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The Goal of the Bal Vikas movement is societal transformation. But where should this process begin?

The boys and girls of Bal Vikas should begin at their homes by showing respect for their parents, brothers and sisters. This should be the first step. The second step is to respect, those in the neighborhood. We should also respect those that come as guests to our homes. Gradually in this manner, we should be able to spread our care to the rest of the village, going on to the whole district, and eventually to the country as a whole.

(Divine Discourse – 2 Mar 1974)

Today, there is a great need for students with sharp intellect and teachers who can sacrifice. It’s not great to give away objects, but it is indeed great to give away one’s own self. It is only when there is a close relationship and connection between the teacher and the student, that whatever is taught will take the shape of spiritual knowledge.

(Bal Vikas Conference Divine discourse – 22 Nov 1975)

The above are the golden words of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to be etched in the hearts of all Balvikas students and Gurus.

The Balvikas gurus and children of Odisha have observed the month of Giving and Forgiving, Aradhana Mohatsav, family participation week & the holy occasion of Eshwaramma day throughout the nook and corner of the holy land Odisha.

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