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What is SDTC:

Sri Sathya Sai Skills Development Centre is a by-product of the deep concern and selfless thought of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, India (SSSSOI)aiming at improving the economic conditions of the unemployed youth in a particular village and to create areas of self-employment. Also it streamlines the youth by helping them to focus and hone their skills rather than on unwarranted pursuits. Skill training is offered totally free of cost along with free boarding and lodging at select few centres where the youth do not have access to the centre from their village. Skill trainings are catered according to the needs of the neighbourhood of that particular village by SDTC.

Mission Objective:

  • To train unemployed youth from Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Program(SSSVIP) villages and its neighbourhood in multi skills that are required in the rural areas.
  • To help the trained youth to set up small service centers in their villages, enabling them to gain economic independence.
  • To avert migration of village youth to towns and cities.
  • To inculcate ethics and values in youth.

Why this focus on youth:

Of the 1300 million Indian Population, 40% are in the age group of 13-35 years, defined as youth in the National Youth Policy(520 million) and, in this age group, the unemployment rate is 13% (67 million) and will grow to 15.5% (80 million) within a year. This rise in youth unemployment is not only because of the direct economic costs, but also due to the social impact of joblessness manifested by increased crime, mental health problems, violence, drug taking and social exclusion are indicators of degenerating society.

To establish a harmonious society for peaceful coexistence, which is Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Sankalpam, SSSSO has undertaken well known activities like Vidya Seva, Vaidya Seva, Water projects, Balvikas etc.

Of all these, Balvikas, Swami’s pet project, prepares the children who would certainly transform this society when they grow up (may be 15-20 years later). The SSSVIP programs, like Medicare(Vadya Seva), Narayana Seva (Annadhanam), protein distribution, housing etc serve the needs for the immediate present. The gap in between of these two i.e. of 15-25 years, when the current youth play a very important part in the competitive society, has to be filled with opportunities for these disadvantaged youth. The SSS RVTC Program (Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Center), started in the year 2014, exactly addresses this problem. Though some of these activities have been going on even prior to 2014, this has been systematized in 2014 and so far, 9400 youth were trained with 26 Centers serving across India.

Salient features of SSS SDTC

  • The training is totally free of cost to the trainee
  • Provides Seva opportunity to members of SSSSO.
  • The duration of the training is 3 to 6 months
  • The skills are selected according to the requirement/need of the village.
  • In some centers, free boarding and lodging is provided for trainees. Districts, which do not have RVTC, can send youth from villages to these centers for training.
  • Free tool kits and uniforms are provided to trainees
  • TVS MOTORS is very much involved with SDTC. Whenever requested, they provide training to the students in two wheeler repair and service at their service centers
  • Integral to training curriculum is Sarva dharma principles, ethics, values and yoga.
  • Project work: At the end of training, the trainees are sent to Prasanthi Nilayam to work in the Maintenance section. Normally it coincides with a particular State’s Prasanthi Seva
  • The RVTC mission was declared as a National initiative in April 2014. Following this directive, a number of Centers (26 as on date) were started across India and are functioning well. A brief summary of the performance of these centers is presented herein to understand the extent of the achievement of the well thought out objectives and sustainability perspective.

SSS SDTC CENTERS-PAN India as on 17th October 2018

1.1 Vanasthalipuram 06.05.2014 TS Motor pump repair & Electrician
1.2 Tadipatri 20.11.2014 AP Electricianl & Motor winding
1.3 Ch Pothepalli 07.12.2014 AP Electrician & Plumbing repairs
1.4 Sivam – Hyderabad 06.06.2013 TS Mahila RVTC – Tailoring etc
1.5 Gottipalli 05.06.2017 AP Tailoring
1.6 BIRED (16 centers ) AP&TS Tailoring, Maggam, Computer
2.1 Bhubaneswar 06.05.2014 Odisha Electrical ,Plumbing , Two  wheeler servicing& Welding
2.2 Rayagarha 11.12.2017 Odisha Tailoring
3.1 Chittur, Palakkad 20.06.2014 Kerala Electrical &Aluminium Fabrication.

Tailoring for rural women

3.2 Kasargode 30.11.2013 Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
3.3 Trissoor …03.2015 Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
3.4 Kohikode 10.12.2014 Kerala Tailoring
3.5 Trivandrum 05.05.2017 Kerala Umbrella making, Candle & Agarbathi making
3.6 Vatakara .. . 09.2018 Kerala Tailoring
4.1 Navsari 2014 Gujarat Electrical & Plumbing, Computer Tally

Tailoring for women

4.2 Navsari 01.01.1998 Gujarat Tailoring
4.3 Gandeiva 08.04.2018 Gujarat Value added to Agri products
5.1 Don Bosco, Mumbai 2014 Maharashtra Electrical, Welding & AC Servicing
5.2 SSSI of Agri&Bio Tech 2008 Maharashtra Agriculture
6.1 PipalpatiRoad,Buxar March 2017 Bihar&Jharkhand Basic computer& internet education & Accounting
6.2 GhorghatMunger 1.2.2017 Bihar& Jharkhand Tailoring
6.3 Muzaffarpur January 2017 Bihar & Jharkhand Tailoring
6.4 Chousa Village, Buxar .. .11. 2017 Bihar & Jharkhand Basic Computer & Accounting
7.1 Barackpore 14.09.2014 W.Bengal Electrical, Plumbing, Beautician& Tailoring
7.2 Kolabari,Siliguri Dt. 14.09.2014 W.Bengal Tailoring, Beautician & Hair cutting, Electrician
7.3 Kuersong, Darjeeling W.Bengal
7.4 Durgapur W.Bengal Tailoring& Home Care Service
7.5 Kasba, Kolkotta W.Bengal Mobile Servicing  &Beautician
8.1 Kunjpura, KarnalDt. 14.01.2003 Haryana Tailoring, Masonary and Carpentry
8.2 Kurukshetra, Model Town .. . .. .2002 Haryana Tailoring (mahila)
8.3 Kurukshetra, Sai Center .. . .. 2017 Haryana Tailoring (mahila)
8.4 Hisar , Sai Center .. . .. 2017 Haryana Tailoring ( Mahila )
8.5 Panchakula , SSS Seva Kendra .. . .. 20113 Haryana Tailoring (Mahila ) ,                      ( gents  )
9.1 Jabalpur 27.09.2014 Madhya Pradesh Mobile Servicing & Computer Hardware service
9.2 Chindwada 20.01.2015 MP & CG Electrical, Mobile servicing
9.3 Indore 12.07.2015 MP & CG Electrical & Cell phone servicing
9.4 Balaghat, village lal Bara .. . .. .2017 MP & CG Mobile repair & Mushroom cultivation
9.5 Bilaspur .. . .. .2017 MP & CG Basic Computer
9.6 Bhilai .. . .. .2017 MP & CG Candle making
9.7 Bhopal .. . .. .2016 MP & CG Candle making
10.1 Dharwar 09.10.2014 Karnataka Ethnic food, Fabric designing

& Home Nursing forrural women, Tailoring

11.1 Baredi ki pura,Hindon 15.10.2017 Rajasthan Electrician
12.1 Solan .. . .. .2015 Himachal Pradesh Sewing,Knitting and art & craft
12.2 Mandi .. . .. 2011 Himachal Pradesh Sewing,Knitting and art & craft
13.1 Nanmangalam, Chennai 20.4.2014 Tamilnadu Plumbing, Two Wheeler mech.,Electrician
13.2 Chithode, Erode .. . .. .2014 Tamilnadu Electrician
13.3 Thirunagari,Nagapattinam dt. .. . .. .2014 Tamilnadu Electrician and Plumber
13.4 Tirukurungudi,Tirunelveli dt. .. . .. .2005 Tamilnadu Electrician and Plumber
13.5 SaiSruthi,Kodaikanal 11.5.2018 Tamilnadu Basic Computer
13.6 Malayappa nagar,Perambalur dt. .. . .. .2018 Tamilnadu Tailoring, Beads making & Bags making with paper and cloth
14.1 Brahmapura Village, Roorkee .. . .. .2005 UP tailoring
14.2 Tehtna,Lucknow .. . .. . 2017 UP Computer
14.3 Rampura village, Allahabad UP Tailoring
14.4 Gonda, 27.7.2018 UP Tailoring
14.5 Dehradun 03.09.2018 UK Tailoring


1 ANDHRA PRADESH &TELANGANA 5+16* data not available 39 884
3 GUJARAT 3 do 216 5325
4 HARYANA 5 do 34 327
6 KARNATAKA 1 1 5 55
7 KERALA 6 2 24 640
8 MADHYA PRADESH &CHATTISGARH 7 not available 14 150
10 ODISHA 2 do 6 65
11 RAJASTHAN 1 3 5 35
12 TAMILNADU 6 10 165 4437
14 WEST BENGAL 5 6 38 669
TOTAL 53+16* 25 588 14790

Haryana & Chandigarh

SDTC (Stitching Center) Report on completion of two-month training.

Today -5th April 2021 examination of Silai center students was conducted after completing two months of their training. The candidates are deeply involved in different activities like marking the different clothes, cutting, and then stitching.

Total Participants-22, Trainer -1(Mrs. Saroj Verma). This is 4th batch.

Location-Sri Sathya Sai Seva Kendra, Hisar (Haryana).

Andhra Pradesh

Valedictory Function of the Electrical Wiring & Winding Training, Kadappa District,

26 Mar 2021: With Swami’s divine blessings, the valedictory function of the Electrical wiring and winding training at our Proddutur, Kadapa District, AP VTC Centre went on well. 28 trainees were qualified and certificates were awarded to them by the District  President Sri S.Surya Prakash and other Sevadal.
Trainees also felt very much happy about the training.
-Team, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kadapa, AP

Valedictory function of the Tailoring & Fashion Design advance

Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational training 13th batch students Valedictory function held at RVTC Neelavani, Haliyal Taluk, North Canara, Karnataka dated 13.03.2021

Address to the students by resourceful person Mr Puneeth from Sathya Educare Bangalore,
RVTC Administrator,  Kumari Suvarna Mirashi shared memorable events, experienced with participants & their dedication towards learning the skill.

All students shared their experiences.
Fashion design Training certificates, duly signed by State President, District President & RVTC State Incharge, Shri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations Karnataka issued to all students by invited Guests & Faculties. All participants received their Skill Evaluation Marks Card & their Group Photo copy. All participants,  as a token of love, presented a gift to their respected RVTC Faculties. Thanks to all Alumni, Faculties (3 Teachers from Neelavani & 6 expert Faculties from Dandeli & Haliyal) who worked very hard & shared their time, knowledge voluntarily to complete this batch successfully.

Course Details
Participants from different nearby villages (Sambrani,  Gundolli , Pur-Gundolli,  Karlkatta , Neelavani & Narnolli)
Course: Tailoring & Fashion design advance
Place: Neelavani,  North Canara,  Karnataka.
Duration: 3 months, 4 days a week, 6 hours/day

Participants: Minimum strength of 10 due to covid.
Faculty: 02, Administrator:01, Guest Lectures: 6, Technician: 01

-Team, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, North Canara

Valedictory function of the Mobile Phone Servicing Training Programme

Warangal Urban-Telangana State

Loving Sairam!

  1. Social Skills
  2. Moral Skills
  3. Ethical Skills

With HIS Devine blessings, the valedictory function of the Mobile Phone Servicing Training programme is held at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Warangal on 18 Feb 2021 from 11 am to 2 pm. The trainees who have completed the 37 days course have received certificates from Smt Vijayalakshmi, BIRED director Sri Shamanthula Srinivas, Warangal Municipal Corporator, Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao, Sri Parthi Sai Seva Trust Chairman and Dr K Krishna Kumar, Vice-President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Telangana. 24 trainees have received the certificates.

Dist Youth Coordinator Sri Goutham, Sri TVN Murthy and Samithi Convener Sri Rajeswar along with District President, Warangal Urban Dr Sharat Kumar and Sevadal Sri Sudhakar, Smt Sujatha and Sri Koteswar have participated in this programme.

-Ever in Sai Service District President, Warangal Urban, Telangana- Dr Sharath Kumar

Training Program in Tailoring & Fashion Designing

18 Feb to 29 March 2021

West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

Sairam on 18 Feb 2021, 58 women candidates were selected for receiving the tailoring training from the above batch

Inauguration of New RVTC Centre at Neelavani , North Canara District, Karnataka

1. The program started with Rudram chanting , and participated by all Sai youths & devotees. 11.00am.
2. Pooja conducted religiously by Shri Kesrekar,  an ardent Sai devotee from Karlkatta village. 11.35am
3.Bhoomi pooja & Foundation stone laid by Shri Shri Shri Subrabanya Swamiji, K K Halli Math. 11.45am
Members present : Rural dignitaries:
A. Sambrani panchayat newly elected president
B. Sambrani  panchayat Vice president & members
C. Sambrani PDO
C. Akkayya consultancy Engineer Mr Lokesh & Local contractor Shri Prakash Pisale.
D. Devotees from different villages.
4. Spiritual advice by Shri Subramanya swamiji. Swamiji shared his personal darshan experiences  of Shri Sathya sai baba, the importance of Sai Incarnation. He explained why God  descends on earth takes human form.
5. Assurance speech by Sambrani panchayat President Shri Subhas Kesrekar for all Rural Sai service activities. He got inspired by service activities being conducted in rural areas of Haliyal taluk.
6. Thanks giving by RVTC Administrator Kumari Suvarna Mirashi
7. Followed by Mangalarati
Pray for swami’s devine grace &  blessings on all our future line of actions under the guidance of respected State President Shri Padmanabh  Pai Sir & District  President Shri Ramdas Achari Sir.
Jai Sairam

Valedictory Function of the Mobile Servicing Training Program

Loving Sairam!
1. Social Skills
2. Moral Skills
3. Ethical Skills
Sairam,  With HIS divine blessings, the valedictory function of the mobile SERVICING training programme is conducted at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Warangal -Telangana on 18 Feb 2021
BIRED Director Smt Vijayalaxmi garu distributed the Certificates
Jai Sairam

New 13th Batch Free Fashion design course –

North Canara district,  Karnataka

New 13th Batch Free Fashion design course started on 12 Dec 2020 at Shri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti , RVTC-Neelavani Village Haliyal taluk, North Canara district,  Karnataka with minimum strength , Social distance & covid precautions after seeking permissions from both State president & District president
Participants from different nearby villages enrolled their names (Sambrani,  Gundolli , Pur-Gundolli,  Karlkatta , Neelavani & Narnolli etc) .
Regular day to day fashion design classes along with spiritual activities are being conducted for Shri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti Vocational training RVTC Neelavani 13th batch students by our RVTC Neelavani Faculties.
Above Training was started on 12.12.2020
Course: Fashion design
Place: Neelavani,  North canara,  Karnataka.
Duration: 3 months, 4 days a week , 6 hours/day
Participants: 12
Faculty: 03
Administrator: 01
Jai Sairam

Inauguration of RVTC Centre, Sivaganga & Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu

Sairam, With love and reverence, members of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations of Sivaganga & Ramnad District present this inaugural ceremony report on the Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Centre, at the divine lotus feet of our beloved Swami.

In conjunction with the 95th birthday celebrations of our Swami – the Youth Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations , Sivaganga & Ramnad Districts initiated and inaugurated the Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Centre (SSSRVTC) on 22nd November 2020  through online platforms. The Primary objectives of the center revolved around the following key components:

  • To develop communication skill sets, Computer knowledge and Tally (accounting software) proficiency amongst the youths.
  • To aid and counsel the youths in attaining vocational qualities that would be beneficial in their employment pursuit which paves the path for them to lead a fulfilling and enriching life.
  • To inculcate and to ingrain core human ethics along with essential doctrines of life.

 Shri K.R.Suresh, Vice President  SSSSO(I), TN, Shri Ramakrishna, State Coordinator and Shri Malliarjuna Rao, National Coordinator of SSSRVTC, along with Shri R.Swaminathan, District President of Sivaganga & Ramnad Districts, Youth Coordinator, devotees and trainees graciously attended and witnessed the inauguration programme.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the formal procedure of “Aum chanting” which was followed by a bhajan. Ms. Aishwarya Swaminathan, Youth Coordinator of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations of Sivaganga & Ramnad Districts, welcomed all dignitaries and participants who were in attendance through means of virtual online video feed. She introduced the skill development training modalities and briefed the guests about the aims of SSSRVTC, its purpose and proposed activities.

 Shri Ramakrishna, State Coordinator of SSSRVTC, in his special address described the importance of skill development and appealed to every participant to partake in this training actively and consistently to reap its merits.

 In his address Shri Mallikarjuna Rao, National Coordinator of SSSRVTC, extolled the initiation of SSSRVTC and explained the role and significance of the skill development centre. He also encouraged everyone to participate actively in this vocational training programme to empower their skills, ethics and values of life. He also applauded the Youth Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations of Sivaganga & Ramnad for taking this initiative and wished the center burgeoning success.

Shri K.R.Suresh, Vice President , SSSSO(I),TN in his inaugural address appreciated the efforts of the Youth wing and emphasized the values of vocational skills which is the need of the hour.

District President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Sivaganga & Ramnad Districts Shri R. Swaminathan expressed his gratitude to Bhagavan for His benevolence in presenting this opportunity to institute this beneficial service. He urged the trainees to proactively involve themselves in training and in the development courses regularly. He also introduced the resource personnel involved in this project.

The Inaugural ceremony came to a conclusion by a vote of thanks which was conveyed by Shri V. Sathyanarayanan, a youth member from the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Karaikudi and was followed by Mangala Aarthi.

                                                JAI SAIRAM

Telangana- RVTC at Karimnagar -19 June 2020

Loving Sairam!

With the immense blessing of Swami,  despite Corona scare, initiated the inaugural event of Vocational Training Centres for 11 Districts in Telangana state at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Sadan, Karimnagar @ 10.25 am today. The Dist Presidents were given i5/i3 computers of total 55 for 11 districts.

By swami’s grace today P.Venkat Rao garu state President inaugurated the VTC for 11 Dist in Phase 1 @ Mancherial,  Jagityal, Khammam, Nizamabad, Kothagudem, Karimnagar, MBNR, Nagarkurnul, Siddipet, Medchal and RR dt. Focus will be on IT skills and train the students in C program & Cloud computing, data science and other courses. Each centre of is provided 5 systems for all the 11 districts in phase -I. 

Another feature is the systems were installed with the content for BV, Bhajans, Vedam, Study Circles, IT skills,  Soft Skills & Spoken English so that with web cams and Audio facility Digital classes can be run in the centre with a facility of Kaspersky anti virus.

Jai Sairam.

SP, SSSSO, Telangana

Donation of Computers:  We , on behalf of SSSO Telangana profusely thank Sri.Prashant Rao & Smt.Chatura devotees from Vijayanagar Colony Bhajan Mandali of Mehdipatnam Samithi Hyderabad for donating 55 computers for SSSO Telangana. May beloved Bhagawan Baba bless them and their families.

-Team Telangana 

Andhra Pradesh

Updated on 01st Feb 2020

Maggam and Zardosi Training-at Kothacheruvu-Anantapur Dist-AP

Loving Sairam –date 30th Jan 2020

With Swamy divine blessings at Kothacheruvu Samithi, Anantapur Dist., AP, Training programme in association with BIRED for 37 training days for mahila youth was inaugurated by Sri S Nagendra Prasad, Asst Director, BIRED. Sri Ramanjappa, DP, and Smt.Kiran, State Service coordinator and other Sevadal participated. 53 mahila youth were selected; this training is from 30.01.20 to 13.03.20

-Naga PrasadState Coordinator (RVTC), Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-AP


Updated on 01st Feb 2020

Skills development Program for unemployed women-Telangana

Loving Sairam!

With Bhagawan Baba’s immense blessings Nalgonda district has initiated Maggam & Zardosi Training (Blouse and Saree designing) in Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Deverkonda with the support of BIRED (Bankers Institute of Rural Entrepreneurs’  Development) and 40 women in the age group of 20-35 have been shortlisted. The training is for 37 working days with very strict discipline and human values. The training started on18th Jan and will run for 37 working days. The instructor is Mrs. Md Gori

-Dr Krishna Kumar, State Vice-President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Telangana


Updated on 21st  Jan 2020-RVTC -Tirukarangudi-TN

SS RVTC TK Gudi 36th Batch Inaguration

RVTC-Padavedu-2nd Batch SS RVTC Padavedu 2nd Batch Inaguration (3)

Andhra Pradesh

Updated on 20th Jan 2020-RVTC Kotabommali -Srikakulam Dist

By the Swamy grace the valedictory function of Maggam and Zardosi   (Blouse and Saree designing) training programme at Kotabommali Srikakulam Dist, AP went on well. This is 37 training days programme from 03-12-2019 to 20-01-2020

57 mahila youth were trained. Certificates were presented by the Chief Guest Dr. B.Ravinder, Asst Director. BIRED. To set up their own shops girls purchased 22 maggams by their own.

14th Batch RVTC –Valedictory function-Tadipatri-Ananthapur dist-AP-9th Jan 2020

With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, valedictory function of 14th batch students was held on 9th January 2020 at SSSLN RVTC, Tadipatri, Anantapur district. 10 students were trained in electrical wiring, repair of home appliances and plumbing. Dr T.Ramanjappa, District President, presided over the function. Sri M.Gangadhar, District RVTC  coordinator, Sri S. Venkatarami Reddy, District SSSVJ coordinator, Sri B.Srinivasulu, Co convenor of Tadipatri Samithi,  Samithi office bearers and members of Samithi attended the function. Course certificates and Bosch tool kits were distributed to students.

The students participated in Prasanthi Nilayam Seva during 30 December 2019 to 8 January 2020. The function was concluded with Harathi to Swamy.

Updated on 10th Dec 2019-RVTC Kotabommali Srikakulam

Sairam! With Swamy blessings today (3rd Dec 2019)  Maggam and Zardosi (Blouse n saree designing) training for 37 days for Mahila youth was inaugurated at Kotabommali, Srikakulam Dist, AP. Out of 95 applicants BIRED selected 77 applicants.

Ever in Swamy Seva- K Naga Prasad, State Coordinator


Updated on 25th Oct 2019-RVTC-Manipur

Andhra Pradesh

Updated on 02nd Oct 2019-RVTC-Graduation Day-Chirala-Andhra Pradesh

RVTC Graduation day at Chirala Samithi-Andhra Pradesh


Updated on 27th Sept 2019-RVTC-Maggaam & Zardosi Training-Nagarkurnool Samithi

Maggam & Zardosi Training -Nagarkurnool Samithi-Telangana


Updated on 26th Sept 2019-RVTC-Kodaikanal-Certificates Distribution

Sri Sathya Sai RVTC –Sai Sruthi-Kodaikanal Valedictory function-Sept 2019

Updated on 14th Sept 2019-RVTC Inauguration at Padaveru

Inauguration of Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Centre at Padavedu, Thiruvannamalai (Dt)

West Bengal

Updated on 4th Sept 2019-Success stories 

RVTC students’ success stories: Two small video clips have been placed here.

Erode-Tamil Nadu

updated on 6th March 2019

SSS RVTC, Erode District, Tamil Nadu: With the divine blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a two-day workshop was conducted on February 16th and 17th 2019,  to Mahilas on making  Paper bags, Cloth bags, Sanitary items & Jewellery making. This training was given by Mrs Kalpana Hebleker and Mrs Shanta Bangalore at Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational TrainingCentre (RVTC), Chithode – Erode district. 45 Mahila sisters learned the skills in this excellent training. Certificates were distributed for the participants. State SSSRVTC coordinator Mr Ramakrishnan and District President Mr.Rajendran participated in the inaugural and valedictory programs.

Following the training, many participants started making the products and moving forward to market them. With a prayer to Bhagawan to bless these mahilas in their self-employment venture.

Contact Person: Sri Jeya Chandran email ID

National Coordinator (RVTC) Sri K M Rao email ID-

Manipur Mahilas’ Training in Prashanthi Nilayam

Updated on 23rd Dec 2018


With the Divine Blessings of our Loving Lord  Bhagawan Baba a two-day skills Training programme was organised at Prashanthi Nilayam by SSSSO Manipur on 21st and 22nd December 2018 as a part of RVTC program. Sri KM Rao, All India Coordinator assisted in conducting the program. The training workshop was conducted by Smt  Kalpana Heblekar, CEO Saferwe Foundation. The skills imparted are in paper bag & cloth bag making, women hygiene products and fashion jewellery. Twenty-three Mahilas participated in the workshop and they were given participation certificates. The valedictory function was graciously attended by Sri G.S.R.C.V. Prasad Rao, Member Secretary SSSCT and Sri N. Ramani, National VP, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, INDIA.

-Report from PN by Phalguni, State President, Manipur


Updated on 19th Dec 2018

With the Divine Blessings of our Bhagawan, a two-day skills Training programme was conducted by Chennai Metro South in Sundaram on 15th & 16th Dec 2018. Training was imparted in paper bag, cloth bag making and women hygiene products’ jewellery etc. By Saferwe Foundation 64 Mahilas attended and they were given participation certificates.

-Report by K M Rao, National Coordinator dated 19th Dec 2018

Maharashtra and Goa

Updated on 22nd May 2018

Sri Sathya Sai Vocational Training Programme – Sri Sathya Sai Ashramashala Seva – Felicitation at Dharmakshetra on 20th May 2018

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra and Goa has been conducting vocational training with the objective of mobilising village youth in various districts of Maharashtra. 700+ village youth mobilised from all over Maharashtra got vocationally trained with employment assistance. All these youth are from extremely challenging economic background.

The training was conducted through existing government approved institutions offering residential vocational training. In a span of about 3.5 yrs, more than 700 village youth were trained in job oriented vocational training courses in reputed institutions like Don Bosco and ICICI Academy. Most of them are gainfully employed.

On Sunday, May 20th 2018 a felicitation ceremony was organised at Dharmakshetra, for all the students who performed par excellence in these courses and got employed many even in banks.

Nine Ashram shalas (Tribal schools) have been adopted by SSSSO, Maharashtra organisation under a special programme to improve the quality of life of the students. Most of them got ISO with our assistance. The Ashramshala staff were invited to witness the success stories of these Vocational students and motivate their own students to get them trained through us.

The star performers were felicitated by All India President (AIP) of SSSSO, Shri Nimish Pandya and State President Shri Ramesh Sawant. State Presidents of MP, Tamil Nadu and Orissa were also present. Hon AIP Shri Nimish Pandya  while addressing the gathering appreciated the 11 star performers employed in banks after vocational training despite challenging background. Hon AIP prevailed up on the Ashram shalas to consider encouraging their students to take advantage of the job oriented vocational training. He also mentioned that throughout the nation the Ashram shala seva being done by Maharashtra can be replicated for the benefit of Adivasi (tribal) students. He was all praise for the seva being done in Maharashtra and congratulated the team.


Sri Manoharbhai Trikkanad, The State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Gujarat, inaugurated a new batch of Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Centre at village Gandeva, Dist. Navsari – Gujarat on  8th April, 2018(Sunday). This RVTC was inaugurated by Sri. H. Srinivasulu (All India Tech Group Coordinator, SSSSO – India) on 16th December 2012.

Andhra Pradesh-
updated on 21st May 2018

Updated on 21st May 2018: Sairam RVTC rural vocational training program in Electrical Wiring & Motor Pump set repair 9th batch at Tadipatri Anantapur-Andhra Pradesh state – 3 months course.

Practical training is offered in single phase motor rewinding in Tadipatri, Anantapur district, APTS

Tamil Nadu:

Updated on 11th May 2018:


With the divine grace of Bhagawan a new Rural Vocational Training Centre has been inaugurated by Sri. N.Ramani, National Vice President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation (India) on 11th May 2018 in Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal, the divine summer abode of our beloved Bhagawan

Eight mahilas from surrounding villages have been admitted for a 3 month Training in Basic Computer course. Very competent trainers will give training.  Sri. Santha Satish is the coordinator. It has the potential to develop into good Skill Centre. We pray Bhagawan to bless the Centre, the trainees, the trainers and the organisers. Further courses are being planned.

Report by Sri K M Rao, National Coordinator, RVTC, email /

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Kanchipuram South: 

Skill Training was given to the ladies of SSSVIP village, Arambakkam, Kanchipuram South, Tamil Nadu.

Training was conducted for two days on 30th and 31st March. 25 women were benefitted. They were taught to make paper bags and ornamental jewellery. Trainers: Ms.KalpanaHeblekar& Associate


RVTC New Course: An excellent initiative to train Rural Youth for recruitment in the Indian army at Palakkad in Karinjalipallam SSSVIP village, Chittur Samithi, Kerala.

Pre – Army recruitment training program started with 35 village youth and 3 Retired Army officers were the trainers. Course Duration was for 90 days.

Vocational Training Centre Calicut – West Hill Samithi – Tailoring classes For Mahilas.

1) Fourth batch of Tailoring classes under Sri Sathya Sai Vocational Training centre, Thrissur Samithi commenced on 28th, Wednesday20 ladies registered for this course.

2) In Karinjalipallam of Palakkad district, Kerala as a part of Tailoring machine distribution project 5 machines were distributed for the first batch of their RVTC

RVTC New Course: An excellent initiative to train Rural Youth for recruitment in the Indian army at Palakkad in Kerala state-Chittur Samithi -Karinjalipallam SSSVIP village .Pre – Army recruitment training  Program  started with 35 Village Youth members and  3  Army Retd. Persons are the trainers. Course Duration : 90 days

Updated on 12th March 2018:


With the immense blessings of Bhagawan Baba, a Valedictory programme was organised for the first batch of SSS RVTC, Baredika Pura, Hindon City, Dist Kareoli, Rajasthan on 4th March 2018. A first batch of 6 trainees successfully completed the 4 months training in electrical trade. In this programme, free tool kits were distributed to the trainees along with one laminated photograph of Bhagawan. On this occasion, the members of the second batch were also felicitated. After the programme, State DM team organised DM training for all the participants.

State Coordinator SSS RVTC Shri Randheer Singh, DP Kareoli Shri Sitaram Mishra, In-charge SSS RVTC Shri Narendra Sharma, State Service Coordinator Shri Dhanraj Gupta, DP Dausa Shri Vibhuti Pandya and Disaster Management Team members were all part of this programme.


March 2018: Sathupalli-Khammam: VOCATIONAL TRAINING as Health Care Assistant for 45 days.


1) Fourth batch of Tailoring classes under Sri Sathya Sai Vocational Training centre Thrissur Samithi commenced on 28th Wednesday. 20 women’s registered for attending the Kerala …

2) Palakkkad, Karinjalipallam … RVTC..Tailoring machine distribution..5 machine were distributed .first Batch…Bhajan Centre RVTCof  chittur Samithy …Kerala … Palakkad dist.

                                 SSSRVTC CENTERS AND SKILLS As in January-2017

1.1 Vanasthalipuram 06.05.2014 AP &TS Motor pump repair
1.2 Tadipatri 20.11.2014 AP & TS Electrical & Motor winding
1.3 Ch Pothepalli 07.12.2014 AP & TS Electrical & Plumbing repairs
1.4 Sivam – Hyderabad 06.06.2013 AP & TS Mahila RVTC – Tailoring etc
2.1 Bhubaneswar 06.05.2014 Odisha Electrical ,Plumbing & Two  wheeler servicing
3.1 Chittur, Palakkad 20.06.2014 Kerala Electrical &Aluminium Fabrication.

Tailoring for rural women

3.2 Kasargode Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
3.3 Trissoor Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
4.1 Navsari 2014 Gujarat Electrical & Plumbing, Computer Tally

Tailoring for women

5.1 Don Bosco, Mumbai ……. 2014 Maharashtra Electrical, Welding & AC Servicing
5.2 SSSI of Agri&Bio Tech 2008 Maharashtra Agriculture
6.1 Hajipur, Vaishali 24.11.2014 Bihar Electrical & Plumbing
6.2 Kundadih Sai Center


15.12.2014 Bihar Electrical & Two wheeler Servicing
7.1 Barackpore 14.09.2014 W.Bengal Electrical, Plumbing, Beatician& Tailoring
7.2 Kolabari,Siliguridt


14.09.2014 W.Bengal Tailoring, Beautician & Hair cutting
7.3 Durgapur W.Bengal Tailoring
7.4 Kasba, Kolkotta W.Bengal Mobile Servicing  &Beautician
8.1 Kunjpura, Karnal dt. 14.01.2015 Haryana Electrical, Plumbing & Carpentry

Tailoring at  11 Centers

9.1 Jabalpur 27.09.2014 Madhya Pradesh Mobile servicing & Computer Hardware service
9.2 Chindwada 20.01.2015 Madhya Pradesh Electrical, Mobile servicing
9.3 Indore 12.07.2015 Madhya Pradesh Electrical & Cell phone servicing
10.1 Dharwar 09.10.2014 Karnataka Ethnic food, Fabric designing & Home Nursing for

rural women, Tailoring

11.1 Nanmangalam, Kanchipuram dt. 20.04.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Two wheeler Servicing
11.2 Tirunagiri,


17.04.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Fabrication
11.3 Chithode – Erode 04.12.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Fabrication
11.4 Tirukkurungudi 23.11.2005 Tamilnadu Electrical & Plumbing
12.0 Solan 2006 Himachal Pradesh 1)Stitching, 2)Art and craft, 3)Tailoring and 4)Packing
  1. Reporting system

All the Centers report the performance in a standardized format , which was sent to them, and they started coming in . All the relevant Indices of performance are included in the format.  So far reports from 16 centers were received in this format. These are consolidated into a single format for ease of reference and   mainly to learn and implement the good features of those centers   in other locales.

  1. The Inspiration, success and Needling problems

All the coordinators of these centers are devotees of Swami and naturally the inspiration to work, to teach, to influence and finally to succeed comes from Swami’s Sankalpa. The trainers too, though many of them are not devotees of Swami, are inspired to help in the mission by seeing the selfless service of those involved to help the society. In the process, they get acquainted with our organisation which reinforces their faith and consequently their efforts.

Like in any human Endeavor, though blessed by Bhagawan, there are a few needling problems to be overcome by our effort and His Will.

  1. Effectiveness of training and achieving of intended objective

Since the students come from poor educational background and equally poor cultural background, they are very special. So normal pedagogical training methodology is grossly inadequate. We need to adopt special methods which create the enthusiasm and urge  to learn. So the effectiveness of the whole program depends mainly on the teacher. The traits needed for the teacher are not intellectual or academic brilliance but that of patience and perseverance in abundance. The Ex-Con( Example followed by Concept, not the other way round)) Training methodology followed,leads to better comprehension and participation.  Use of video techniques is very essential and imperative along with live demonstration. So all the Centers need to be equipped with Video Projectors, CDs and other accouterments.  The encouraging aspect is the feedback from  parents  that their children show lot of interest to learn and practice.

The main objective of this mission is to make these youth employable or start their own small repair shops to earn their livelihood in the villages. This, indeed, can be a strong supporting pillar for the SSSVIP scheme, since it is inclusive in nature. We need to collect data on these alumni to have a realistic conclusion. All centers have to include this in their reports.

  1. Plans for expansion

Few more such centers are coming up in the states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh.. In the states of Kerala, Gujarat and West Bengal, where some centers are already functioning, more such centers are likely to come up in the next few months. Tadipatri center in AP&T shall be developed for training in few more skills and envisaged to become model SSS RVTC.

In conclusion, all the Centers are functioning very well and the enthusiasm of the coordinators is commendable. The response from the needy youth and their parents is good. To establish 26 centers across India in a short span of two years is commendable, if not miraculous. We can see Swami’s Hand behind this and the intended objectives will definitely be achieved.

The following will help to understand the functioning of the SSSRVTCs and aid to brainstorm to improve the effectiveness and reach of the program. Pl do definitely send such suggestions to :

1) Sri K M Rao, National Coordinator, Rural Vocational Training Centres

2) Sri. Jaganatha Prasad Rao, State President, Odisha or

For any info: