Place: Punjab State-India

Spiritual Initiation:

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Punjab was formed in 1970 with a membership of about 300 devotees. The active memberships, with the passage of time swelled to about 8200 now and Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithis, to start with, were formed about 50 years back in four districts of Punjab namely Jalandhar, Patiala, Abohar and Bhatinda. Additional Samithis in Ludhiana and Amritsar were added soon after.

United Efforts:

In order to synchronize the activities of various districts and to unite efforts to help fellow human beings, various projects including improving the moral and ethical values of children (Balavikas and Spiritual singings sessions) were undertaken by the Organization.

Long Term Projects:

A number of long term service projects were undertaken and are being run by the Organisation. To enumerate a few, details are given below:

 Free Schools :

Two Free Schools

Two free schools are being run in the State with Punjab State syllabus. One is at Sai Dham, Patiala which started in 1999 and another at village Baghpur in Hoshiarpur District which started functioning in 2005. Every year one class of the school is added in Baghpur School whereas Patiala school is till 10th standard. Here free education is provided to 320 students coming from poor and downtrodden areas comprising of Bharat Nagar, Village Ablowal, Village Dhamomajra and nearby surroundings. 415 students are provided free education in Baghpur. Free uniforms, books, stationery, socks, shoes, etc. are provided to all the students. The students of Patiala bagged positions in Punjab State Exam Board.

b.) Free Dispensaries:

Eleven free dispensaries

  1. SAMRALA: A free allopathic dispensary is run here. Every Tuesday about fifty patients are examined and provided free medicines.
  2. SHAHPUR KANDI: Here patients are checked daily and provided free medicines. Every Tuesday about 50 patients are examined.
  3. KHANNA: Here dispensary is run at Kusht ashram. The inmates are examined and distributed free medicines on Sundays.
  4. BULLEPUR: Here dispensary is run at old age home and old people are examined and given free medicines.
  5. RAJPURA: Here free homeopathic dispensary is run and patients are examined and given free medicines.
  6. PATIALA: Here a free dispensary is run at Sai Dham.
  7. PATIALA: Here another dispensary is run at Quila Chowk.
  8. PATIALA: Here still another dispensary is run at Arya Samaj. About 1000 patients are examined and provided free medicines.
  9. BHATINDA: At Sri Sathya Sai Center, Bhatinda. Allopathic dispensary.500 patients are served every month.
  10. BATALA: Inside Achali Gate, Batala.
  11. BATALA: Near Vaid Mandir, Batala.(70-75 patients checked).

c.) Hospital Seva:

This is one of the major service activities of many Samithis in the state. Free fruits, medicines, Dalia, bread, milk, biscuits, etc. are distributed to the patients. All sorts of help which is possible are provided to the patients. At Ludhiana Hospital ward cleaning was taken up for 4 times during this period.  Hoshiarpur and Sirhind also take up cleaning of the wards of the adopted hospitals regularly. Nangal, Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur, Bhatinda, Patiala, Ropar, Gurdaspur, Fathehgarh, Morinda, Patti, Pathankot, Ferozepur, Batala, Kurali, Ropar, Abohar, Ludhiana, etc. are also vigorously involved in this activity. Jalandhar samithi visits civil hospital two times in a day. In the morning medicines, biscuits, porridge is served, while in the evening milk is served.140000 people were served.

d.) Weekly Free Food Distribution Activity :

Apart from monthly free food distribution which is held regularly in all the Samithis in old age homes, Kusht Homes, Slums, Apahaj Homes, children homes etc. Weekly Narayan Seva is held in Gurdaspur in which about 400 to 500 persons are served every Thursday. At Patiala free food distribution is held on every 1st , 2nd ,3rd and  4th Sunday of the month at the places of various devotees i.e.4 Narayan Seva in which about 380 inmates of  8 ashrams of  Patiala are fed with meals and sweet dishes and occasionally with fruits every week . Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in a month, free food distribution  is conducted at SAI DHAM, in which the villagers of the neighboring villages are fed .Every Thursday Narayanas are fed at Sri Sathya Sai Sarve Dharam Bhawan, Patti (mostly of Rice and Vegetables) and at Kurali. At Sangrur weekly free food distribution is held at widows home.

e.) Free Vocational Training Centre:

Four Training Centers

Four free tailoring and sewing centers are running in the State which is summarized as under:

  1. At Ludhiana with 22 Ladies daily.
  2. At Baghpur with 25 Ladies daily (12 sewing machines distributed)
  3. At Ropar with 25 Ladies daily.(15 sewing machines donated)
  4. At Morinda with 13 Ladies daily.

f.) Free Surgical Camp:

Once in a year

This Camp was organized at Abohar on 23rd of November 2012.  Due advertisement of the camp was done. Only after proper enquiry most needy and financial weaker patients were selected for surgery. By Bhagawan’s grace a total of 72 surgeries were done. Free surgery (including all the tests), medicines and food to all the patients and their attendants were provided. All the surgeries were performed successfully by Bhagawan’s profound grace. This Camp is held every year.

g.) Artificial Limbs Camp:

The 17th Free Artificial Limbs camp was arranged at Golden Senior Secondary School, Gurdaspur by a team of very renowned doctors from Jaipur on 18th November 2012. 110 disables were provided free limbs. Bhajan was held for 87 minutes. Speeches were arranged. Langer and sweets were served to all present.

 h.) Eye Camps:

  1. Patti –    432 beneficiaries
  2. Ludhiana –    225 beneficiaries
  • Dist.Ropar –    524 beneficiaries


  1. Abohar (30-09-12)   –  85 units
  2. Sujanpur(23-11-12) –  44 units
  • Sirhind –  33 units

j.) Water Service:

  1. A free chabil of cold sweet drink was arranged on the eve of Baisakhi at General Bus Stand, Bhatinda every year. More than ten thousand thirsty passengers in the hot season were served sweet cold water.
  2. A free chabil of cold sweet water is being arranged on the eve of Gurupurab – Matyrdom day of Sri Arjun Dev ji every year. More than six thousand passengers and passerby quench their thirst in the acute hot season.
  • Ice cold water is served at Bus stand and in main bazaar of Morinda in summers.
  1. In summers packed cold polythene bags of are distributed to passengers travelling in trains at Sirhind Railway Station.
  2. Two water coolers have been permanently installed at Maur Mandi. One at water works road and other at Thana Road. These coolers are fully maintained daily and are functioning very well.
  3. One water reservoir (overhead tank) is installed at village Malkon at Jalandhar. Hundreds of villagers take drinking water from here.
  • Drinking water taps have been installed at various places in Patti.
  • Five movable trolleys serve cold drinking water at Railway Station and tour other points of maximum rush and bazaars at Pathankot.
  1. Chabil of cold water is arranged at Nav Durga Mandir, Ludhiana every year in which thousands of persons quenched their thirst in the acute hot season.
  2. A water cooler is installed at Chandigarh Road, Banur.

K.) Sri Sathya Sai Rural Health Centres:

  1. Village Kotla Gonspur (Every Sunday) with 70-80 beneficiaries
  2. Village Noorpur Bet (Every Sunday & Wed) with 54 beneficiaries
  • Sai Dham Patiala (Every Sunday) with 50 beneficiaries
  1. Kalyan Mandpam Jalandhar (alternate Sundays) with 110 beneficiaries
  2. Sathya Sai Centre, Bhatinda (Every Sunday& Thu) with 35 beneficiaries

 L.) Medical Camps:

  1. Manikpur Shrif (28 Survical Camps) with 4480 beneficiaries
  2. Village Razapur (9 Camps) with 656 beneficiaries
  • Transport Nagar (10 Camps) with 776 beneficiaries
  1. Khanna (6 Camps) with 240 beneficiaries
  2. Noorpur Bet (1 Mega Camp) with 600 beneficiaries
  3. Ropar (86 Camps) with 3245 beneficiaries
  • Batala (1 Physiotherapy Camp) with 26 beneficiaries
  • Sirhind (1 Heart Checkup camp) with 71 beneficiaries
  1. Ferozpur (1 Camp) with 86 beneficiaries

In addition to this a four month old child having heart problem was operated upon at Apollo hospital and expenses incurred were around Rs.175000.

Veterinary Camps:

15 veterinary camps were arranged and 1116 animals were examined.

 M.) Sanitation:

Three new toilets were constructed at village Wadala and four at Village Malkon.


The society and the general public had started recognizing the good work done by the Organisation leading to mass participation in our projects. The local administration also started commending our service projects. By Bhagawan’s profound grace, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Punjab is now a dynamic organization pulsating with zeal to achieve further heights by the selfless efforts of our members.

The Organisation is endeavoring to further enlarge its activities and encompass more areas/villages/slums in our self-less love.

Project Coordinator: Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Punjab

Contact Person: Sri Vinay Kapoor, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Punjab State, mail ID:

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