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Human life will find fulfillment only when ecological balance is maintained. Balance in human life and balance in nature, both are equally important.

-Sathya Sai Baba, September 25, 2000

Commemorating the Golden Jubilee celebration period of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation in Assam , all Samithis across Assam observed 19th August,2018 i.e. Shaktiswarupini Divas as part of the year long celebration . Special emphasis was paid to offer respect and gratitude to Mother’s by Bal Vikas Students. Swami always said” The young children will soon grow up, and some of you will become mothers and some of you fathers; it is only when you learn to respect your parents when young, your children in turn will respect you and show regard to you when you become mothers and fathers.” Keeping in mind this ideology to foster in young peoples mind Samithis all across did this programme with active participation from Bal Vikas Students and Mothers.Mothers were gifted with one tree sapling, a sai literature and a copy of Sanathana Sarathi.Mothers were overwhelemed with joy with this special gesture by their child. Newly elected State President Sai Brother Satyen Sarma have suggested this gifting of tree to be done instead of any other gift to be introduced in any event in the organisation in Assam. He stated that the guest or speakers are usually given a token gift. Sometimes the gift is that of a pen, or something useful. Often, the gift is in the form of a plaque or similar commemorative token. However well-meant, such gifts are destined to gather dust in forgotten corners. In an increasingly environmentally-consciousworld, the gift of a living tree or plant makes for a perfect present.More than 500 saplings were distributed across all samithis. Special Thanks to Social Forestry wing of Environment and Forest,Government of Assam who provided all this sapling free of cost to all the samithis across Assam. All the mothers and Bal Vikas students also took a pledge to conserve the environment, compensate tree that were felled and to preserve the existing trees and not to indulge in any activities that would cause harm to nature.


Shri Satyen Sharma, State President, SSSSO – Assam

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