Place: Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh State


Updated on 14th March 2018:

Disaster Management Camp was conducted on 10th & 11th March 2018 at Police Training College in Anantapur. In this camp 352 newly recruited Sub-Inspectors undergoing training in PTC, Anantapur have participated.  Out of this 150 were Mahilas.  Apart from the above, some staff members have also attended the training.  The Principal and the trainees have profusely thanked the organisation for conducting such a wonderful training programme.  Theory classes were conducted for all the participants at one place.  While conducting practical sessions, the participants were divided into 5 teams (3 teams for Gents and 2 Teams for Mahilas).  The Mahila teams were exclusively handled by our Mahila Trainers.With the divine blessings, a Two day DM programme was successfully conducted  at Police Training College, Anantapur. State President Sri S. G. Chalam graced the occasion.


Disaster Management Training conducted on 20th and 21st Jan 2018

At Police Training College, Anantapur for 313 Sub-inspectors.

 In Nov 2017, the Police Training College (PTC), Anantapur, AP made enquiries regarding our Disaster Management (DM) Training program, its contents, methodology and duration. Initially, they wanted the training for 40 SIs. They were furbished with necessary details with a presentation on our Organisation and DM activities. This was followed up with a meeting on 30th Dec 2017 with the Principal, PTC Sri. Venkata Rama Reddy, IPS to personally explain the program and to offer necessary clarifications. He was satisfied with the program-content and requested us to conduct the program for all 313 SCTR-SI trainees first and for 350 LSI trainees later. He also requested us to subsequently conduct an Advanced DM Training for select 40 SIs who will be representing all districts of AP. The dates for the first training were fixed during the meeting and he immediately issued a request letter. We consented for the dates and confirmed the conduct of the program.

By the Grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Andhra Pradesh (SSSSO) conducted two day Disaster Management (DM) training on 20th and 21st of January 2018. This training was exclusively conducted for 313 sub-inspectors of Andhra Pradesh Police at Police Training Camp (PTC) at Anantapur, based on the standard syllabus prescribed by the Disaster Management group of SSSSO. 21 trainers from the twin States of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana including State Coordinator-DM and State Coordinator- Prashanthi Security (PS) participated. 10 Sevadals were provided by the District President of SSSSO, Anantapur for supporting the program.  PTC provided accommodation, boarding facilities and local vehicle support voluntarily and lovingly and with personal care.

Necessary preparatory exercise like arranging inflatable boat, lifebuoys, life jackets, rescue ropes, training ropes, karabiners, fire-trays, 4 common types of fire-extinguishers and five sets of extinguisher-refills, the identification/preparation of demo sites/class rooms, inflation of boat etc were carried out and completed by 19th, the previous day.  All care was taken by to conduct the program in a systematic and professional manner and all the trainers were briefed in advance about the basic discipline, protocol and procedures followed in Armed Forces. Proper dress code, appropriate lecture/ demo sequence, adherence to time-schedule, clarity of instructions etc were ensured for the entire process.

It is learnt that the program was informed to the Inspector General for Training (Andhra Pradesh) who in turn informed that SSSSO has good reputation and advised the Police Training College Anantapur, to record the entire training program and send for his information.

The program started with the Inauguration Ceremony presided over by the Principal, PTC, and he invited SC-DM, SC-PS and Samithi Convenor, Anantapur Sri. Ramachandra Murthy to share the dias and address the trainees.  A brief introduction of SSSSO and its activities were shared with the audience.  Thereafter, all theory sessions were conducted centrally in the auditorium.  Rest of the 7 practical training sessions and demos, the trainees were divided in to 5 groups and the sessions were held simultaneously. Each group was handled by 3 or 4 trainers and time synchronisation was ensured. Feedback of trainees was collected. A closing ceremony was arranged by the Principal where he heaped praise on SSSSO for conducting the massive program that too without charging any fees. He presented our Organisation and the individual trainers with certificates. We thanked the Principal, Vice-Principal Sri. Srinivasalu Reddy and RI Sri. Venugopal and the other staff for giving us the opportunity, the nice cooperation and excellent facilities extended.

We are grateful to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for arranging and conducting the program successfully without any hitch and also offered as an opportunity to participate.

Jai Sai Ram