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Continued Flood Relief operations: update on 10th Aug

Live Descriptions of the Events:

Loving Sairam! Sevadal came to Dhubri yesterday and reached around 2 pm. The VP, Zone-4 and DP, Dhubri came to meet me, at around 3 pm. Some local Advocates also came along. We, then, went to the office of the Additional SP, Dhubri and informed him regarding our camp. He assured us that security personnel would reach the relief camp venue, next morning, at around 9.30am.


08.08.19. – Loading of the flood relief materials started from around 5 am in the morning, and by 7:30 am, the journey to Dhubri began. Around 8 pm the DP, Dhubri informed us that the SP, Sikkim along with their Sevadal, would reach Dhubri by 8.30pm.

Few local media persons,  discussing the planning of flood relief camp, were also informed about the arrival timings of the Sikkim Sevadal group.

Dhubri Gurudwara Saheb, just next to the Circuit House Dhubri, was the distribution venue. When we all reached the site, we were confounded to see a long army convoy approaching the Gurudwara.

However, much to our relief and joy, we soon found out that it wasn’t an army convoy, but our Sikkim Sevadal convoy led by the SP, Sikkim himself..!!

It was a long line-up of 3 loaded trucks and many more vehicles full of Sevadal (Ladies /Gents). Thankfully, a huge parking space was available inside the Gurudwara to accommodate all the vehicles along with the 3 huge Punjab-body Trucks with bagfuls of relief-materials to be distributed amongst the flood victims.

We greeted all of our guest-Sevadal members (20 ladies & 37 gents) with a humble 🙏Sairam 🙏; and the DP, Dhubri served them ‘welcome drinks’.

And then, after a few minutes’ discussion with the SP, Sikkim regarding dumping of the relief materials, all the members of the Sikkim Sevadal got together to form 2 lines of human chains and started to unload from the trucks.  After their 13 hours’ journey, it was indeed unbelievable and tremendously admirable that they went about their work with smiling faces.  All the while, we heard only one word from everyone, yes only one word………


Yes! Many things to learn..!!

They are trained ‘Disaster Management Sevadal’, and they have certainly shown their capable skills.

Immediately after that, they had dinner at the ‘Langar’ ( open kitchen) of the Gurudwara.

DISCIPLINE is their Motto.

They took their much-deserved rest, after such a long journey and a busy day, only after they accomplished their task. Why they have come to Dhubri……..

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