Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations ~ Jammu & Kashmir

On Sunday, 1st  July 2018, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Jammu & Kashmir (SSSSO J&K) conducted Special Narayana Seva from 8 am to 8.30 pm for the pilgrims proceeding to Sri Amar Nath Cave in Kashmir for darshan of the ice-lingam.  This seva was done in collaboration with Vishal Bhandara Baba Barfani Seva Samithi Pacca Danga Jammu, in the free  Langer (free food distribution) shed set up near Baba Amar Nath Ji Yatra  Base Camp, Bhagwati Nagar Jammu.


These yatris (pilgrims) before commencement of onward journey to Kashmir  have to report at the Amar Nath Ji Yatra Base Camp situated in Bhagwati  Nagar Jammu set up by the Government, Here registration and verification is done for all of them. Additionally, they also provide security to these pilgrim buses for to and fro journey and ensuring safety of all the pilgrims. Hence, most of the yatris halt in Jammu for completion of all such formalities.


On 1st July 2018, about 600 such pilgrims were served breakfast, followed by lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with love and dedication by SSSSO Jammu & Kashmir State consisting of 12 Sevdals ( Gents) and 6 Sevadals (Mahilas) in a disciplined manner. Besides this, one hour bhajan was also conducted in the Langer Shed from 6 P.M to 7 P.M in which many pilgrims also participated and joyfully followed and sang the Sai Bhajans with utmost devotion. The Bhajan segment concluded with the offering of Managala Aarti to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba after which dinner was served to the pilgrims.

Jai Sairam


Shri ShivkumarSharma, State President, Jammu & Kashmir


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