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In commemoration with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of ‘Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas’, the Divine mission of our beloved Bhagawa, around 2000 Devotees from Kanchipuram North District of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Tamil Nadu undertook the Parthi Yatra to the Divine abode of Bhagawan at Prashanthi Nilayam from  22nd to 24th June, 2018.

As a humble offering to Swami, Balvikas students of various age groups from 20 Samithis and Bhajan mandalis in the district participated in Vedas, Bhajans and cultural programmes with devotion, dedication and absolute adulation of the Lord! Amazing commitment from the children who practiced for months amidst exams and many times forgoing their vacations, extremely cooperative and devoted parents ever eager in bringing their wards closer to Swami, and the Gurus who worked untiringly to bring the best out of the children, and the event coordinators who left no stone unturned to ensure that every program was organized in a way that ‘Pleases Swami the Most’. This culminated in a magnificent garland of offerings placed at the Divine Lotus Feet on the Blessed Day.

The morning programme on June 23rd commenced with musical band by Balvikas children, procession by Bhajan and Vedam group, mahilas and gents followed as Balvikas children carried the banner and glorious message of our Loving Swami. Some of the Balvikas boys and girls appeared in colorful fancy dresses of Saints and Avatars depicting the Sarva Dharma Spirit.  Bhagawan’s children radiated their love for Swami as they marched along in uniform attire reflecting the Oneness of All as in the Vedic quote ‘Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti’. Pallaki Seva (palanquin bearing beloved Swami’s photo) followed, with our Loving Saimaa showering his blessings on the entire gathering. The Balvikas boys from Kanchipuram North district got the divine and most coveted opportunity to render Vedas in the Divine presence. Soulful Bhajans were rendered by the Balvikas boys and girls expressing their unwavering devotion to the Lord! The morning session thus concluded with Mangala Arthi and Divine Darshan.

The evening programs started with Balvikas girls reciting the Vedas before the Almighty in perfect intonation and connecting the devotees assembled in the Sai Kulwant hall in communion with our beloved Lord. The Mahila youth presented the introduction and gave insights on the spiritual nuances of each segment through their excellent narratives, while the Balvikas children offered flowers, beautiful Gratitude Cards and Greeting Cards lovingly prepared by them individually, and as a group to our Loving Lord! Devotional songs rendition by the Balvikas girls was very well received and indeed cast a divine spell leaving many eyes wet reminding one of Meera’s pining for Lord KRISHNA and Gopikas’ pangs of separation from their beloved Lord! The Musical accompaniment which perfectly complemented the divine melodies and enhanced the bhakti bhava was provided by the Balvikas boys of the district. The most colorful and enchanting performance of the evening were the dance programs by the Balvikas children comprising of Pushpanjali, Welcome Dance and folk dances of Tamilnadu i.e. Mayilattam, Karagam, Kavadi and oyillattam, Kolaattam, Pinnal Kolaattam followed by Sarva Dharma dance. The entire hall clapped and reverberated to the divine music and the flawless rhythmic steps of the blossoming buds of our Loving Saimaa.

As Bhagawan’s acknowledgment of Love from the pure and unblemished hearts, the clouds at Prashanthi Nilayam opened up to a brief shower during the Mayilattam (Peacock) dance much to the delight of everyone present, a clear sign from Bhagawan that ‘He is Pleased’ ! Just as they say ‘Peacock senses the approaching rain, spreads its colorful feathers and dances in joy’! As a finale to the Divine offering, the district youth team expressed their Love to the Universal Lord by rendering soulful Bhajans at the Lotus feet!

Hearts filled with gratitude, eyes welled with tears and throats choking in emotions summed up the mood of the District Parthi Yatra team assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall. The most divine and memorable day concluded with auspicious Mangala Arthi to our Loving Swami, Prasadam distribution and Divine Darshan. For the Parthi Yatris from Kanchi North district, this was surely the day they experienced ‘Heaven on Earth’!

Many of them who have not seen Swami physically and were visiting Parthi for the first time, expressed their immense gratitude and Love to Bhagawan for the Divine lifetime opportunity provided to them!

Jai Sairam!


Shri Venugopal Jayaraman, District President, Kanchipuram North District, Tamil Nadu

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