The organisation is founded on the following core principles:
  • There are no fees or subscription or any other charge by whatever name called for membership of the organisation.
  • Solicitation of funds, directly or indirectly, in any manner is strictly prohibited. The expenses of the day-to-day activities of the units of the Organisation are met by voluntary contribution by the members themselves. Under no circumstances a public appeal for solicitation of funds is resorted to for undertaking any activity of the organisation.
  • Proper segregation and separation between male and female members of the organisation is always maintained while performing or executing any activity of the organisation.
  • The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations cannot associate itself or partner with any other organisation be it religious or spiritual or of any nature or any institution or body or association of persons whether registered or unregistered of any nature in carrying out or execution of its activities.
  • The organisation does not strive for proliferation or publicity or propaganda of its work, activities or achievements nor does it indulge in any kind of fanfare or exhibitionism or pomp or show in carrying out any activities as these are alien to the spiritual path.
  • The organisation does not have connection with the government at any level
  • The organisation does not seek any support or assistance or help from any government or corporate or non-corporate entity or any other agency or body in execution of or carrying out its activities. However, the Organisation may accept facilitation that may be extended by government if such facilitation is essential in rendering the service by the Organisation and is not otherwise independently available to the Organisation or can only be provided by the government alone.
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