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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations-Haryana & Chandigarh


November 5, 2017

The holy and historic land of Kurukshetra in Haryana, North of India does not need any introduction. This was the same place where the war between Pandavas and Kauravas was fought and it is the same land which was an eternal witness when Sri Krishna gave “Viswaroopa Darshan” to Arjuna before giving Bhagawath Geetha to the mankind.

After a good 5000 years, our Sai Krishna visited Kurukshetra in the year 1972 which was a small town back then. Sharing the dais with Late Prime Minister Sri. Guljari Lal Nanda, Swami addressed a mammoth 300000 people which was a record in those days, for any spiritual congregation. Swami’s divine will was such that these many people were given darshan at one go, quenching their spiritual thirst and imparting the highest knowledge. Only a divine Master can churn the hearts of the aspirants and bring so many seekers to have His darshan. Another miracle that people still talk about was there was not one untoward  incident on that particular day and every one were served sumptuous food.

Ever since, the Sathya Sai community of KURUKSHETRA, have kept Swami very close to their hearts and Swami responded to their prayers by blessing a beautiful Sai Center in the heart of the city which will be a centre of spiritual development. This center also houses a vocational training center teaching various skills to the youth, its own clinic where in medical camps will be held at regular intervals, library, guest house for speakers visiting Kurukshetra and a 500 seater, asthetically furnished bhajan hall on the first floor with Sarva Dharma Stupa is a perfect replica of Swami’s message of unity of faiths.

To dedicate this beautiful Sai Centre to the society, All India President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Sri.Nimish Pandya, Trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust Sri. K Chakravarthi, Sri. R.J. Ratnakar and Sri Subash C Dheer, State President, Haryana and Chandigarh took part in the inaugural prayers. With more than 4000 people taking part there was a huge procession of Swami’s chariot in the streets of Kurukshetra where devotees danced, jumped in joy while singing the glory of Sai.

After Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Mahasamadhi in the year 2011, many were not sure where the Sai movement was heading. But His divine will has made sure we are in the right direction and we have seen so many Centres coming up which is a clear sign of ever expanding Sai mission.

Speaking on this ocassion, Sri. Nimish Pandya hailed Haryana state organisation members for construction of this beautiful centre for the welfare of the society. He urged the devotees to hold on to Swami and watch the life transform miraculously.

Sri. Chakravarthi who spoke in brief, expressed his appreciation  in the manner with which the devotees took part in the inauguration of this Sai Centre and hoped this place will pave way for spiritual development of individuals helping them to mould into responsible citizens.

Sri. Ratnakar while speaking iterated the fact that the same Sai Krishna has come back in Kaliyuga to re-instill faith and remind “Dharma” of every individual stressing upon seva and individual sadhana. He prayed the Sai Centre to be the “center” of so many beautiful activities reflecting Swami’s life and he appreciated the state President of Chandigarh Sri. Subhash Dheer and his team for the beautiful Sai Centre. He also appreciated the Sai Family members for winning the hearts of the society from all walks of life which reflects Sai ideals of embracing every faith.

This historic city, Kurukshetra also has many poor Sadhus and Saints and considering the cold winter of North India the Sai family of Kurukshetra  distributed blankets to more than 500 sadhus. Later, the Balvikas children many of who were underprivileged performed an excellent dance programme.

This programme was attended by Ex- home minister Mr. I.D.Swami, local MLA, Local MPs, eminent judges of High court, officers of local administration, Vice-President of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation Sri. Ramani and others.

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with pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord-Jai sairam

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