If women are given due recognition they will shine with brilliance in all fields and will serve the house, country, and the entire world gloriously, contributing to the welfare of the entire humanity.

Women have proved throughout the centuries in Indian History that they have the courage, the vision, and the intelligence needed to dive into the depths of spiritual science and discipline.  “- Baba

Women are embodiments of selfless love, tenderness, kindness, especially self- sacrifice, selflessly serving their family as well as others’ needs. Women are the heirs of our ancient culture. These hidden powers have the capacity to transform not only their homes, but their work environments and the wider community.

 Swami lovingly blessed Mahilas with many challenging opportunities and responsibilities in Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations at national and International level. Mahilas form an integral part of SSSSO.  They are powerful and sometimes silent torch bearers of Bhagwan’s mission of ‘Love All Serve All’.

Bhagawan has consistently given importance to Motherhood and Motherland. It was the ‘Three Desires’ of Mother Easwaramma which today has blossomed into three major wings of the SSSSO – The Education, Spiritual  and Socio care (Healthcare, Water projects and so on). So again it is the ‘Selfless desire; of the Mother which has given guidelines for the SSSSO.

The gifts that God has given to women in SSSSOI are majestic. They are given a place of nobility in the House of the Lord. This is an honor far beyond any material accomplishments or possessions.

Women in Education Wing

The Sri Sathya Sai BalVikas Program has been founded by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to enable a world-wide renewal of individual commitment to an active moral life. Bhagawan Baba says: “You must study to become steady”.

Bhagawan Baba has often emphasized that the purpose of education is to inculcate virtues and character in every individual. He says, “The end of education is character.” Women being Balvikas Guru should focus on bringing intrinsic information within each child.

Balvikas is the seed and foundation for all other wings of SSSSO.  Swami said ‘Balvikas is my right hand’ and ‘Any Mother is a Balvikas Guru’. He has given special rights to Women and Mothers to be Balvikas Gurus, thereby laying the foundation for a Value based Society. These Mahilas are the pillars of Balvikas wing and hence SSSSO, taking the Divine Mission forward with dedication and sincerity. Mahilas are endowed with the Divine gift of patience and forbearance and emotional strength. They pass on these values to the children by being role models.

Through the judicious use of simple teaching techniques such as: Prayer, Group Singing, Meditation, Story Telling and Group Activities, the Balvikas Gurus encourage the children to become conscious about the latent potential within and orient their lives on the trajectory of human excellence. Gurus should also help children to practice the basic human values, namely, Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa.

Women in Spiritual Wing

Spiritual wing helps nurture the inner self of all members. This is done through group activities such as Veda chanting, devotional singing, study circles, public lectures, seminars and meditation where women play a vital role. Women also preach and teach Jyothi Meditation for the members, which is considered the foremost spiritual discipline geared towards gaining inner peace.

The foundation to Global AkhandBhajans was also laid out by the Mahilas. The 24 hour bhajan sessions were started by a small group of Mahilas (Smt. Kamala Padmanabhan and co) which grew into Global level.

Women in Service wing

Bhagawan in every message and discourse has conveyed the importance of serving others, expressing the joy and happiness that one derives through the act of serving others. Women play a crucial role through the service. Bhagwan empowered women by giving them the confidence to move forward, in turn, they gained the ability to assert themselves in offering selfless service. Women are part of all the service activities of Sri Satya Sai Seva organization where they are offering from the depth of their hearts.

Swami said ‘Mahilas are like Mother Annapoorna’, the Goddess of Food.  The Mahilas contribution in Narayan Seva is significant as they carry out the Cooking and Cleaning activities.  The Narayana seva activities in various forms and means are carried out regularly in all Samithis and BhajanMandalis by Mahilas with pure love and care.

Vocational training in many States are carried out by the Mahila wing where they train needy Mahilas on tailoring skills, Computer skills, Arts and Crafts empowering them economically. Emphasis has been given to the Mother and Child Programme too in every state. And the Service activities where mahilas actively involve include organizing medical check-up camps, adoption of under-developed villages for accelerating rural development, blood donation, old age homes, etc.

Mahilas participate in large numbers in the PrashanthiSeva, sometimes outnumbering the Gents counterparts. As a part of service, women serve as chef at kitchen, they are care takers of patients at hospital, they become security at PrashanthiMandir  to guide devotees and so on, it is selfless service done with high discipline, and love.

Today some of the wishes and dreams of Mother Easwarmma are being realized through the ‘Easwarmma Welfare Trust’ which empowers Women through Vocational Trainings and Self- employment skills.  The trust also runs Mobile hospital care for rural women and children.

Swami established Schools and Colleges for girl students to encourage them to progress in their chosen field. Swami says to young mahilas ”Be modern in Education but follow the tradition”.

Women in IT wing

SSSSO started using information Technology (IT) extensively at the various wings of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization. The communication has become part of everyone’s life and to effectively implement the IT products at all levels right from National teams to Samithi/Bhajanamandali members, it has been decided to expand and strengthen Mahila IT wing activities at State and District level. The uniqueness of this service is that, it allows Mahilas to work from home on various IT initiatives taken by SSSSOI.

IT Mahilasstarted rendering their seva in IT wing of SSSSO since July 2016. For the first time the entire Mahila conference program held in Sep 2016, was registered using the SAIONE online tool. Every person registered here is given the Sainet ID. Close to 4000 mahilas could do this across the country irrespective of their knowledge on computer. All India mahila convention is yet another beautiful opportunity for mahila IT team to come together and discover the ways and means to expand IT activities in SSSSO.

Women in Disaster Management

With the Bhagawans blessings, Disaster Management became a National Initiative of SSSSOI. Three stage action plan was adopted in various states for training SSSSO members, SSSSVIP youth and college students. The purpose of this training is to keep a force ready for an eventuality of natural calamities, accidents and other emergencies which may occur without any notice.

Swami says, “Do not restrict your service within certain limits. Look for chances to relieve, rescue or resuscitate. Train yourselves so that you may render help quickly and well”

Disaster Management trained Mahila volunteers actively participated in many relief works and extended all possible service to the victims.

Mahila Day (19th of Nov)

Bhagavan has initiated several programmes for the education and welfare of women thereby underlining the importance of their role in society and building virtues in the nation.

Swami blesses Mahilas to observe 19th November as Mahila day to spend their valuable time in a sacred manner. Most of the Samithis across the nation observe “Mahila Day” on 19th of every month by conducting various spiritual, education and social service activities.

Mahila Conference

The first All India Mahila Conference was held in Prashanthi  Nilayam on 24th and 25th Sep 2016. Over 4,000 women delegates across India participated in this unique 2 day significant event. The event with the theme ‘Women – the foundation of a value based Society’ was aimed to synchronize the work done by women all over India and give them a new direction for the future.

The event provided a single platform for women delegates to share their valuable experience gained in their respective States/Districts. An exhibition was also conducted to showcase handicrafts made and activities undertaken by women across India.

The Mahila conference held in Sep-2016, proved the intellectual, Spiritual and Organizing capabilities of Mahila wing of SSSSOI.