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Water is elixir of life. There is no water available in many parts of the world and at the same time there is water too, but not in the proximity of the needy. Even when water is available, it is contaminated and not fit for drinking.Unfortunately, people do not mind consuming this contaminated water as there is no choice for them. This makes them sick and unproductive. The water is contaminated with Fluorides-High dissolved solids-Arsenic-e-Coli-effluents like the fertilizers, pesticides, metals and many typhoid and cholera causing bacteria. This has been the history and more so currently enveloping the urban areas too.

Project Details:

Inspired by Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India who has provided pure drinking water in several effected districts of Andhra Pradesh state, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Andhra Pradesh made plans to provide safe and pure drinking water to villages where fluoride content is more than the specified limits.

Establishment of Pure Drinking Plants:

In Andhra Pradesh by the name of Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutha Dhara project, more than 100 villages are now provided with drinking water facilities from a variety of sources such as from newly dug wells-clearing old wells-Bore wells-connecting with rivers, lakes springs through piping and water storage tanks.

38 Water Treatment Plants in AP State:

Today Organisation has established 38 water purification plants in 38 villages in Andhra Pradesh state. These plants defluoride the feed water-reduce the total dissolved solids and eliminate other bacteria that affects the health of the folks. The processed water supplied meets the WHO standards. Nearly 125,000 people are served with every day drinking water at their door step. Many more will be coming up soon in the villages as it is an ongoing activity of the Organization. This work will now be taken on Pan India basis.

dfl-plant slia_ap_water-plants_06

Quality of Pure Drinking Water:

1) The fluoride level in feed water is around from 2.5 ppm to 6.5 ppm in Andhra Pradesh and up to 12 ppm in other places in India. After the treatment (de-fluoridation) it is found be to a safe level of 1 ppm.

2) The TDS (total dissolved solids) comprising all items like-nitrites-sulphides-chlorides-hardness calcium etc. in feed in many places is 1000 ppm to 2500 ppm and this will be brought down to 100 ppm to make it potable.

3) The Reverse Osmosis plants (RO Plants) are installed which filter off all undesirable elements and improve the colour and taste-while keeping the essential minerals in desired proportions by the control of feed regulation.

4) The very first De-Fluoridation plant was set up in Bahadurpet-Aleru Mandal-Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh in India and this plant serves 1400 people every day with clean and safe water with 12 litre of Jerry can water.

Cost & Running The Plants:

These plant facilities are established by the Organization at a cost of INR 0.1 to 0.4 million ($ 2000 to $ 8000) each based on the feed water quality and capacity need. These are built and handed over to the village committees that manage the operative functions on their own. The Organization has only audit function periodically. These plants operate on no profit basis in every village.

Distribution of water to Villagers:

A 12 liter Jerry can of water is taken by each home every day only at a cost of INR 1.00 ($ 0.02) and this is hardly about 8 paisa per liter. In the current market a liter of water is sold at INR 14.00 ($ 2.8) and this is nearly 175 times the cost of the SAI plants supply. The most important factor is the actual cost of production is only 5 paisa per liter that is spent for power bill payments-payment of salary for the operator and purchase of spares and maintenance of the plant. The remaining 3 paisa is saved and banked and kept for the village welfare needs.

puredrinkingwater slia_ap_water-plants_05

All India Techno Group Support:

All India Techno Group selects and installs the best of proven equipment that has annual maintenance facility and service centers. The village water committee comprising two men-two women manages the day to day operations that include financial management and accounting.

In this way the modality of the operation not only provides clean and safe drinking water-but also supports the village welfare for the poorest of the poor in the village. This model operation keeps all plants working nonstop since inception in every village as there is always no dearth of funds. This is perhaps the only unique model in the country. The All India Technology group of the service wing of the Organization has standardized the specification of all specific criteria for a such set up to make all their plant look alike, work alike with the basic principle of love all and serve all!

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Positive Results and Long time benefits:

There are quite a many stories like doctors not visiting these villages as the problems of pains of the joints and bodies have disappeared and common cold and other ailments have been greatly reduced after the villagers got used this safe and clean water supply. They also do not have a burden of buying water from commercial establishments now.

These facilities are named “Drinking water temples”. Unlike other religious shrines, here people of all religions congregate irrespective of their faiths and take water every day. These have transformed peoples mind set and improved community living standards and relationships.

Health Benefits:

The village women and children are very happy and healthy as their age old problems have been addressed and provided with permanent solutions. The men folk are relieved of the health problems and are able to concentrate on the field work and plantations.

Future plans and course of Action

This is also being taken on All India basis to launch the provision of safe and clean water facility all over the country year after year. The Organization with the support of the Technology group is now working on a plan to set up 100 water purification plants each year in places of absolute need on an All India Basis.

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