The Answers to All Your Questions

Q. What is Swami’s Vision on the Organisations’ role in Societal Transformation?

You are aware that, at the present day, both in India and outside, there is a wave of spiritual discontent surging in thousands of hearts and therefore, we have eager groups who give up everything worldly and seek God and Godly preceptors. But many do believe that this search concerns only the individual and that society need not get involved in their yearning or their endeavours. This is as foolish as saying that one need not worry about the darkness prevailing outside the walls of his residence. The individual and society are intertwined inextricably. There must be illumination, for both. Ananda (divine bliss) must surge out of the individual and fill the lake of society, and from thence, stream into the Ocean of Grace. Society is just a name for a group of individuals; but it has no corporeal body. Individuals are the limbs, that nourish and support the ‘corpus’ called society. Society shapes the individual, provides the arena for his development and sets the ideals he should plant before himself. When the individual is stronger, more intelligent, more service-minded, and more efficient as a worker, society benefits; when society is more aware of its role and of the need to cleanse that role with humility and wisdom, the individual benefits. Sai has resolved to transform the individual and society by promoting this mutual regeneration, by the action of one on the other; hence, the formation of this Organisation, and the establishment of its Units in all countries, for the sublimation of the human into the Divine… Whatever is considered by you as good when done by others in your case, endeavour to do them in the case of those others yourselves. Do not advise, exhort and direct others, without yourself following that advice… Sathya Sai Seva Organisation must be unique, free from the slightest taint of hypocrisy, and the attempt to rationalise faults and failings.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

Q.What role does the Organisation play in Individual Transformation?

When you join the Seva Samiti (Sai Organisation) and share in its activities, you are doing so not for the sake of Swami, nor for the sake of the people, but the sake of the Dharma which you have a duty to uphold and foster. Attachment to Dharma, practice of Dharma and its varied manifestations of Seva (Service) and Prema (Love), can alone help transform Manava (human) into Madhava (God). The destruction of the insidious poison of egoism is essential for the restoration of health and happiness of the mind. Unless you tap the inner spring of joy in your own Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being, Awareness, Bliss) principle you cannot be established in Ananda. This is the best way for you to offer the highest possible Seva to the Motherland. For, India is since millennia the Yoga Bhumi (the land of Divine communion), Tyaga Bhumi (the land of Detachment) and Karma Bhumi (the land of Godward-leading Activity).

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

Q.What is the key message in the name of the Organisation?

You are all members of the ‘Sathya’ Sai Seva Organisation; remember that ‘Sathya’ is My Name. It is the first and foremost ideal that must shape and sustain all activities of the Organisation, as well as every one of its members. Give Sathya the first place in your thought, word and deed… You must take delight in sharing the Glory of This Sathya: that is Myself. You are members of the Organisation bearing My Name and, so, you must live every minute in the consciousness of that responsibility. Bearing a ‘High Class’ name, you should not live in a ‘low class’ way. Rise into Divinity, do not fall into bestiality… In the Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, you have all the chances you need and all the direction and encouragement you want, to make your names cherished by generations. For, the Organisation strives to establish World Peace and Prosperity, promote mutual service in Society and cultivate selfless love in the individual. You have only to share in its various tasks, gladly and with perfect humility.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

Q.What should Sai Organisations promote?

For the influence available from positions of authority, for acquiring and accumulating power, individuals talk ill of others and breed hate. From dawn till dusk and dusk till dawn, the chief occupation of people today is finding fault with others, trying to publicise the faults in others. This state of things is an insult cast in the face of our hoary culture. It springs from the craving for cheap popularity and temporary fame… Your organisations must endeavour to promote faith in God. If that base is absent, worship, Bhajan, Puja, good works – all become meaningless ritual, done under social compulsion. Inner transformation, which is the fruit, can be acquired only when these are done with faith. Faith can grow only from the root of inquiry. Faith is made firmer by inquiry. You must encourage inquiry by the members whom you contact and welcome their efforts to gain first-hand experience.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

Q.What is the role of the Organisation in the future of Bharat?

The glory of Bharat which has illumined for centuries the hearts of humanity is awaiting the surgence of the Sai Movement, through proper presentation and practical application by you, to have an even more brilliant future in the coming years. As the spark that causes the fire, as the driver in the engine drawing a long line of coaches along, as the designer and operator of a system of automatic lights, this Sai is here creating and fostering the world, and all its various communities, living and non-living…
Tri-Karana-Shuddhi is prescribed by the sages as essential for tasting the Ananda of the Universal Absolute. That expression means purity of thought, word and deed. This purity is needed even for efficient working of the Organisation, in which you are working. In fact, it is important at all levels of human efforts. But, at the present time, there is no evidence of this purity anywhere. They play false to their professions, talking peace and fanning the flames of war. Our Organisation must strive to correct this hypocrisy, and teach by precept and example, the straight path of sincerity and harmony.

- Fourth All India Conference, Madras | December 22-23, 1971

Q.What should be the focus of the Organisation in the revival of Bharatiya Culture?

All over the land, we have now Bhajan Mandalis, Study Circles, Mahila Vibhags, Seva Dal and Seva Samitis besides Schools, Libraries etc., studding the entire area. Certain of these who have strayed away into wrong lines, regardless of the ideals placed before them, must be guided back into the path. More than everything else, Bal Vikas classes must be multiplied so that the children may be saved and trained, to shine as true inheritors of Bharatiya Culture. May the Culture of India which is fast going dry in the land of its origin be restored to its pristine power and purity through your loving and loyal efforts.

- First All India Conference, Madras | April 20-21, 1967

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