Today, under the program “Cleanliness to Divinity”, Shri Satyasai Seva Samiti, Chanchali, was carried out around the trees of Gulmohar and it was done as a work of worship, in which 1 men, Seva Dal, 3 Youth men sevdal, 0 Mahila Seva Dal and 0 Youth Woman Sevdal This cleanliness work was done from 07:30 to 09:30 and 4 children attended.    Apart from this, the plant was also streamlined in the Bhajan Mandal Dhana and the cleaning work was also done around it, in which there were 04 male service attendants

Date of Seva: 11/10/2018
Duration of Seva: 2 hrs

Participant Details:
Mahilas: 0
Gents: 5
Children: 4
Mahila Youth: 0
Gents Youth: 3