Narayana Seva


Narayana Seva is one of the best Seva for feeding the poor and hungry people, who have never had in their lives the joy of eating a full meal. This is not mere charity. It is offering gratitude to God for giving us chance to be of help to one’s fellow men, who are all God’s forms.

“Who is poor and who is rich. He who has much desires are poorest man, he who is content is richest man. Narayan seva is not poor feeding. When you do such a noble task, will you do it ‘poorly’ that you call it ‘poor-feeding’? Dictionary does not have a proper translation for Narayan Seva which is an opportunity to feed the Lord Himself. “

Narayana seva is feeding the hungry with reverence and humility and is the seva that is urgent today. Narayana seva; is service of God, not service of Man. Sri SathyaSai Narayana seva is being done in multiple ways depending on the need of the ‘Narayana’ or the recepients.


Sri Sathya Sai National Narayana Seva (SSSNNS)


Despite several schemes by Govt and Non-Govt organisations, we still find many people without two meals a day and hardly they get a proper food and many strive to get ends meet with their hands to mouth income. At surface things look very bright but when we get insights and make a survey in any area we find poor people and they lack basic amenities. Here comes the role of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and its volunteers who always look for service opportunities in their vicinity and Sri Sathya Sai National Narayana Seva is a wonderful and most desirable seva and it directly helps the poor and the beaming smiles on the faces would say it all.


Sri Sathya Sai Amrutha Kalashams


Sri Sathya Sai Amrutha Kalasham is a unique way of providing monthly ration to poor people in remote localities of towns and villages. Initially a survey is conducted by volunteers of SSSSO to identify people or families having very low income and struggling to earn their livelihood. A monthly package of Rice, Dhal, Cooking oil, turmeric, chillies, jaggery/sugar, soaps, tooth paste etc. sufficient for 2-3 persons is handed over to them at their door step. Sometimes, the recipients are brought to the Sathya Sai Mandirs, where the Amrutha Kalashams are distributed by invited guests. This is an ongoing activity undertaken by many of the Seva Samithis in the states, thousands of Amrutha Kalashams are distributed by members of the Organization every month. Devotees and Sevadal who participates in this service activity experience bliss of Swami and derive immense satisfaction and are often seen to encourage others also to take part.


Sri SathyaSai General Narayana Seva


Feeding the hungry, and serving the food to the needy persons on all occasions like Bhagawan’s birthday, Aardhana mahotsav day, Gurupoornima Day, all festivals in Sathya Sai Mandirs, Public places -temples, railway stations, bus stations etc.


Cooked Food Distribution


Annam Brahma – Food is God and hence it must be shared with one and all. It is essential to humanity that everyone has food to eat. Swami says that no person must sleep on an empty stomach. Feeding the hungry is offering naivedyam to God, who is present in all.

In some cases where beneficiaries cannot cook because of age and ill-health Sathya Sai Samithi arranges cooked food on daily basis and in some areas beneficiaries come daily to the Samithi and eat lunch and take away the dinner in their tiffin boxes supplied by the Samithi. This is more divine and involves considerable time sparing by the Organisers. As part of the activity of Narayan Seva, food is prepared, packed and served with utmost love and devotion. This happens as a regular feature in most of the Samithis across the nation.


Food Distribution in Government Hospitals

In Government hospitals, food is served to those admitted in the hospital as in-patients. The patients who visit Government hospitals in India are poor and the attendants who accompany them must wait in the hospital for the treatment for long time. SSSSO always looks for service opportunities for the needy, initiated the scheme to supply free food (Narayana seva) to the attendants twice daily in the selected hospitals. SSSS Samithis take complete responsibility to prepare food, serving and cleaning the premises with utmost love and care. A corpus is created for this scheme to enable this service to continue forever.

This is a blessing to members of SSSSO by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to start this service and the uniqueness of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation is that it does not differentiate people based on religion, caste and colour. Most important factor to observe that the members of the Organisation never expect anything from the beneficiaries and they only advise them to be good and pray God of their choice and beneficiaries include members from all the major religions and thus truly this is a National Service. This can become a role model to the entire Nation.