TRIVANDRUM:  Organized Ekadasa Rudra Japam at 5 samithys,6 new Veda classes started this year, total no of Veda classes Is 16 handled by 4 trainers. All sessions are on weekly basis; around 130 chanters are learning Vedas from all these 16 units. No of temple Veda chanting programmes conducted 22.

Organized Rudrabhishekham on Mahashivaratry day at Sai centre, Trivandrum. Total no of devotees active in Veda movement in Trivandrum is around 60(excluding learners) Trivandrum has got a good team of youth to lead in all Veda programmes.

TRISSUR Four district level workshops on Vedas were conducted at trissur samity this year. Webinar sessions are also conducting on a regular basis, around 120 devotees are attending these programmes.

Sri Rudram in tutorial form is chanted in Trissur Samithi for the benefit of all devotees on every Thursdays & Sundays before Bajan. Sri Harisankar (Veda trainer) is conducting daily Veda class in his residence in the evenings.

Trissur district has got a good team of balavikas students who completed all the 3 levels of Veda syllabus prescribed by the national team. No of school Veda classes in Trissur is 3. Organized Rudrabhishekham on Mahashivaratry day at Trissur.

KANNUR : Regular Veda classes are being conducted at Thalassery, Anjarakkandy & Kannur smithies on weekly basis as part of ‘Veda Vaibhavam’ programme which commenced on march first week and will end up on September last week.

PALAKKAD: Regular Veda classes at 4 different units by brother Jayakumar and team

KASARGOD: Regular Veda classes at 7 units by brother Sathish.                   Smt.Rajasree (TCR) State mahila Veda coordinator is constantly in touch with all mahilas and regularly conducting follow up and feed backs in webinar sessions and other Veda programmes.


 Veda vaibhavam or glory of the Vedas is a six month long Veda learning programme. We started this at Kannur in the first week of March with an orientation session for beginners. we arranged talks on significance of Vedas by eminent speakers, video show on various rituals held at Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan’s divine discourse on Vedas.etc followed by 6 month long regular weekly Veda sessions at Thalassery, Anjarakkandy & Kannur Smithies.

Syllabus: few elementary soothes like Ganapathy Prarthana, Sarva deva Gayatri, lingarchana mantram, mantra pushpum etc…. then followed by Sri Rudram, chamakam & purusha sooktham.

Present status: Around 160 devotees completed sri Rudram and we are moving on to chamakam. (2more months left)

 Before Veda vaibhavam concludes all talented chanters will be individually corrected followed by an audition & nomination of new Veda trainers and an agenda will be set before them to work on in the next coming years to follow up workshops will be conducted once in six months to discuss/evaluate the agenda and also to learn new mantras.

Next “Veda vaibhavam” programme is scheduled to start at ALAPPEY district by middle of July (Sundays)


 Around 200 chanters are ready for Veda conference, need to groom 200 more within 5 months to achieve the target of 400 Veda chanters from Kerala.

All district presidents are humbly requested to include Veda conference dates Nov 20 & 21 in the agenda (monthly circular) in district meetings.

Already learned Veda chanters can register themselves online at


  1. QUALITY TEAM-STATE LEVEL. To monitor the quality of Veda chanting (swara shudhi, akshara shudhi & maatra shudhi) and to give training to Veda trainers of Kerala.

All chanters who are serving the organization as Veda trainers are requested to undergo training /audition by state team before 2017 ends. From 2018 new trainers will be nominated only after audition by the state team.

Initially we would like to add brother Jayakumar (pkd), brother Santhosh (wyd), Smt Rajasree (tcr) as panel members for quality team.

(Its really unfortunate to bring it into notice that we have received reports from few districts regarding unauthorized trainers taking Veda classes & creating confusions..i have personally verified and confirmed this in few districts.)

  1. A TEAM OF SANSKRIT EXPERTS: Since the benefits of chanting will be “Paripoornam” only when we understand the meaning of the mantras. We wish to make a panel of members who are well versed in Sanskrit to interpret the meaning of various mantras and will be useful while organizing seminars, debates…etc in the future. District presidents to send names regarding this.

  3.TO RELEASE A BOOK & CD: For upcoming Veda conference we would like to release a small Veda book which contains all the mantras especially needed for Veda conference & a tutorial CD which contains the tutorial-method chanting by Sri Veda Narayanan Sir. (It was released online last month by national team) we have already acquired permission from National Veda coordinator Sri Subramanyam Gorti, for the same.

  1. TO ORGANISE MAHARUDRA JAPAM: (121 Rudram chanters chant Rudram 11 times) at Kannur on October first Sunday as a concluding programme of Veda vaibhavam there. Enmass Veda chanting (Only chanting with no rituals & other expenses.)
Take my love and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee.
Take my hands and let them work incessantly for Thee.
Take my soul and let it be merged in oneness with Thee.
Take my mind and thoughts and let them be in tune with Thee.
Take my everything and let me be an instrument for thy work
-Sathya Sai Baba

Praying with gratitude to our beloved lord to keep us always as His dearest instruments to play our small roles in His big mission.

 At his servitude with prayers & love

Jayakrishnan.S, (State Veda coordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala)

Contact Person: Prof E Mukundan, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala, /