In today’s world, Information technology has removed the physical barriers between nations and connected them through their shared ideas and opportunities. The advent of social media has made interactions easy and all other social networking sites has drawn culturally different people to communicate with one another. People on the social media are now becoming ‘global’ citizens!  Communication has become an easier, cheaper, and faster system with the help of information technology!

As a global worldwide organization, SSSSO is no exception to communication. With the extensive use of Information Technology (I T) at the various wings of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, it was decided to expand and strengthen the IT Wing activities at State & District level.  With the blessings of our Beloved Bhagawan, an I T Wing was formed in September 2015.  Subsequently in July 2016 Mahilas I T Wing was formed to strengthen the Mahila activities across the Nation. To spread awareness of all the National level activities of the Organization across the Nation and to bridge the gap in communication (bi-direction) linking all organization related activities so they reach the last member of the Organization. 

To effectively implement IT products (National website / SaiOne App) at all levels from the National teams to Bhajana Mandalis since communication has become very essential on a daily basis.

Provide required IT support to State Office Bearers of all the Wings to share their information with all others in the organization

Constant enhancement & improvement of the available IT Solutions – our website and SaiOne App for effective communication across the organization

To identify Gents / Mahilas with IT exposure to support the development activities at the National & State level



Spreading Sai Love using Cloud Computing
Our website is hosted on AWS platform and based on WordPress template.
Cloud Computing for SSSO
Centralised administration, maintenance and management of services


We are using best practices in infrastructure provisioning and development.

  • All our software run on latest release or packages.
  • Store documents and reports that can be provisioned from central place

SaiOne Official App of SSSSO India –

Saione App is a mobile application developed by IT wing of  SSSSO, India to create a very effective medium of communication between the office bearers and world as an Organisation. So that Swami’s teachings/messages reach out to every soul far wide in every nook and corner of the Organization to transform themselves to transform the world.

It gives immense joy that this Divine App SaiOne, was blessed by  Swami when He was in physical form

Every person registered here is given the Sainet ID. Sainet ID is a Unique Identification number given to registered members of the Organisation across pan India.  

The registered members / Office bearers are approved by the respective District President and post approval they are eligible for a National Id card of SSSSO. As of today we have completed issuing National Id cards up to the level of Samithi Convenors.

Members can register in SaiOne from the following links:

Android Apps on Google Play Store

Saione on the iTunes App Store

Other websites Linked to National Website
(Admin Portal – This is a portal for the Office bearers of SSSSO) (our National Website) (National Balvikas website) (Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Centers) (Sri Sathya Sai Medicare – under construction)

WWW.SSSVIP.ORG (Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme – under construction)

Resources (The source to reach our Source)

We have Sai Volunteers, a Virtual team, spread across the globe and across all States of India. The National and State IT Team is a bunch of professionals with the right attitude and Love for Swami who are the architects for building the digital heritage of the Master.

Calling all those who are interested and available (availability – most important qualification) in rendering service for the IT Wing . Kindly submit the attached form to become a part of His Mission!