Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Tamilnadu

Place: Kodaikanal-Rural Vocational Training Centre

E -Tablet dedication 

With the divine grace of Bhagawan, the SSS RVTC, Kodaikanal had a memorable day. The centre after inception has seen three batches totalling to 21 students passing out. 2 of them are employed and 5 have gone for higher studies.
In order to enhance self-employment and render economic sustenance for them, 6 of the students have been assessed and provided with E-tablets that was dedicated to the centre as a learning aid. Now the students will learn various requirements through the tablets and be ready to take up the opportunity to earn after three months.

The program started with omkaram and sai Gayatri recital. The co-ordinator Sri Santha Sathish Sairam welcomed the gathering and emphasized on the need for this project. Sri Ramani sai ram encouraged the students by his motivating speech urging them to go strong with Swami’s blessings and dedicated the 6 tablets to the centre and the beneficiaries.

Sri K.M Rao national coordinator SSS RVTC threw light on how Swami has established these kind of institutes all over the country and its testimonies.

Sri Karthik sai ram elaborated on the course material and tablet usage.

Er. Selvam Sairam from TVS shared his experience

Further to which our instructor Kannan Sairam rendered the vote of thanks.

A Brief of the IT Vocational Course:

Title of Program: Employment Oriented Computer Application Training

Target Students: Women from rural Kodaikanal who may be underprivileged, has had basic education ( up to 8th Standard), unemployed and housewives of a low-income family

Mission/Goal of Program: For the above demography of students, the program strives to provide the following with an aim to help them build a career and earn a livelihood in a respectable manner:

  1. Ability to continually learn from anywhere
  1. Ability to work from anywhere
  1. Access the global market with their services
  1. Sarva Dharma Principles

Structure of the Program:

The program has two parts.

The first part is “Basic Computer Literacy Training”. This spans for 3 odd months.  It covers the following:

  1. Basic Computer hardware and software knowledge
  1. Internet Access and security
  1. Email
  1. Productivity Tools -Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel
  1. Social Media

At the end of this training, students are assessed and evaluated. The assessment helps to stream the students into two paths based on how they fare in the assessment.

One path will take the candidates who pass an assessment to the next part of the program called “Advanced IT Vocational practice training”

The other path will take the students who don’t meet the threshold to traditional vocations like tailoring where the “Basic Computer Literacy Training” continues to augment their core vocation.

The following table highlights the specifics of how “Advanced IT Vocational practice training” is organized, what vocations we are teaching, who are the mentors who will hand hold the students in their advanced vocational practice learning and the methodologies involved.

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