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The spiritual and the material are the two pans in the balance; they have to be attended to, in equal measure, at least until a certain stage of progress is attained in spiritual development. Only the healthy person can afford to forget the body and dedicate his thoughts to God and derive Ananda (bliss) therefrom. Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks Vol VII, Chapter 22

With the Divine blessings and grace of our beloved Bhagawan, Free Health Assessment camps for Balvikas children were held by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Kanchipuram North District, Tamil Nadu. The Health camp covered 800 Balvikas children across 18 samithis and 3 Bhajana mandalis in the district. The initiative was led by Dr.Radha, an eminent anesthetist with more than 2 decades of rich experience working in India and UK. She has been actively contributing to Medical Seva activities from the year 1994. With the support of the District Educational Coordinator and the respective samithis, the camps were held from July 2017 to April 2018. General Health Assessment which included height, weight, eye, dental, ENT checkup were conducted for the Balvikas children.

Dietary suggestions and health tips, medicines were prescribed to the children as a loving service to Swami. Personal health record of every child is maintained in a highly secure, confidential manner and divulged only to the parents.

A fun-filled, interactive session on ‘Health & Hygiene’ was presented by Dr .Radha. The session was very well received by both the children and parents. Parents were highly appreciative of this unique seva and grateful for the loving counsel given by the doctor patiently to each and every child.

Follow-up and review sessions will be held again in the upcoming months.

Jai Sairam.


Shri Venugopal Jayaraman, District President, Kanchipuram North District, Tamil Nadu

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