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Women of  exalted character have set great ideals of womanhood in Bharat. Today’s society is polluted because there is no encouragement for women to cultivate such high ideals. In modern times the ways of life are so perverted that only evil thoughts, evil feelings and evil behavior rule the roost. In this situation, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations are encouraging women through opportunities in the wings like Mahila Vibhag, to develop good ideals of character and propagate them to the world at large. Only if the women come up in society, the whole world will turn sacred.


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Service is the first step along the spiritual path.

With the Divine Grace of our Beloved Bhagawan, Tiruvallur District from Tamil Nadu conducted a Sadhana Camp for Mahila Seva Dals on 22 April 2018 at Sri Vacheeswarar Temple, Thiruppachur, Tamil Nadu.  There were 45 Mahilas who attended the camp. The service activities that were carried out were :


1,Cleaning of the entire temple and the garden area

2 .Washing the attire/ costume of the deities of Temple

3.Cleaning and scrubbing of the Pooja vessels of the temple.


The participation of 52 Group III Balvikas children made the Sadhana camp worthwhile and rewarding.

The camp started at 7.30 am after bhajans and the service activities were completed by 11 am.

The temple authorities were kind enough to give permission to prepare the lunch at the temple premises.

Mangala Harathi was  performed to Swami followed by Narayana Seva.

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