The Month of Giving & Forgiving ~ 24 March to 24 April 2019 . A period of Awakening...

Worshipping the Lord using our body (patram) as the leaf , our heart ( hridaya pushpam) as the flower, surrendering the fruits of our actions (phalam) and wiping the Lotus Feet with blissful tears (toyam) is the truest form of it. To worship the Lord one need not look at the elaborate paraphernalia spread outside, few moments of looking and seeking the Lord inside would suffice. Purity of heart is the only prerequisite to make an offering to Bhagawan. When His messages are internalised and followed, purity automatically sets in.


It is now time for us to offer as flowers at His Lotus Feet, by living His messages day by day treading on the path which has already been laid by Him. Every year from 24th March till 24th April each day a Sadhana (spiritual practice) is undertaken to be followed that day.


Let us listen to the Awakening call from the All India President of SSSSO, India- Sri. Nimish Pandya, to celebrate the month of “Giving and Forgiving” and express our love to Bhagawan. To learn to give and forgive is the very basis of human life. To give back to the entire creation of God what we receive and to share love with the fellow human beings, without any hatred. All glory to our dear Swami who kindles our being to wake up to this time-period which is to dawn upon us as the Awakening Month.


May we pray to dear Bhagawan to guide us on His path enabling us to become worthy flowers in His Garden to reach His Lotus Feet. Each calendar day has a specific task for the day to be followed with love for Bhagawan. A wonderful opportunity for every Sai devotee to take up this Sadhana , follow it earnestly and offer it at the divine Lotus Feet . Baba has always said,” Take one step towards Me, I will take hundred towards you”. So isn’t that easy, just a tiny step forward to make a leap closer to the Lord. To realise that beauty of Oneness, which is the ultimate goal of human birth, is facilitated by fragmenting one big step into tiny little steps in this month long spiritual practice. Let’s get started with prayers and devotion to our beloved Swami and with the fullest commitment which are eventually to become our way of life.