Aum Sri Sairam

85 Hours Akhanda Bhajan, SSSSO Kerala

Palakkad District

With the Infinite grace of Bhagawan, same as in the previous years, an 85 hours akhanda bhajans was conducted. This spiritual effort dates back to 76th Birthday of Bhagawan from when the rendering of 85 Bhajans started. Bhajans were rendered brimming with love and devotion for Bhagawan, from 5 am on Oct. 24th to 6 pm on Oct 27th. Devotees from all the districts of Kerala participated in this Naamasankeertana which reverberated the glory of the Lord, infusing unflinching faith and devotion in their hearts. Over 9000 devotees from all over Kerala participated in this sadhana of 85 hours akhanda bhajans which had a wide coverage in the print and electronic media of the state.

Jai Sairam

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