economic status, scholarship, age or gender. Revere the Atma and derive Atma-Ananda through Love.

- Fourth All India Conference, Madras | December 22-23, 1971

Q. How should the Organisation work towards Unity of Religions?

Four stages are mentioned in spiritual progress: Salokya (being in the same Palace), Sameepya (being in the immediate Presence), Sarupya (being privileged to be clothed with a share of regal authority) and Sayujya (becoming King oneself). In the Bible, Christ is said to have announced first, that he was Messenger from God; later, that he was the Son of God; and finally, that “I and My Father are One”. Then, there is the further declaration of Identity with the Holy Ghost. In the Quran too, similar ideas are propounded. The Sathya Sai Organisation must seek out chances of studying and substantiating these basic similarities and promote love and mutual co-operation.

- Fourth All India Conference, Madras | December 22-23, 1971

Q. How should Organisation Members revere different manifestations of Divinity?

Do not compare the various manifestations of the Divine and pronounce judgement, declaring that Rama is greater than Krishna or Shiva superior to Vishnu. This line of thought is poisonous and harmful to the devout aspirant. You do not know your own self; but, yet, how dare you pronounce judgement on personalities and powers you have never experienced or understood. Rama is as unknown to you as Christ, and so, it is best to keep silent, and revere both with equal ardour. For, all are manifestations of the same Divine Effulgence.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

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