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(Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh)

05 June 2020- World Environmental day

Jorhat: Plantation of sapling in their respective houses as a mark of Environmental day by Balvikas students of Prince of Wales centre Jorhat, Assam.

Golaghat: As we requested SSSVV, Golaghat Students and Parents to plant a sapling at home with family, 

02 June 2020- Food Packets Distribution by Karimganj Samithi 

Food Packets by Karimganj Samithi

-Team Karimganj Samithi


Please pay attention to the audio messages by the eminent doctors on the COVID-19 crisis 

Report of the Audio clip comprising the views of Sai-devotee doctors on COVID-19

This audio clip has been prepared by Prof. (Dr.) Mukta Biswas, State Spiritual Coordinator (Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal). As the world is facing a challenging time with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic rendering the humanity helpless under its threat the purpose of this clip is to listen to the views and knowledge of acclaimed doctors of Sai family who are at the fore front of an unprecedented battle against this deadly disease to safeguard public health. The theme of the topic: Personal Health Safety: A measure for combating current crisis in the light of Swami’s teachings. The following are the doctors who shared their views—

  1. Neil Bordoloi, Cardiologist and Managing Director of Excel Care , Guwahati
  2. Gokul Chandra Das, Former Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gauhati Medical College and at present functioning as an Officer on special duty in Shrimanta Sankardeva University of Health Science, Guwahati
  3. Dina Raja, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati.
  4. Rupak Kataki, Medical Officer under Borlongser Mini Primary Health Centre.
  5. Mausumi Krishnatreya, , Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati.
  6. Zina Raja, Professor, Govt. Dental College, Dibrugarh.
  7. Kushal Kar, Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist, Mediland Hospital, Silchar.

The clip ended with a melodious Sai Bhajan sung by Smt Manjira Sarma

Medical practitioners of Sai Organisation sharing informative and inspirational words on COVID-19 pandemic as conducted by Dr. Mukta Biswas, State Spiritual Co-ordinator, Assam. It’s a 30 mins long audio-program (split into 2 parts) and thus requesting you all to listen the entire audio in your own comfortable time and also don’t forget to share the same with your all family members, devotees, known persons, near & dear ones. And please make sure that atleast your family members have gone through the audio and have understood the matter thoroughly.

Listen to Melodious Bhajan by Smt Manjira Sarma – Sai Bhajan Bina Sukha Shanthi Nahi…. by Om Sai Ram on #SoundCloud

Jai Sairam.

Doctors Advices-Part-1 & 2

31 May 2020- Mahaprasadam Distribution by Silchar Samithi

Om Sri Sai Ram!

With the divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Silchar organised National Narayana Seva observing all the government protocols, on the last Sunday of the month of May i.e. on 31/05/2020 .Total 75 packets of Mahaprasadam was distributed amongst some of the building workers and a few other daily workers in different areas of Silchar town. Total 5 Sevadal members participated in the Sai service activity.

Before starting Narayan Seva, some Sevadal in collaboration with Abhijan NGO sanitised the entire Mandir premises.

-Team Silchar Samithi




27 May 2020

Date : 24-05-2020 (Sunday)- Time :— 7:30 AM to 9 AM
Total no. of beneficiaries : 50 people.
Total no. of sevadals attended : 3 Gents.
Breif description : Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Silchar, Cachar District, under Zone – 3, Assam distributed breakfast (food packets) among the poor people at various locations in Silchar town. The food packets were being offered to beloved Swami before distributing them as Prasadam.
The food packets included the following :—
1. Banana – 2 nos.
2. Bread (bon-roti) – 2 nos.
3. Sweet – 1 no.
4. Softdrink – 1 no.

Loving Sairam!

Narayan Pooja and Mahamrityunjay Yagna for Cosmic Well-being.

Date: — 18/05/2020 (Monday).

Venue: Residence of Dr. Kushal Kumar Kar (District President, Cachar and Dima Hasao Districts).

Brief description: Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Zone -3, Assam organised a Narayan Pooja and Mahamrityunjay Yagna for cosmic welbeing. The program commenced at 8:20 AM and held as per following schedule keeping in mind the guidelines related to COVID – 19 pandemic.

  1. 3 times Omkaram.
  2. 3 times Brahma Gayatri Mantra.
  3. 3 times Sai Gayatri Mantra.
  4. Narayana Pooja.
  5. Shankha Naada.
  6. Mahamrityunjay Homa along with chanting of Mahamrityunjay Mantra and Ahuti Mantra.
  7. Shankha Naada.
  8. Aarati.
  9. Distribution of Vibhuti Prasadam (packets) and other Prasadam among all present there.

The program ended at 11:30 AM.

State Vice President, Zone – 3, Assam, D.P., Cachar & Dima Hasao Districts, D.P., Karimganj & Hailakandi Districts and 7 devotees attended the same.


Following members participated in this clip
1. Sri Rupnayan Das. (State Vice President). 2. Smti Shobhita Choudhury. (Guwahati). 3. Smti Khyati Borah(Lakhimpur). 4. Smti Santwana Barua(Guwahati). 5. Sri Harshavardhan Chouhan(Kokrajhar). 6. Smti Sarita Kumari (Arunachal). 7. Gyanen Kashyap ( Guwahati). 8. Smti Shibani Goswami ( Guwahati). 9. Smti BarshaDutta.

(Jorhat). 10. Smti Ushakiran Mazumder. (Guwahati). 11. Smti Mem Doley. Smti Pratima Singha Smti Jyoti Devi. Smti Priyanka Devi. (Arunachal). 12. Smti Dipali Khargharia.(Jorhat). 13. Smti Sephali Priya Das. (Kokrajhar). 14. Smti Pinkymoni Devi (Guwahati).

Following members participated in this clip
1. Smti Hemashri Das(Guwahati). 2. Smti Prerona Bora(Golaghat). 3. Smti Preity Barman(Guwahati). 4. Smti Sukalpa Das(Silchar). 5. Sri Dhruba Kashyap (Guwahati). 6. Smti Aditi Das(Guwahati). 7. Sri Antariksh Deori (Golaghat). 8. Smti Dipa Raja, Smti Dina Raja(Guwahati). 9. Smti Arunima Kalita (Guwahati). 10. Sri Amal Kumar Ghose(Dhubri). 11. Smti Nikita Sonowal (Dibrugarh). 12. Smti Monika Mahanta (Guwahati). 13. Sri Rudraksha Dutta (Shillong). 14. Smti Sukanya Kashyap Mahanta (Guwahati).

19 May 2020


(Relief program during COVID – 19 Pandemic) by Karimganj Samithi of SSSSO.

Date : 17-05-2020 (Sunday).
Time : 08:00 AM.

Total no. of masks distributed : Around 700 masks.

Total no. of beneficiaries : Around 400 families / people.

Total no. of sevadals attended : 4 Gents.

Location of seva : Tinghori village, South Karimganj, Karimganj District, Assam.

Brief description of the activity:--Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Karimganj, Karimganj District, under Zone – 3, Assam distributed masks along with sharing of awareness regarding COVID – 19 pandemic among the people of Tinghori village at Karimganj District which is 15 km away from Karimganj town. The masks were being offered at the Divine Lotus Feet for blessings before being distributed. The sevadals went door to door to distribute the same. The four sevadals included Sri Alokesh Das, District Youth Co-ordinator, Karimganj & Hailakandi Districts, Sri Shankar Ghosh, Convenor, Karimganj Samithi, Sri Shubho Sundar Dutta, Samithi Youth In-charge(Gents), Karimganj Samithi and Sri Mantu Roy, a member of Karimganj Samithi attended the program.


18 May 2020

Members contributed in this clip–1. Dr. Ripima Bujarbarua (Guwahati)2.Mr. Rajib Borgohain(Dibrugarh) 3.Mr. Sushil Sen Gupta (Guwahati)4. Smti. Aditi Das( Guwahati))5. Mr. Rupak Sarma(Guwahati)6. Mr. Bhaskar Borah ( Golaghat) and 7. Smti Santana Barua( Guwahati)
Members contributed in this clip are—1. Mr. Satyen Sarma (State President) 2. Prof. Mukta Biswas (Guwahati) 3. Mr. Rupak Sarma (Guwahati) 4. Smritishree Chakravarty (Guwahati) 5. Smti Indrani Das Bhuyan (Shillong) 6.Mr. Uday Shankar  Chakraborty (Silchar) and Smti Shobhita Choudhury 
( Guwahati)

News coverage:




Smritishree  Chakravarthy-Shillong

Sharing a joy of a different kind, way beyond the earthly pleasures, it’s a feeling of being a part of the divine scheme of things. It’s the feeling of being blessed by the Omnipresent Lord who watches over every step you take and rewards you for your good deeds, however small they may be. Many decades ago my parents insisted that my sisters and I join the ‘Sai Balvikas’ classes at the Sri Satya Sai Samithi at Shillong, and we did. We attended classes every Saturday afternoon and were taught moral stories, Bhajans and Stotras from scriptures and most of all we were taught to lead a virtuous life facing the odds of a complex world much like the Moral Science classes in our Convent School. As the days went by, I passed all the examinations in the State and National level qualifying for a Diploma in Sai Balvikas. That was a reward in itself. Over the years I have tried to follow the principles in my professional and personal life. To my utter surprise I was informed that I had been selected for a National level


BV student Pahi from Guwahati Assam. Poetic verses written by Akshat Anurag Kashyap— a BV Student from Santipur Unit II Guwahati Assam. This boy prompted to class V on April. 1st poem was written during last part of February when he was in class IV And the 2nd poem is written during middle part of April ie now he is in class V.


07 May 2020: State President Report-07 May 2020

Week long programme by Karimganj Samithi, Zone-3 Assam. Language Bangla. 

Easwaramma Day-Week Long Celebrations-Report in Bangla

দিব্যমাতা ঈশ্বরাম্মা — শ্রীমতি বন্দনা দাস, শিলচর।-

(Divyamata Easwaramma – Mrs. Bandana Das, Silchar)

ঈশ্বরাম্মা ও বালবিকাশ (Easwaramma & Balvikas) Shib Shankar Dutta, District Vice President Karimganj



News Coverage:





06 May 2020: State President Report-Easwaramma Day

With the blessings of Bhagawan Baba, several online programs have been conducted in several Samithis on this ocassion of Easwaramma Day -6th May 2020. A detailed report has been attched issued by the State President Sri Satyen Sarma. A Pledge has been taken by the Balvikas students and the Gurus. 

Pledge Audio Link:

(Shillong: Easwaramma Day Pledge for Children Shillong Sai Samithi by Indrani Bhuyan Balvikas Guru)


03 May 2020  — Dibrugarh-State President Report

02 May 2020

With Bhagawan Baba’s blessings NE states continued helping the poor people and elgible people with Food packets and the Amrutha Kalash. The following quantities as on 01 May 2020

Total Amrutha Kalash Given: 1009

Food Packets Distributed: 905

Face Masks: 168


01 May 2020

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Assam, and Sri Sathya Sai Trust Assam, through Sathya Sai Samithi Guwahati organised a unique program today. Today, we prepared lunch for Narayan (economically marginalised people) and handed it over to the Assam Police department headed by Inspector Harmohan Kalita, SB HQ… Read full report in the PDF file attached…. which includes service done by Dibrugarh Samithi also……

State President Report-1st May Services

Sai-Assam News

30 April 2020

State President Report: 30 April 2020-Services During COVID-19-Guwahati-Assam


28 – 29 April 2020:  Services to help the COVID crisis.

The director of the Bhubaneswar Barooah Cancer hospital Dr. Amal Kataky received the relief materials to distribute amongst the attendees of the patients and doctors, nurse and on duty staff were served lunch packets which included rice, dal, mixed vegetables, pickle, green chillies, lemon and payasam, and one 500ml mineral water bottle. Total number of packets served was 220. 160 patients attendees and 60 hospital staff. 

On 28 April 100 packets to the superintendent of Mohendra Mohan Choudhury (MMC) hospital. The DGP requested Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organsation to provide 200 packets of lunch for on duty police officers acting on roads of the central zone. 

29 April 2020: Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samthi Guwahati distributed 220 packes in cancer hospital to the Doctors nurse , other supporting staff and the patient attendants. The packets were handed over to Dr. Amal Kotoky Director of cancer hospital by Satyen Sarma President of SSSSO of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal pradesh and to Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Borthakur by Dr. Gakul Das, trustee,Sathya sai trust North East .

28 April 2020: Sri Sathya Sai Seva organisation ( SSSSO) , Guwhati samithi has distributed more than 100 food pakets to the Doctors, nurses and other workers engaged in the MMC Hospital, Panbazar on 28th of March 2020.

Loving Sairam! Services during COVID-19 -news coverage 

শ্ৰীসত্যসাই সেৱা সংগঠনৰ বিশেষ পদক্ষেপ, জৰুৰীকালীন সেৱাত জড়িতসকলক খাদ্য বিতৰণ জানবজাৰত স্বাস্থ্য সন্মতভাৱে প্ৰস্তুত কৰা হৈছে আহাৰ আজি MMCHত বিতৰণ কৰিব আহাৰ, শতাধিক চিকিত্সাকৰ্মীক বিতৰণ কৰিব আহাৰ

Special initiative of Sri Satyasai Seva Sangathan, Distribution of food to those involved in emergency services, The food is prepared in a healthy manner in the upstream market, Meals to be distributed at MMCH today, Food to be distributed by hundreds of medical personnel

24 April 2020 -Aradhana Diwas Day

Naharlagun Samithi Assam: Arunachal and Meghalaya,the Naharlagun Samithi distributed Amruta Kalasham to the daily wages earner families within the jurisdiction during this crucial timing of nationwide lock down on 24/04/2020. The items were distributed with the help of 10 Mahila Sevadal Members and 5 Gents Sevadal Members.

Jorhat Samithi: Jorhat Samithi along with their  permitted a few  sevadol performed NARAYAN SEVA on 24 th April among attendents (near about 230 ) of general patients in the medical college hospital campus of Jorhat, Assam as a mark of ARADHANA  DIVAS. Sevadol of Sathy Sai Organization has shared divine love with all workers of the hospital for their discipline manner and pleasent personality.  Society also offered tea and snacks to medical workers, doctors,and security staffs. 50 engaged in COVID-19 patients for ten days which started from 21th April

Dibrugarh Samithi:  In commenration of Aradhana Diwas and due to out break of Covid 19 disease Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Dibrugarh distributed  Amrit Kalasam to the 87 very poor and needy families of Jokai Nadir kinar Nigam Gaon containing these items –Rice 4 kg, Daal 1 kg, Potato 1.5 kg, M. oil 1 ltr., Salt 1 kg, Haldi 1 pkts. Biscuit 1 pkt & soap 1 pc.

The programme started at 8.30 am. with om Karam & Sai Gayatri. Altogether 9 Seva dal members participated in the programme. All the villagers who came to collect the Amrit Kalasam were asked to sanitize their hands and maintained specific social distance. It was the first phase of distribution of Amrit Kalasam, 2nd phase is planned for Sunday 26/04/2020.

-Convenor,  Sri Sathya Sai Samithi, Dibrugarh. Assam

The Spirit & the Enthusiasm of Sevadal: 

The enthusiasm of the sevadal members of Dibrugarh seva samithi could not be dampened due to heavy incessant rain and dilapidate condition of the road that leads to our adopted village for distribution of Amrit Kalasam  in connection with the Maha Samadhi day program. The Superintendent of Police, Dibrugarh has taken initiative and made all arrangements and give necessary instructions for smooth operation of the program.

Dist. Lakhimpur Sai Ram During Lockdown Food kits have been distributed supporting the economical weaker section under Zone 2 Assam on 24th April 2020.

23 April 2020


The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Guwahati Samithi  have distributed relief materials  to 170 families of Umsru, Rajapara and kathalguri( Umsru – 110 nos, Rajapara – 44 and Kathalguri – 16 nos) villages under Palashbari police station, District KAMRUP, ASSAM on 23rd April 2020. The villages are about 40 km far from LGBI Airport towards southern Assam Meghalaya Broder mainly Rabha tribal community live there. Besides Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization ,Guwahati, a team of Assam Police  assist the relief program.

23rd April relief – SSSSO, Guwahati


Shillong Report: The Shillong Sai Samithi had distributed the groceries items as mentioned below during the onset of 21 days locked-down. The planning was made that the Samithi distributes in Prasanthi Sadhana Nilayam, Laitumkhrah Shillongand the groceries bag consisting of following items:

Rice – 5kg, Dal – 1kg, Sugar – 1kg, Salt – 1kg, Mustard Oil – ½ Ltr, Potato – 1kg, HD Soap – 2Pcs

The detailed report has been attached here:  Report of Service from Shillong Sai Samithi-23-04-2020



22 April 2020

On 22nd April, Sri Sathya Sai SevaSamithi, Dhubri distributed dry food to the needy people maintaing peoper protection . About 90 families received  the food bag.

Letter to DGP Assam

Shillong -Red Zone: We too have Distributed in intermittent occasions earlier when things were not serious here in Shillong but as the pandemic spread is serious now here so avoiding any form of service and also not published whatever activities done. We have came across one news for Not to do any activity of such nature. So we discussed with DC office but as Shillong is considered red zone we are not allowed. We are trying to get the approval again. I am called by Dalmoti ji and I have asked her not to do any activity without approval from DC that we are trying to get. We will keep you posted and on getting the approval we will inform the activities made and shall be doing.- Hemango Kishore Dutta, Meghalaya

A Balvikas student Of Group ll -name —Nistajita Barua from the centre Santipur Unit II, Guwahati, Assam. Voice— lyrics – composed —- By Nistajita Barua.


21 April 2020

Relief Camp by Diphu District

Conducted a relief camp at khuticoloney and distributed rice,pulses,salt to needy poor villagers on 21st of April 2020. Almost 23 households were benefited by the distribution.  Diphu, autonomous district council. Hilly terrain, because of the rain they have conducted the relief camp as a symbolic gesture.

Dr Rupak Kataki, DP, Diphu, Assam

20 April 2020


With the blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi,  Darmikhal of Cachar district under Zone III,  Assam distributed 35 numbers of  Amrit Kalasham on 20 April 2020 amongst the needy families at Darmikhal village and its adjoining areas in connection with Aradhana Mahotsavam. Total 9 numbers of Sevadal were present in today’s programme. Each packet contains :-

1) Mustard Oil-500 ml, 2) Potato-1 kg. 3) Dal-500 gms. 4) Sugar-500 gms. 5) Salt-1 kg6) Tea-100 gms.7) Soap-1pc8) Biscuit- pkt.9) Brown Chickpeas-250 gms

-Satyen Sharma SP Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh 

18 April 2020

Name of Balvikas student-Rishiraj Nath, Center- Prince of Wales Jorhat, Assam, Performing  song about Environment which was composed by himself.

14 April 2020

Guwahati Samithi, Kamrup (M) District

Total number of masks distributed from Gandhi basti, Sai Madhuram and individual distribution from Mrs. Banalata Das, Mrs. Pegu, Mrs. Biju Bora, Elie Changkakoti and Mrs. Kalyani Das-190. Many of the masks are still in the process of stitching.

-Reported by Satyen Sharma

SP Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh

10 April 2020


Updated 5 April 2020

Covid-19 videos (small children)

The following small video clips were shared by Sri Satyen Sharma, State President, Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh on 04th April 2020.

To blanket this world with protection against the Coronavirus, this Lamp (diya) was lit today in Sai Madhuram. This will continue till the fear in our hearts doesn’t burn out. All of us will pray to Baba for the safety of humanity.

Jai SaiRam

To blanket this world with protection against the Coronavirus, this Lamp (diya) was lit today in Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Nilayam, Joorpukhri. This will continue till the fear in our hearts doesn’t burn out. All of us will pray to Baba for the safety of humanity.

Updated on 28-03-2020

Assam Tribune today (28-03-2020), Purvanchal Prahori today, Dainik Asom

An amount of Rs 20,000 donated

Sharing Love with Disabled Children-Silchar-Assam


Loving Sairam!

With Bhagawan Baba’s blessings and the inspiration from the State President, Assam, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Silchar organised a programme of Sharing Love with the multiple disabled children inmates of Era Amader (N.G.O.) of Panchayat Road, Silchar on 28-02-2020. In this service, two bags of Rice, Dal, sweets etc were distributed amongst the inmates. A portrait of Bhagawan Baba was also installed. A brief Bhajan session was also arranged in the occasion.   The total programme ended with Mangal Arati and distribution of Bibhuti and other prasadam.

Total number of Sevadal present: 14 (Male 9 & Female 5).

(Shared by Sri Satyen Sharma-SP)

-Jai Sairam

Free Diabetic & Blood Grouping Camp-Cachar & Dima Hasao Districts-Assam-04-01-2020

Loving Sairam! Free Diabetic camp has been conducted by Zone-III of Assam state on 4th Jan 2020 at Sri Sri Jaganath Bari, Halflong, Dima Hasao benefitting

  1. 48 people have availed the Diabetic Camp
  2. 22 People have benefitted with Blood grouping
  3. 28 Sevadal have participated and both the patients and the Sevadal have received Bhagawan Baba’s blessings.

Program Highlights  The Sevadal from all the centres of Zone – III  namely Silchar Samithi, Darmikhal Samithi, Karimganj Samithi and Bhubrighat Bhajan Mandali participated in the camp. One hour Bhajan was also conducted at the same venue in the evening followed by Mangala Arati and distribution of Vibuthi prasadam amongst all. Few words from the holy book of Geeta was also delivered which marked the end of the program at Halflong, Dima Hasao. A video show on the activities of Sai organisation was also shown.

Seva at Guwahati Railway Station-26-10-2019:

Narayan Seva has been done at Guwahati Railway Station Campus to about 200 poor people on 26-10-2019. Sevadal Participated Seven (7 -Gents 3 & Ladies 4)

Cleanliness Programme by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi-Guwahati-Assam-18th Oct 2019

Narayana Seva at Guwahati Railway Station-26-09-2019

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Guwahati -NARAYAN SEVA

At Guwahati Railway station organised by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Guwahati today 26.09.2019. Even the police personnel on duty joined hands to distribute Prasad amongst the Narayanas.

The National Spiritual Coordinator Sri Murali Jaju’s visits

  1. Dibrugarh-3rd & 4th Sept 2019  –Report-on-the-visit-of-Sri-Murali-Jaju-to-Dibrugarh
  2. Shillong -10th & 11th Sept 2019- Report-on-Murali-Jaju-visit-Shri-Sathya-Sai-Seva-Samithi-Shillong