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‘Butter Milk distribution service’ in Tamil Language.

Through Seva Sadhana, Hanuman attained identity with Rama, as the river attains identity with the sea. Arjuna too considered every act as Sadhana to attain the grace of Krishna, for Krishna directed him to fight on, ever keeping Him in memory – “Maamanusmara Yuddhyacha”. You too should keep God ever in your mind as the pacesetter, whether you are serving patients in the hospitals or cleaning a drain in the bazaar. That is the tapas which is the highest form of Sadhana. More than listening to a hundred lectures or delivering them to others, offering one act for genuine Seva attracts the Grace of God.

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
SSS Vol.11, p.193


“Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray” – Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Actions speak louder than words. It is easy to pray and preach to change the world through charitable acts, but it still doesn’t make a difference in the end until you don’t put your words into action. Swami has repeatedly said “My Life is My Message”. Each and every gesture, word and thought of Swami transports us to a blissful world.  To the One, who has made our lives happier than ever, how can we make Him happy? Swami has always said “Your Bliss is my food”. What gives us bliss? By Seeing the One in Many and serving them.

To commemorate Swami’s Aradhana Day, Tanjavur District had offered these service activities at His Lotus Feet.

Visit to the Cancer Patients Home

On Sunday 22nd April 2018, Tanjavur District conducted a Special Bhajan, rather a soulful Prayer, at Cancer Patients Home to the terminally ill patients. Swami’s message was shared with the patients by the Bhajan Guru.  Nine Mahilas took part in this Sadhana. The patients were comforted and consoled individually by each Seva Dal. In the end , biscuits and the sacred Vibuthi prasadams were distributed.

Visit to Blind School

Who is really Blind? The One who is insensitive towards the depressed and the oppressed is blind. A Special Bhajan was conducted at Blind School Thanjavur on 12th April 2018. Ten Mahila sevadals participated in this service activity. Each Seva Dal had an encouraging and soothing conversation with the blind students to make them feel secured and positive.

Mahila Sadhana camp

On 21st April a Mahila Sadhana Camp was organised at Sri Kalahastheeswarar Swami Temple from 10-00am to 2-00pm. Twelve Mahila sevadals actively participated in the Sadhana Camp and rendered the temple premises spic and span.

Butter Milk distribution

There was butter milk distribution to slake the thirst of the public in the heat wave .

Our insatiable thirst for Bhagwan’s Darshan was also quenched by offering the above services at Lotus Feet!

Jai Sairam


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