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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Punjab

Visit of Sri Nimish Pandya, the All India President & his National Team and Sri R J Ratnakar, Managing Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust to the Golden Temple.

Special Video on Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Niketan-Baghpur, Hoshiarpur, Punjab

MARCH 5, 2020

Loving Sairam!

Before Proceeding to Jammu on 6th March 2020, the National Team –AIP, his team and Sri R J Ratnakar have paid a visit to the famous Golden Temple, most auspicious divine place of Sikh Community, at Amritsar in Punjab.

The world-famous and the most Holiest and auspicious Temple for the Sikh community in Amritsar, Punjab is known for peace and tranquillity very generous and mass feeding run by the Sikh community was visited by Sri. Ratnakar, Sri. Nimish Pandya and the National Team of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation

The Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, meaning “Abode of God” or Darbār Sahib, meaning “Exalted Court”, is a Gurdwara (name of the place where Sikh community worship).

Bhagawan Baba Visited Amritsar

In the early 70s Swami had made a brief visit to Amritsar and on His return, Swami who flew in a chartered flight, asked the pilot to do three Aerial Parikramas (circumambulation) around the Golden Temple and the pilot readily obeyed the divine command.

Shri R J Ratnakar and the entourage had the opportunity to personally witness the beautiful langar (a communal free kitchen) which serves around one hundred thousand (100,000) people every day and the number increases on weekends and special days. People from all over the world especially “Sikhs” visit Golden temple at least once in their lifetime. Everybody is welcome at the langar.

The temple management appreciated the visit of office bearers and did temple honours to the Sai Entourage

-Jai Sairam

Visit the Gurdaspur Sai Centre

The entourage later visited Gurdaspur Sai centre and a public meeting was arranged in Golden group of institutions which is owned by Swami’s devotee where several devotees and office bearers attended.  This organisation helped close to 2660 amputees and physically challenged by supplying high-quality artificial limbs to date.

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi-Gurdaspur -Punjab

Shri Rathnakar and Shri Nimish Pandya appreciated the noble work done by the members of the Sri Sathya Sai organisation Punjab.  In the evening Songs were presented by Punjab youth at the Divine Lotus feet.

MARCH 7, 2020

Punjab State Meet at Pathankot:

The All India Team led by Sri Nimish Pandya and Sri R J Ratnakar have arrived at Pathankot for Punjab State Meet. The meeting started with 3 Omkarams and Veda by the Students.

After a brief introduction and two dance programs by the BV children the proceedings started with State President Sri Manindar Singh’s opening speech, Sri R J Ratnakar has spoken at length explaining the Avatar, HIS mission, Sai devotees role in the Society and Organisation aspects, he touched upon many of Bhagawan’s ways and how the Organisation has grown in more than 150 countries.

Sanathana Sarathi –Punjabi Version:

On this occasion released the copy of Sanathana Sarathi in Punjabi

Sri N Ramani, National Vice-President spoke on Spiritual aspects narrating two beautiful divine incidents with Bhagawan Baba.

The National Coordinators Sri S Koteshwara Rao (Service wing-Gents), Sri Murali Jaju (Spiritual) spoke about the activities and the upcoming 95th Birthday celebrations and Punjab State’s divine commitments on food preparations etc.

State BV and State Youth (Mahila) Coordinators have presented PPT on the wings and the action plans for the 95th Birthday Celebrations  

AIP addressed Youth of Punjab

All India President Sri Nimish Pandya addressed the Youth of Punjab and few who arrived from neighbouring states –Delhi and few others and he advised to work on building a strong Youth workforce.

Youth have presented their future plans (PPT).

The Meeting concluded at 3 PM by offering Harathi to Bhagawan Baba

MARCH 8, 2020

AIP and his team visited Sri Sathya Sai Vida Niketan at Baghpur in Hoshiarpur School and on 8th March All India President Sri Nimish Pandya received the Guard of Honour from the students

National Narayan Seva:

National Narayan Seva has been initiated by Sri Nimish Pandya at Hoshiarpur.

The Team visited Kotla Gaunspur; village in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab names the main road as “Sri Sathya Sai Marg”

All India Team who were part of this Programs

  1. Sri R J Ratnakar, Managing Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
  2. Sri Nimish Pandya, All India President
  3. Sri N Ramani, National Vice-President
  4. Sri Vinay Kapoor, Member, National Council
  5. Sri Manindar Singh, State President, Punjab
  6. Sri Rakesh Kapoor, State President, Delhi-NCR
  7. Sri Nagesh Dhakappa, State President, Karnataka
  8. Dr Sanjay  Agarwal, State President, Himachal Pradesh
  9. Sri K M Rao, National Coordinator (RVTC)
  10. Sri S Koteshwara Rao, National Coordinator (Service-gents)
  11. Sri Murali Jaju, National Coordinator (Spiritual)
  12. Dr Ram Manohar Rao, National Coordinator (Medical)
  13.  Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao, Member, National IT Team

Sathya Sai Trust Conveners:

  1. Sri S K Punj, State Trust Convener, Punjab
  2. Sri B Ramesh, State Trust Convener, Tamilnadu
  3. Sri Vasuki Mallesham, State Trust Convener, Karnataka


  1. Smt Kamala Pandya, National Coordinator (Mahilas)
  2. Smt Neetha Kanna, National Coordinator (Education)
  3. Dr Sasibala, National Coordinator (Balvikas)

Jai Sai Ram

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