Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation – Maharashtra & Goa

Visit of All India President to Goa-12th to 15th Jan 2018

12-01-2018: Arrival


All India President (AIP) of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, India Shri Nimish Pandya arrived at Goa along with his wife Mrs. Kamala Pandya, National Mahila Coordinator for a two day visit. He was welcomed by State Vice President Shri Prakash Dharvatker, State Spiritual co-coordinator Mrs. ShailajaDharvatker, Convener and devotees of Vasco Samithi.

After lunch at Navy Officers Mess they were taken to Navy boat club. The All India president and Mrs. Kamala were treated to exciting boat and raft rides at the sea. All India President also tried an adventurous jet-ski ride.

Day 1, 13-01-2018:

Visit to the proposed site of Margao center

This land is being donated by a land owner in Margao to SSSSO Goa for developing a Sai center. AIP approved the site.

Visit to Chicalim Government Hospital, Vasco

The first engagement of AIP was visit to government hospital at Chicalim. He was accompanied by the State President, all the 3 Vice Presidents, State Spiritual Coordinator and devotees from Goa.

They were given a warm by the staff of the hospital. AIP offered Aarti to Bhagawan and then visited the different wards of the hospital. Fruits were distributed to the patients by Nimishji, Kamlaji and others. They also offered baby kits to new born babies. Both of them showed great interest and viewed the contents of the kit. This seva is being offered by Vasco samithi on regular basis for last several years.

Visit to Old Age Home, Bogmalo

On the 2nd league of his visit AIP was taken to the old age home at Bogmalo, where they met the inmates and enquired about the health. There were some very emotional moments. Birthday was celebrated for 1 of the inmate named Veronica by cutting the birthday cake.

Heath check-up camp by the SSSSO Medicare team was also in progress while AIP and team were interacting with the inmates.

One memorable moment was when one lady exhibited to AIP and his team the decorative cards that were being made by her. When appreciated by AIP she said, “Doing this is better than gossiping”.

Public Address – RavindraBhavan, Vasco

The main program of public reception of AIP, was held at the magnificent RavindraBhavan  at Vasco.  After initial welcome by Balvikas children and traditional welcome by Mahilas, the AIP and his team were escorted to the dais for lighting of the lamp amidst chanting of veda. A video show presenting activities undertaken in Goa district was presented to the audience.

Shri Prakash Dharvatker, State Vice President of SSSSO, Maharashtra and Goa welcomed all and gave a brief introduction of the dignitaries. Mrs. Kamala Pandya was invited to speak on the occasion. She spoke about participation of mahilas in swami’s work for self-realization.  After this the AIP in his keynote address mesmerized the audience.

All India President Sri Nimish Pandya’s Speech:

Full length Video Coverage:

After Aarti the AIP interacted with the invitees, which included Shri Milind Naik, MLA of Vasco constituency.

Day 2, 14-01-2018

State level District Youth coordinators Meet, Gudi-Paroda

This auspicious day of Makar Sankranti started with Maharashtra & Goa district youth Coordinators meet at serene and beautiful location at Shri ShantadurgaChamundeshvari temple at Gudi, Paroda.

Approximately over 100 youth participated in the event. State youth coordinators Brother Dharmesh Vaidya and Sister GayatriPatil, welcomed the guests. Youth coordinators from each zone of Maharashtra & Goa presented the report of the youth activities conducted in their respective areas.All the reports were the testimony of the dedication & commitment of the Sai Youth and the presentations were equally inspiring.

After the presentations, State President Shri Ramesh Sawant addressed the youth on importance of brotherhood and unity among the youth.The highlight of the event was AIP Shri Nimish Pandya’s message to the youth.In his powerful address AIP explained what is expected of Sai youth and how they should proceed on the path shown by Swami.The 3 key points of his address revolved around the management of time, thoughts & breath, which when achieved will lead one to the highway of divinity. Then, Smt. Kamala Pandya concluded the event by delivering an important message to the mahila youth.

Inauguration of Sathya Sai GrameenSeva Kendra, Xeldem

The grand finale of AIP’s visit to Goa was theInauguration of the Sri Sathya Sai GrameenSeva Kendra at Xeldem. AIP and the team were taken in grand procession which included Swami’s Palki & Rath, Veda chanting group, Dindi Group to the beat of traditional Dhol and Tasha.

They were given reception in traditional way with Lamps and Arati by married women at the compound gate. The unique blessing that this Kendra has is that the foundation stone was laid by the then AIP Shri V. Shrinivasan and now was being inaugurated at the hands of our present AIP Shri Nimish Pandya. Nimishji then unveiled both the stone plaques having these historic archives. Amidst the chanting of Vedas and Sai Gayatri , AIP along with Smt.Kamala opened the doors of the Kendra and stepped in.

With the help of the PowerPoint presentation, Shri Pradeep Chodnekar enlightened the audience with the miraculous history of this place.

Apart from the devotes and the members of the organization many other people were instrumental in fulfilling this dream hence mementos in the form of Swamis emblem on glass were presented as token of love and blessing to them.

Both VicePresidents, State President and the AIP addressed the gathering and offered their best wishes and blessings. State President then handed over the keys to the senior members of local samithi.The function concluded with Aarti and Prasad.

Day 3, 15-01-2018: Courtesy call meetings by AIP

Shri Nimish Pandya and Smt. Kamala Pandya had a meeting with the Chief Minister of Goa Shri Manohar Parrikar over breakfast. The leading industrialist of Goa, Shri ShrinivasDempo also joined this meeting. Copy of the annual report of the organisation was presented to the chief minister. They had good interaction on various topics with particular references to the seva activities of the organization.

2nd engagement was a meeting with Shri AvdhootTimblo another leading industrialist of Goa. Mr.Timblo showed lot of interest in the conversation making the meeting very lively.

The final and most important engagement of AIP was the courtesy call meeting with the governor of the Goa state Smt. Mridula Sinha at RajBhavan, Donapaula. He presented the annual report to her and enlightened her on Sai activities going on in Goa. She envisaged lot of interest in activities done by Sai youth and expressed a desire tostart a project named “SevaekAnubhooti” for all the colleges under Goa university. AIP ensured her full support and participation of Sai youth for the said project. AIP extended an invitation to the governor to visit Puttaparthi at her convenience.

Goa expresses great happiness and thanks to beloved All India President, ShriNimish Pandya and his wife Mrs. Kamala for visiting Goa and spreading fragrance of love & divinity.




Public Meeting at Vasco-Photos