Streaming Love for Swami – Balvikas children of Corporation School, Ayanavaram Market, Chennai


The children who first came for their coaching classes apparently became Bal Vikas students and started actively participating in all the activities of the Samithi (Ayanavaram). These children belong to different faiths of the same class in their school.


It is a known fact that there are restrictions in Corporation schools. Yet these children boldly sang Bhajans during lunch time in their class. This inspired their fellow class mates by their good conduct. One of these students is the model student chosen by the school, for this year.


They also became an inspiration to their teachers and their Headmistress and gained permission to conduct Swami’s birthday at school. They gifted Sai literature to the teachers and one of the teachers subscribed for the Sanathana Sarathi, the monthly magazine.


On Wednesday, the 27th November 2019 they celebrated Swami’s birthday in their class. All students of the class, teachers and HM were invited to attend the celebration. A massive cleaning work of the class was done by all the 65 students of the class.


A letter was written to Swami to preside over the celebrations which was signed by their friends.


No photo of Swami was kept. To everyone’s surprise they wrote “94 years of Pure Premai (Love)” on board and said this is the True form of Swami, which was accepted by all. Bhajan was conducted and Aarthi was taken to the black board. Students and teachers too obliged and did Aarthi. Prasadam and pens were distributed to the students.


The class mates are invited for Swami’s birthday celebrations at V P Colony Samithi on Sunday 01st December 2019 and all students of the class have joined hands to make a greeting card for Swami to be offered on that day at samithi.


Every week a new classmate is brought to the Samithi with warmth and love for Swami. This shows their pure love and prayers to Swami to bless with many more gems like these and all glory to Swami.

~~Jai Sairam~~

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