Place: Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala.


Going against Mother Nature creates imbalance in nature. This results in natural disasters aking place. Natral disasters occur not because of what God does to man, but because of what man does to man.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave directions to the Organisation in 2002 to start Training the Youth of the Organisation in Disaster Management. This represents a paradigm shift from just Disaster Relief to Comprehensive Disaster Management.

As per His Divine Directions, in 2002, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, India commenced Disaster Management Train-ing programmes on a National Scale. These efforts got a boost in 2012 when this was made as one of the National Initiatives to mark the 90 th Birthday of Bhagavan and the 50 th year of the Organisation. These efforts created a large pool of trained Sevadals, both as Faculty members for Training and First Response Force during disasters. There is a twin fold focus of these programmes, viz;-

a) To create teams of well trained First Responders during disasters, using a common sense approach with whatever equipment that is available at that time.

b) To create Disaster Awareness in the public at large, particularly the youth. A very brief report on DM / DA activities from 1 st January, 2017 to 31 st May, 2017.

A very brief report on DM / DA activities from 1 st January, 2017 to 31 st May, 2017.


        No of Participants  
Sl No. Date Place / Dist        
Gents Mahila   Total
1 12/2/2017 Nanminda, Kozhikode 15     15
2 18-19/3/2017 Puthupariyaram, Palakkad 48 28   76
3 23/4/2017 Mananthavady, Wayanad 28 9   37
4 7/5/2017 Kottayam 11 5   16
5 20-21/5/2017 Vazhakkadu, Malappuram 24 3   27
      Total 126 45   171


        No of Participants  
Sl No. Date Place / Dist          
Gents   Mahila   Total
1 18/2/2017 St. Gregorios College, Kollam 60   70   130
2 19/2/2017 SSSVIP Village, Puthupariyaram, 34   46   80
3 26/2/2017 Vadakara, Kozhikode 61   26   87
4 25/3/2017 MES Womens college, Pattambi,     100   100
5 3/4/2017 Anjarakandy Higher Secondary 42   54   96
School, Kannur    
6 26/4/2017 Karuvanpoyil Govt. High School, 23   22   45
7 26-27/5/2017 St Joseph College of Teacher     75   96
Education for Women , Ernakulam      
      Total 220 393   613


1       12 th February, 2017 at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Nanminda, Kozhikode Total 15 Gents Sevadals participated.

2        18 th & 19 th March, 2017, SSSVIP Village, Puthupariyaram, Chittur, Palakkad

The DM camp was for the selected NSS College students from 11 Colleges of Calicut university in Palakkad District under the special initiative of NSS District Co-ordinator Dr. Gopakumar and our State In-charge Sri Hari S.

Palakkad District President Sri. A.V. Suresh Kumar presided over the inaugural function and the State Vice President Sri. A.M. Prabhakaran inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Gopakumar, District Co-ordinator, Palakkad District, Sri. P. Ram Dayal, State In-charge, Sri. Hari S., State In-charge, Sri. Gopakumar, DC and Sri. Udayaprakash, DIc. 76 Students ( 48Gents and 28Mahila) Participated.

At the end of the program, the participants promised that they will actively participate in all the Attappadi Tribal Village activities conducted by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Palakkad.

3             23 rd April, 2017, Mananthavady, Wayanad

The Wayanad District Disaster Management Camp was held at Mananthavady Govt. Higher Secondary School, Manan-thavady, Wayanad on 23 rd April, 2017. Sri. Jaidev IPS, ASP, Wayanad, Mananthavady Municipal Chairman, District President Sri. Babu Kattayad, State In-charge Sri Ram Dayal, District Co- ordinators Sri. Jithesh O.T. and Sri. Shaji and Mananthavady Convener Sri Sashi Master were addressed the trainees in the inaugural session.

Total 37 Sevadals (28 Gents and 9 Mahilas) participated.

4         7th May Kottayam

The Kottayam District Disaster Management Camp was held at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Kottayam on 7 th May, 2017. 16 Sevadals (11 gents and 5 mahilas attended. Along with the District Co-ordinator Sri Suresh, the Malayalam Sanathana Sarathi Editor Sri. Somashekharan, was also there to help the trainers throughout the camp.

5         20 th & 21st May, 2017, Vazhakkadu, Malappuram

The Malappuram DM Camp was inaugurated by the Grama Panchayath President Janab Saiyed Sahib. The District Pres-ident Sri.Sivasankaran Master presided the function. Total 27 Sevadals (24 gents and 3 Mahilas) participated.


1         18 th Feb, 2017, Kottarakkara, Kollam

Sri. Indulal, Program Co-ordinator, Science day, St. Gregorios College, Kottarakkara, Kollam, welcomed the gathering. Kollam District President Sri. Rajeevan K.G. presided over the inaugural function. Adv. A.C. Vijayakumar inaugurated and Sri. P. Ram Dayal delivered the key note address. 130 Science Students (60 Gents and 70 Mahila) participated.

DA Program for, In connection with Science day program, St. Grigorios College, Kollam 130 students participated.

2         19 th February, 2017, SSSVIP Village, Puthupariyaram, Chittur, Palakkad

20 Village youth, 10 Sevadals and 50 NSS College students participated. 34 Gents, Mahila 46

3         26 th Feb, 2017 Vadakara, Kozhikode

This Camp was for the employees of The Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society (ULCCS Ltd.) at their premises at Uralungal, Vadakara, Kozhikode. 87 people participated. (61 Gents and 26 Mahila)

4             25 th March, 2017, Pattambi, Palakkad

The participants of camp was the Selected NSS Students of MES Womens college, Pattambi, Palakkad District. 100 Girls participated.

5         3 rd April, 2017, Anjarakandy Higher Secondary School, Kannur

The Camp was for the Scouts and Guides students. Total 96 students (42 boys and 54 Girls) participated.

6         26 th April, 2017, Karuvanpoyil Govt. High School, Kozhikode

The participants were 45 (23 Boys and 22 Girls) student PoliSri. Razakh Maloram, ACPO Smt. Bindhumol Thomas and Police Officer Shiny were also present.

7         26 th and 27 th May, 2017, St Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam 75 BEd students participated in the camp.

Contact Person: Prof E Mukundan, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala,  /