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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation

Dharmakshetra- Mumbai Metro

Place: Dharmakshetra, Mumbai

Date: 22-12-2019

Guru Vandanam-Balvikas Alumni Meet programme – 22nd December at Jalan Mandap Dharmakshetra.

A Tribute to 50 years of Selfless Service by Balvikas Gurus and Bal Vikas Alumni Meet Programme – Dharmakshetra, 22nd December 2019.

As aptly mentioned by one of the Balvikas  Gurus…

Guru Vandana.. a nostalgic morning of Balvikas Alumni paying respects to Balvikas Gurus.  Real homecoming for all. Sairam S Iyer stole the show with his heartfelt talk and soulful dual voice singing. Honour to listen to Sai Shravanam from Chennai whose ‘sound’ sound recording won an Oscar for Life of Pi. His talk centred only on one aspect…..Take care of your parents.

Brilliant organising by the youth and Balvikas Alumni.

Another Guru also mentioned:

Yes… Rightly said. It was a very well organized program that we gurus enjoyed thoroughly. All the talks and music were very inspiring and soul-stirring. We thank the Sri Sathya Sai organization and all the youth for making our day so enjoyable. Sairam

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Date: 14-12-2019

Place: Dharmakshetra, Mumbai

Sai Tarang – Festival of Joy – Dharmakshetra – Saturday 14th December 2019.

Around 600 people (300 were school children and 120 were teachers, Principals of the schools and School Bal Vikas gurus and the rest were public/devotees) visited Dharmakshetra today.

Sai Tarang – Festival of Joy – Part 1 –

All India President – Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sri Nimish Pandya and District President Zone 1 Mumbai make their way through the maze. A game from Walkeshwar Samithi on the occasion of Sai Tarang – childrens’ festival of joy held at Dharmakshetra on Saturday, 14th December 2019.

Follow the Master,

Face the Devil,

Fight to the end,

Finish the game.

This is a game of a ‘maze’, where the child follows a righteous path and reaches his goal.

Certain paths are full of bad qualities n only when he navigates his way through the right path, he is able to reach his goal.

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Sai Tarang – Festival of Joy – Part 2 –

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