Vaccination Drive

Loving Sairam! 24 Aug 2021: With the Divine grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the SSSSO MMR carried out a vaccination drive with the support of Gagangiri Hospitals at their adopted Adivasi villages comprising of Chinchmal, Burjwadi, Dandwadi, Nimbharwadi, Tepachiwadi and Dhangarwadi. The villages are located about 63 km from Mumbai and are inhibited by economically weaker sections who depend on daily wages for their living. The vaccination drive which benefitted about 619 villagers, was carried out following all Covid protocols. The villagers were thankful to Bhagwan and the SSSSO as they were eagerly awaiting to get vaccinated to resume their daily work. The Adivasi villagers have been out of work for almost 18 months due to the Pandemic. All the Sevadals of MMR are thankful to our dear Swami for the wonderful experience.

Ever in Sai service
Loving Sairam

Anoop Saxena
State President-MMR