Date : 12/10/2017 Time : 8:00 am “Grow more Trees” Total 66 students of std : VIII and IX participated in planting small saplings inside the school campus. They were accompanied by our Principal, Shanti Krishnamurthy and 3 teachers. The students started the activity with 3 omkars. They dug the soil planted the saplings and watered them. The students were told to tie sticks with the plants so that they do not bend while growing . The students were given the responsibility to look after and water the plants regularly. Both the activities took place under the guidance of State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Sri Manohar Trikannad Sir. We are thankful to Sir for encouraging us to participate in these activities. Bhagawan Babas inspiration helped us to complete the activities successfully.

Date of Seva: 12/10/2017
Duration of Seva: 1 hrs

Participant Details:
Mahilas: 4
Gents: 2
Children: 66
Mahila Youth: 3
Gents Youth: 3