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Through sevā sādhanā (discipline of selfless service) Hanuman attained identity with Rama, as the river attains identity with the sea. Arjuna too considered every act as sādhanā to attain the grace of Krishna, for Krishna directed him to fight on, ever keeping Him in memory “Māmanusmara yuddhyacha ”. You too should keep God ever in your mind as the pacesetter, whether you are serving patients in hospitals or cleaning a drain in the bazaar. That is the tapas (penance). That is the highest form of sādhanā (spiritual discipline). More than listening to a hundred lectures or delivering them to others, offering one act of genuine sevā (selfless service) attracts the grace of God – Sri Sathya Sai 15.31: November 19, 1981

 As part of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyothi project, the Youth Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Kanchipuram North district, Tamil Nadu has taken up lavatory cleaning activity at the Panchayat Middle School, Ottiyambakkam.

Every week youth from various Samithis in the district offer this seva in a highly dedicated and loving manner. The lavatories used by the school children which looked nasty due to improper maintenance is completely cleaned, washed with disinfectants thoroughly, made hygienic and fit for use by the children. This selfless and pure seva rendered by our youth is well appreciated by the school authorities and locals. The commitment and devotion of the youth in undertaking this activity shows their impeccable love for Swami to do any level of work when commanded by the Lord.



Shri Venugopal Jayaraman, District President, Kanchipuram North District, Tamil Nadu

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