The Answers to All Your Questions

Q. What is the spiritual significance of the Organisations’ rules and regulations?

The Organisation has been established, not for publicizing any person or creed, or to provide berths for some ambitious individuals, from which they can exercise authority over others. It is as a means of Sadhana that the Organisation is to be understood. Take it in that attitude. Do not consider the rules as restrictions imposed by Me or as shackles on your freedom of action. They are devised to help you and others in the Sadhana you have entered upon.

Two guidelines, peculiar to this Organisation you should not neglect:
  1. Act and then advise; practise first, precept second. Unless you yourself avoid the evil habits, and the undesirable practices, don’t talk against them.
  2. The rules and regulations that we have laid down for the Organisation and its Units, must be observed, scrupulously, down to the smallest dot and dash.

- Fourth All India Conference, Madras | December 22-23, 1971

Q. What do the rules of the Sai Organisations emphasize?

When an organisation is started, it has to lay down for itself certain rules and regulations. But our rules are of a different nature altogether. Our rules emphasise that members must first practice what they stand for. Whatever you desire others to do, you must first put into daily practice sincerely and with steadfastness. You must do Bhajan regularly and systematically, before you advise others about the efficacy of Bhajans. When you want to be honoured by others, you must learn to honour them first…

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

The Objectives, Rules and Regulations that the Organisation has laid down have to be scrupulously observed by all, whatever be the difficulties whatever be the reaction of others. Bear calumny, criticism and neglect with courage; do not allow these to affect your equanimity. The good that you do will guard you; have that faith rooted in your mind. Do not exult when your desire is fulfilled; do not be dejected when it is not realised. Faith must be built on stronger foundations. Believing one moment and doubting the next, is like living and dying alternately. Faith is the very breath of Seva; doubt is death. One who wavers is as useless as a living corpse.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

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