Aum Sai Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Kerala

Ramayana Masam

With Swami’s infinite grace, we have planned and started Ramayana month Sadhana from today to 16th Aug 2020.

In Kerala, from the very past , Karkidaka masam is treated as Ramayana Masam. People will read Ramayana in every home and all temples will arrange discourses on Ramayana on every day of the entire month. Thousands of devotees have started parayan of Ramakatha Rasa Vahini from today-one chapter in a day and complete it by 32 days.

Ten lead speakers from the Oraganisation is giving satsangh based on Ramakatha Rasavahini covering each chapter a day in our official YouTube channel “ Sai Love in Action “. This has already attracted hundreds of viewers.

Everyday all are chanting 108 times Samstha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu for the protection of every species in the whole world.

SSSSVIP Grameen Store

With Infinite Grace two more  Grameen stores opened under SSSSVIP.

1.SSSVIP Grammen Store, Puthuvaipu, Ernakulam district, ( Organic  farming in  our adopted in the village)

2. SSVIP Grameena store in Kottupara, Pathanamthitta District.

Mass Marriage

With the infinite grace of Swami,SSSSO Kerala is conducting the marriage of five most deserving and needy girls at Chittoor, Palakkad District. This is in Sept and the photo of the meeting with the parents to discuss about the marriage function is attached.

Seva Activity

Cleaning the adopted hospital at Nenminda, Calicut District. We are having daily Narayanaseva in the same hospital

8 Day Gurupoornima program

This is the report of the 8th day Gurupoornima celebration.

Thapovana Sapthaham
Started on 29th June Sapthaham concluded on 5th July, Gurupoornima day. 3658 devotees completed the Parayan.
Malapuram 170, Trivandrum 910, Alleppey 335,Trichur 292, Ernakulam 318, Kannur 154, Wayanad 95, Calicut 275, Pathanamthitta 186, Kottayam 123, Palakad 219, Kasargod123, Kollam-440
Sahsrana Archana
On Gurupoornima day, Sahasranama Archana by 7786 devotees
Calicut 1170, Trivandrum 1814, Malapuram 680, Alleppey 534, Ernakulam -562,Kasargod 160, Pathanamthitta 202, Kottayam 192, Kollam 670, Trichur 521 Palakad 651, Kannur 433, Wayanad 210

2nd Day Tapovan Parayan

Parayan of Tapovan satcharitha as sapthaham started by thousands of devotees in all the fourteen districts from today .Tomorrow (30th June),it is akhanda Sai Gayatri japam from 6 am to 6 p m

3rd Day, 30th June -Akhanda Sai Gayatri japam

Akhanda Sai Gayatri japam all over the state from 6am to 6 pm.*

Sai love to elders and bedridden patients in Alleppey  district .

GURUVANDANAM- Day 1 – 28 June 2020

With the infinite grace of our Most Beloved Swami,all the samithis in Kerala could involve in today’s programme of DAY OF SHARING &CARING

The details of families served are: Kasargod -30, Kannur-60, Calicut -100, Wayanad-150, Malapuram -204, Palakad-86, Ernakulam -135,Idukki-12 Kottayam -100,Kollam-130, Trivandrum -200  Pathanamthitta -65, Alleppey -272,Trichur-96

1640 Amrutha Kalasham kits were distributed.


We could didtribute two TVs and seven Tablets for the needy students for attending their online classes.


This is introduced in Kollam district to help the needy families


This is also introduced in Kollam district to help needy students.


Books were distributed to students wherever there was the requirement.


This was provided at the doorsteps for the patients.


Sapthaham-Aradhana Mahostavam from 18 to 24 April 2020

24 April 2020 – 7th Day

Day – 7, Activity – Koti Archana ( 1 Crore )

Final Day Koti Archana

By the divine grace of Bhagawan devotees of Kerala state commenced the final day of the week long Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Celebrations with Koti Nama Archana in their homes. 

It may be noted that this is the first ever Koti Nama Archana ( 1 Crore ) happened in the history of our Organization in Kerala with the blessings of our most beloved Swami. As fixed earlier exactly at 10008 devotees did Sahasra Namarchana at the Lotus feet our beloved Swami today with great devotion. 

The Koti archana, though was done physically by hands, it was indeed an offering from the “HEARTS”.

The day started with Omkaram, Suprabhatam followed by Purusha Sooktham and Vishnu Sahasranamam and in the evening thousands of Mahilas chanted  Lalitha Sahasranama sostram, Sai Gayathri and Bhajan before Bhagavan to make this day a very memorable in one’s life.

A total of 4508 families and 10008 members participated in this spiritual sadhana. During the day time many devotees played Sai Pancharathana Keerthanam with utmost devotion.

May Bhagawan shower his immense Love and Grace to the whole world.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu.

23-04-20206th Day

Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Week Celebrations.-6th Day

With the immense blessings of Swami, devotees of State of Kerala commenced the 6th-day celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Celebrations with Sai Gayathri Japam for continuous 12 hours in their home.

1000’s of devotees kept Grocery kits before Bhagawan today during the Sai Gayathri Japam. From 24th April onwards these kits will be distributed among the needy people and this offering will become Prasadam from Bhagavan for them.

Sai Gayathri Japam was held from  6 am to 6 pm. A total of 4300 families and  8890 members participated in this spiritual sadhana.

May Bhagavan shower his immense Love and Grace to the whole world.

22-04-2020 5th Day

21-04-20204th Day

Loving Sairam! There was great participation on Sri Rudram chanting and Sai Gayathri Japan

20-04-20203rd Day

Activity – Narayana Service

District – Cochin

With the immense Grace of Swami, Breakfast packets of 100 Nos handed over to Kerala Police, Cochin to distribute among the distressed and financially weak sections. The Narayana Seva will continue from 20th April to May 3rd village adopted by Cochin District

Activity – Service

Activity – Service, Distribution of Face Masks

District -Alappuzha

7500 Masks were handed over to Regional Transport Office, Allapuzha District.

19-04-20202nd Day

 Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Week Celebrations.

 Day -2 , Activity, – Akhanda Nama Japam

With the immense blessings of Swami, devotees of State of Kerala started the 2nd-day celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Celebrations with Nama Japam for continuous 12 hours in their houses.

Akhanda Nama Japam was held from 6 am to 6 pm. A total of 4569 families participated in this spiritual Sadhana. May Bhagavan shower his immense love and grace to the whole world.

 Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu.

District wise Families participated in the Akhanda Nama Japam

  1. Trivandrum 616
  2. Kollam 247
  3. Patanamthitta 137
  4. Alappuzha 265
  5. Kottayam 81
  6. Ernakulam 236
  7. Thrissur 227
  8. Palakkad 994
  9. Malappuram 328
  10. Calicut 950
  11. Wayanad 189
  12. Idukki 35
  13. Kannur 115
  14. Kasargod 149

Total families Participated 4569

18 April 2020- 1st Day

Day -1 , Activity, – Seva Day.

With the immense blessings of Swami Devotees of State of Kerala started the celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Celebrations. The celebrations are being planned for a week from 18th to 24th April 2020. Today was celebrated as Seva Day. Devotees placed kits comprising of grocery items before Bhagavan. The entire kits will be distributed to needy devotees in the Samithi and then to the needy people in and around Samithis.

Activity – Service

Activity – Service, Distribution of Face Masks, District – Kollam, 500 Masks were distributed to the Balavikas students’ families and devotees family under  Kanunagapally Samithi, Kollam District