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With the immense grace and blessings of our beloved Bhagawan,  Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas Group III convocation and Bhajan Vikas Batch 9 valedictory function (Girls) was celebrated in a grand manner by the Education wing in conjunction with the Spiritual wing of the Kanchipuram North District on 24.2.2019 at the premises of Chrompet Samithi . The Divine and Blessed programme commenced at 10.00AM with lighting the lamp of Divine Love by the State Mahila Spiritual Coordinator. This was followed by bhajans by our Bhajan Vikas children mesmerizing the gathering with their devotional rendering in perfect Raga, Tala and bhava bringing us closer to Divinity.
The District President delivered the welcome address to the Guests of honour of the day, Smt. Subbulakshmi aunty, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan and a Bhajan Composer who is lovingly addressed as Rally Amma by all, Smt Chitra Mukundan, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Meenambakkam, a devotee of Swami who is also a strong advocate of human values in children and Smt Radha Venkatesh, an eminent doctor, and a Sai devotee, who has been rendering yeoman service to the Balvikas children of Kanchipuram North District by conducting Free health assessment camps across all 20 samithis.
The program was compered by the District youth coordinator who energized and inspired the audience by sharing wonderful anecdotes and experiences of Bhagawan!
A powerpoint presentation on ‘Bhajan Vikas – Path to Divinity’ was also shared walking us through the soulful journey right from Bhajan Vikas inception in 2011 to the present. It is worthwhile to mention here that this unique program was blessed by our Beloved Bhagwan in 2010.  The various modules in the systematically structured program was briefed upon and the spiritual benefits explained. A short video was also shown capturing the BhajanVikas sessions and the wonderful testimony of Bhajan Vikas children and their parents on their beautiful transformation journey!
Click here to view the presentation on Bhajan Vikas  >>>…bhajan-vikas1 
An exhibition was arranged in the Samithi ground floor showcasing the creative project work done by the children for Swami as part of the Bhajan Vikas curriculum.
At 10.30 am the Balvikas Group III Convocation certificates along with the medal was distributed by the District President and the Hon. Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya Smt Chitra Mukundan to the boys and girls respectively. There were 43 chosen children of Swami who were privileged to receive the certificates and the medal in the Divine presence of Bhagwan. The Hon Principal Smt Chitra Mukundan shared her immense delight and happiness over the loving and systematic approach followed by the Balvikas Gurus in conducting Balvikas classes at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Meenambakkam. She said ‘The human values class has brought about positive transformation in the children and they very eagerly looked forward to the classes’. A brief loving speech was delivered motivating the participant children on the importance of inculcating human values alongside academic excellence.
At 11.00 AM, the Bhajan Vikas certificates and the medals were lovingly distributed to the children who passed out of the program by Rally Amma Smt. Subbulakshmi Aunty. There were 51 golden children of Bhagawan were blessed to receive the certificate and medal from our beloved Rally Amma.
Smt Subbulakshmi Aunty shared her journey on bhajan composition with the children and emphasized the importance of equal opportunity to all before Swami, lack of envy, humility, choosing simple bhajans centred around Namasmaran rather than complex compositions so that all can follow etc. She also stressed on how girl children should follow our Bharatiya culture, not blindly run around fashion, vanity and the important role played by Balvikas Gurus in sculpting the children on the right path.
Dr Radha Venkatesh, an academic exemplar herself, shared timely advice and tips to the children for excelling in studies without stressing out. She counselled the children to follow a systematic approach of read, revise, reproduce and review for the best results.
One of the Balvikas Alumni presented slides on the Balvikas Golden Jubilee celebrations & Annual Alumni meet held at Puttaparthi on Jan 5th & 6th Jan, 2019. Reminiscing the joy and bliss she experienced as an eager participant in the event from the past few years, she urged all the Balvikas children to take part in this annual divine celebration held at Puttaparthi.
Last but not the least, all the Bhajan Vikas Coordinators, mentors were called onto the dais and introduced in recognition of their dedication to the mission, devotion and love for Swami! The invaluable contribution made by the DEC, Balvikas Gurus, parents & all others in the success of this divine programme was mentioned with deep appreciation and gratitude.
The Vote of Thanks was delivered by the District Educational Coordinator, Kanchi North District reiterating some of the valuable advice given by the Guests of honour and the significance of Swami’s teachings to children. At 12.15 PM, Mangala Aarthi was given to Bhagawan by the District Educational Coordinator followed by Narayana Seva

~Jai Sairam~

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