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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation celebrated Eid-Ul-Fitr with warmth and affection along with their Muslim brethren in various mosques in Chennai. Around 100 – 120 Youth and Sevadals of Chennai Metro Region and Thiruvallur district celebrated Eid-Ul- Fitr, the most awaited festival of Muslims after a month long fasting during the Ramadhan month of Islamic Calendar.


The fasting month which is observed with prayer, charity and sacrifice of one’s comforts culminates with Eid-Ul-Fitr. On 5th June, 2019, volunteers of SSSSO India, lovingly distributed sweets, Rasna, Rosemilk, TATA Glucon drink and chocolates to around 6000 Muslim brothers and sisters in the mosques of Chennai, unmindful of the harsh weather.  In one of the mosques , the Ashok Nagar Seva Samithi, Chennai Metro West, has undertaken this Seva for the 25th year, brimming with Love to all who come to offer their prayers today.

At the famous Goripalayam Dargah of Madurai District, mats, blankets, saris and dhoties were distributed to nearly 200 Muslim brothers and sisters. After the distribution of clothes they were also warmly served with breakfast at the venue.

After the evening prayers on this day of Eid, Sevadal of Kanchi South district and various parts of Chennai distributed sweets and snacks inside the mosques of these regions. Around 180 Muslim brothers were happy to receive the blessings of Baba’s Love. In few places of Kanchi South District Sai Kit was lovingly distributed to 35 brothers, which is a kit containing Rice, Dhal and Bananas.

Serving its fellow men beyond the boundaries of religion, caste and creed and aiming to achieve its essence through Love which is the royal road to the destination “Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God” as laid down by Bhagawan Baba.

~ Jai Sairam ~

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