Aum Sri Sairam 

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation


25 May 2020 –  Bus Seva from Faridabad to Agra

Sai Ram,

With the grace and blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Distt Faridabad of SSSSO DelhiNCR has started a bus service to take migrant population from Faridabad to Agra.
They were served tea before starting and given a packet of food containing juice, buns , banana water bottle, biscuits to be eaten during the journey.
Two buses were flagged of and one sevadal has accompanied in each bus.
May Swami bless all and all reach their homes safe and happy.
This is the offering of Devotees of Delhi NCR at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord.


Sai Ram,
With Swami’s grace and blessings  42  families served with Anna Kalasam (dry ration) in South west district SW-5  Samithi today and 16 served served with Annakalasam in West district. W-5 Samithi.
Social distancing and other precautions were adhered to.
Jai Sai Ram


Loving Sairam!

With the Grace and blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Delhi NCR has provided PPE kits (SAI SURAKSHA KAWACH), face shields and 3-ply masks to:

  1. The Govt. of Delhi for COVID-19 patients / Hospitals.
  2. The Medical staff of Department of Social Welfare who are the real warriors in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-1919) and running Disability Homes in Delhi.
  3. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
  4. Civil Hospital, Khandwa MP.
  5. Airport Authority in Amritsar

This is our offering at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord BHAGWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. We pray to Bhagawan for His blessings & protection of all the doctors, nurses and paramedics. Our endless gratitude to the Govt agencies Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics for giving us this opportunity to serve. The Total quantity given so far (20 May) 425 kits 200 face shields & 7000  3 ply masks

Love and Regards

Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR

Easwaramma Day Celebrartions (Online)

Our most humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Baba.

By immense grace of Swami Easwaramma Day celebrations were celebrated in all Districts from May 1st –May 6th  2020 of Delhi-NCR with great devotion and love. Various activities were performed by Balvikas children during this week long celebrations. All social distancing norms were followed with utmost care. Active involvement of parents, teachers Balvikas gurus ,Sevadal made the events go on smoothly.

Read State President Report:

  1. PDF Form: Delhi-NCR-Easwaramma Day Celebrations-2020 Report
  2. Word Form: Delhi-NCR-Easwaramma Day Celebrations 2020 Report

Following districts activities are captured in the report.

  1. Central
  2. South East
  3. South West
  4. West
  5. North
  6. East
  7. Ghaziabad
  8. Faridabad
  9. Noida
  10. Gurugram

-Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR


Services During COVD-19 crisis

25 April 2020

Loving Sai Ram! With Bhagawan’s immense Grace & Blessings, on April 25,2020,  Young messengers offered  250 Anna  Kalasam ( rations) containing the following items

5Kg Atta, 1Kg Channa Dal, 1kg Sugar, 1 packet Salt & 500 gm Tea

The distribution took place with the support and help of local police administration and Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar School bus  in road side slum areas around Govind Puri, MB road, near Tara Appartments and surrounding areas of South East Delhi. Social Distancing has been maintained as five bags were placed at a point which were taken by benefecieries and then process repeated. These beneficiaries were all daily wages workers who are staying with their family members.

Love and Regards

Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR


Seva Activities on Aradhana Diwas-24 April 2020

Loving Sairam!

With the blessings and grace of our beloved Lord,  on 24th April, the auspicious occasion of Aradhana Diwas of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai International Center and Sri Sathya Seva Organization Delhi NCR have come together to offer to Government of Delhi 5,000 packets of  Annakalasam.

Each packet consists: 5 kg Atta / rice, 1 kg Dal, 1 kg salt, Packet of turmeric, Packet of red chili powder, 1 liter cooking oil

The 1st lot of 108 packets of Annakalasam was handed over to Shri Sanjay Singh, Rajya Sabha Member at his residence by Shri Rajiv Mahajan & Shri Rishi Seth today afternoon. PPE kits and masks were also shown to the MP who was very happy with the same. All the packets will be sent in phases as per their request. Team could spend 15 – 20 mins with the MP and he was apprised of all the activities of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Delhi NCR and he was very much interested in understanding more. 

He told he will visit the center and areas of activities post the lockdown. He profusely thanked the organization for coming forward in these dire times to help the Governmental efforts of feeding the needy. Everyone placed the offerings at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord.

-Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR


24-04-2020: Today we got a message from one of the ashrams in Vrindavan that one Muscian by the name Babloo Nagar living with his old and ill parents and children in outskirts of Farrukhabad UP was in need of food and medicine.

Sai brother Sachin, State President of UP was contacted and with the help of sevadal from Farukhabad it was confirmed the requirement of the needy family and ration along with cost of gas cylender refilling was delivered within 4 hrs of first call.  It was very much appreciated for the quick response from the State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Uttar Pradesh and the Sevadal from Farrukhabad. May Swami bless all for this Loving Seva

Message from Vrindavan: Thanks to all Sai devotees, May God bless u with ultimate bliss and strength to serve the humanity. My blessings.

-Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR

More Images of meeting the Member of Rajya Sabha (MP)
20 April 2020

Services during Corona Crisis

With the Grace and blessings of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  three Sathya Sai Community kitchens have become operational in DelhiNCR.
1 ) Kitchen in Prashanthi Dham
Operational from Today and will cater cooked meal to 500 people and will increase gradually.
 2) Kitchen in Malviya Nagar South Delhi
Operational for past 20 days and catering to 1000 people daily. 
In addition seva dal packing 1500 packets for an NGO who bring their cooked meal and get it packed.
3) Kitchen operating in Model Town North dist
This kitchen is operating from the  home of one devotee .
Making food for 100+ people and delivering to one govt. Shelter home.
May swami bless all.


-Rakesh Kapoor, SP- Delhi-NCR
11 April 2020

PPE Kits Distribution

Sai Ram,

Today (11-04-2020) it has been organised to distribute 24 no. PPE kits for Sevadal doctor Brothers and Sisters. All the Doctors requiring these kits for emergency can contact Shri K B Kumar or Dr Vipin SSSSO Delhi-NCR team medical coordinator. All the Doctors are requested to take necessary precautions. In case of more demand more kits can be made available.

Love and Regards

Rakesh Kapoor, SP-Delhi-NCR

-Jai Sairam


Updated 28 March 2020

With the Grace and blessings of our beloved BHAGWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, SRI SATHYA SAI SEVA ORGANISATION Delhi NCR, in continuation to its commitment to serve the needy, has started distribution of ration where the need is.
Although, we are focusing on our sadhana and offering our prayers to Swami through home bhajans, chanting the name, reading literature etc., seva also continues in a different form.
From today, the Organization has started supplying ration to the people who need so that nobody in our knowledge is left hungry.
Today with Swami’s grace and blessings the first consignment of dry ration has been sent to THE EARTH SAVIOUR FOUNDATION, Gurgaon
The Foundation houses senior citizens who have been abandoned by their children,  girls raped & rejected by their families and some differently-abled people. 
About :
500kg Aata
500kg Rice
400 kg Dal
200kg Sugar
have been sent today.
We thank Shri Ravi Kalra ji (Founder) and Mahi for giving us this opportunity.

Sri Sathya Sai Cricket Committee-Meeting-Delhi-NCR

Loving Sairam!

With Bhagawan’s Immense Grace & Blessings, members of Sri Sathya Sai Cricket Committee organized a first session with all the registered cricket players of team YOUNG MESSENGERS Delhi NCR at SSSIC, Basement Hall today- Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Delhi-NCR State President, Sh Rakesh Kapoor along with Sh K B Kumar, Central & South-West District Presidents grace the occasion with their esteem presence. Total of around 50 youth attended this session.

A very Young & energetic fitness trainer for national and international athletes, DR ANSHUL TANWAR ,currently associated with C.B.S.E on fitness development program, has given various tips and learnings as how to stay-fit, active and improve their skills.

Received total of 140 registration so far as on Feb 29

Sai Kiran



Various activities conducted at Delhi-NCR

Updated 24 Feb 2020

Balvikas Gurus Training Camp-Delhi-NCR

Loving Sairam!
State Education Wing of Delhi NCR organised Balvikas Gurus Training Camp at Sai Centre in the afternoon on 15th February. 92 Gurus participated and had the divine blessings. 
A wide range of educative topics was taken up for discussion. The camp was full of inspirational learning and wisdom. The program started with three Omkarams and lighting of the lamp by young and senior Gurus 1) Mrs Vinod Kohli, Senior BV Guru explained at length, the Life of Sri Adi Shankaracharya by quoting various aspects of his life leading to transformation and useful messages to mankind. A film on Adi Shankaracharya was also screened.
-State Admin-Delhi-NCR

Mother & Child Care Program

The Delhi-NCR Mahila’s express their warmth in welcoming the New Year and bid good bye to 2019 with a small but loving offering at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Baba by distributing 108 hand knit woollen-sweaters, caps, booties, warmers & blankets to both the  new born babies and their mothers at  Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. Apples were also given to them and to  the expecting mothers as well. This activity was carried out under the Mother & Child Care Program of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization Delhi-NCR.
All the Mahilas then took part in the regular SSSAP-Seva at the hospital where more than 45 ladies wholeheartedly participated in this selfless Seva.
It was all possible with the immence Grace of our Beloved Bhagwan Baba and all the Sai sisters’ Love.

Service at the Rehabilitation and Welfare Unit

The Home of Leprosy

With Swami’s Grace and Blessings,  on the request received from the Assistant Director of the Rehabilitation and Welfare Unit, of the Home of Leprosy,  Govt of NCR Delhi, the East Dist organised a unique seva sadhana on 18 Dec 2019.
Seva Dals assembled at the sadhana point and first offered prayers and Bhajans to Bhagawan Baba
All the leprosy patients, numbering 350, were made to sit and each of the patient, were given a packet containing Bhagawan’s photo, one woolen sweater, one cap with a plate of divine Prasad.
Seva Dals of East district,  spent nearly two-hours in this beautiful event.
Leprosy patients who were housed in their barracks were delivered these packets personally by the Seva Dals, on their cots.
Chants of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ki – Jai and Ja i Sai Ram, kept reverberating in the premises.
Seva Dals on behalf of SSSSO Delhi thanked the Asst Director and the inmates for giving us this oppurtunity.
We are thankful to Swami and for His Blessings.

Phase-2 Training Camp-Delhi-NCR

As per the National guidelines, Phase-2 Training camp has been conducted in Delhi-NCR on 14th & 15th Dec 2019 at Sri Sathya Sai International Center, 45 office bearers including
State President
Vice President
State Coordinators
District Presidents
Dist coordinators of Seva wing have attended.
*All Sadhaks have put on the Divine Mangal Sutra (The Holy Sevadal scarf) right through*

Mother & Child Program-North dist Delhi NCR

Sai Ram,

100 baby kits were distributed to the mothers of newly-born children in the wards of Bara Hindu Rao Hospital today, 22 Dec 2019, by the Mahila Sadaks, in Samiti N1 District North. The Hospital Administration appreciated the Seva.
Rakesh Kapoor
-Jai Sairam


December 29 2019
Sai Ram!
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
With immense grace and blessings of Bhagwan, the devotees of DelhiNCR region participated in Global Narayan Seva at 45 places in the state .
Total  about 40000 Narayans were served freshly cooked  prasadam with Love amidst severly cold weather in the region.
East-4880, West-8500, North-2530, Central-3650,  South East-6100, South West- 4800, Faridabad-4300, Gurugram-1400,  Gutam Buddha Nagar-1830 and Ghaziabad -2100.
About 1500 seva dals wearing scarves participated in the Seva activity.
Before serving the Narayans the devotees sang bhajan for one hour inthe shrine made at distribution sites.
Love and Regards
Rakesh Kapoor
Manav Seva hi Madhav Seva Hai
11 Jan 2020

An Innovative step to educate Sevadal-Delhi State

Study Circle during Prashanthi Nilayam Seva-Jan 2020
Loving Sairam!
With the immense Grace of Bhagwan the ‘Study Circle ‘  has been initiated for the Sevadal who are off duty daily at 8-9 pm Sai sisters have been advised to utilise this rare opportunity. Though it was the 1st day, more than 45 ladies attended . It was overwhelming to see the enthusiasm and high spirits of the Sevadal Sisters even after an entire day’s blissful Seva.
Rakesh Kapoor
SP- Delhi NCR
-Jai Sairam