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Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi


On the Kerala New Year ‘Vishu’ day Minister KT Jaleel was present at PrasanthiNilayam in Puttaparthi. Minister for Local Self Governments and Welfare of Minorities, KT Jaleel in his speech said that it is important to grow beyond narrow religious understanding and to embrace ‘Unity In Diversity’ in its true spirit. He added that religion is not for religious people, but for everyone and India has always embraced multi-religious faiths. He reminded that man becomes a true human when he understands that every path leads to the same destination

Not concealing his feeling for Puttaparthi, being the place that is hosting a ‘cash-less counter’ hospital aimed at public welfare, he hoped that his state of Kerala will also have the same facility one day.


institutions around Puttaparthi.





Puttaparthy is a village in the Andhra Pradesh, which is close to Karnataka. This village is world famous through the compassionate and loving activities of Sai Baba and it shines as a strong support to the diseased and the destitute, even after the death of Sai Baba. Through a glance of the surroundings, everyone will be convinced that this is a place where people come together without any distinctions of Religion, Caste, Country, Language and Creed. If you ask for the place where love, tolerance, heritage and tradition of India exist in tact, the answer is this Village which has the characteristics of a township.


People of different religions, caste and countries had filled the prayer hall near the Samadhi of Sai Baba when I reached there to participate in the SNEHA SAMGAMAM organized in connection with Vishu by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala. I was invited to speak after the evening prayers, which conformed to strict time schedule, were over. I shared with the assembly the polyphony (difference of opinion), religious harmony, and the challenges against them in the present day context. So far as I am concerned, I felt that I was participating in a World Religious Conference. One can understand the religion of Sai Baba from the words ‘WORK IS WORSHIP, DUTY IS GOD” inscribed there. After going round all places, I had dinner at the Ashram Canteen and went to sleep. The self-discipline, cleanliness and self-control of the thousands who come to the Ashram daily, were unbelievable.


I reached the long cherished Super Speciality Hospital at 10 A.M. Everywhere the atmosphere was of a temple of worship. The uniqueness of this reputed Hospital is that it is the first of its kind in our country where treatment is free and there is no cash counter to pay bills. Under the auspices of Sai Baba two more Hospitals were started at Bangalore. It seems that the majority of the patients who come to this Hospital, which resembles the Buckingham Palace, is from Andhra Pradesh, secondly from Bengal, thirdly from Kerala and then from Orissa. Dr. Guru Murthy took me to all places. I got acquainted with Dr. Ramanatha Iyer, a Malayalee, of the Cardiology Department. He was very busy in his intense efforts to save the life of Nafsa, four months old, daughter of Naushad and Saleena of Tirur, Kerala. All the faces I saw in the wards radiated the light of expectations. Sheik Sabjan from Chittur, who wore a cap and had white beard, had thousand tongues when he narrated about Abdul Vahid, his grandson. Two Doctors had opined that his feet had to be removed surgically. Dr. Murthy through his expert plastic surgery cured him, free of any cost. Sangeetha Bahan, who came alone from Orissa with her younger brother, who had a hole in the heart by birth, could not even speak choked by happiness. How many such heart moving scenes! I felt leaving the hospital only after donating a bottle of blood. On return my mind murmured that in our place the need is not for temples of worship, but hospitals having no cash counters.


Time is 12.30. I went straight to the Mosque built by Sai Baba in 1974 for the Muslims of Puttaparthy. There were five or six Sai devotees with me. The Mukhri, Abdul Bakash, was ready to give Luhar Bunk. As the outside was very hot, I invited those who accompanied me, into the Mosque. They took seats at the back. It is for the first time that they entered a Mosque and observed Namas. Munna,the tea vendor near the Ashram certified that the Muslims were safe in the land of Sai Baba. I have no doubt that Puttarparthy will instill love, humanness and compassion in the hearts of all who come there. Nobody can leave Puttaparthy without the desire of coming again. There is so much of compassion in that atmosphere.


 – Dr. K.T. Jaleel

Jai Sairam.



Report by Prof. E Mukundan, State President – Kerala.

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