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With the Divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas and Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Punjab conducted a State level program – ‘Benediction Ceremony and Samarpit Awards 2018’. The event was held at Ram Bhavan, Morinda on 10th June 2018.

The program was designed by the Balvikas Team. Necessary arrangements and setup at the Venue was done by SSS Samithi, Morinda, under the guidance of District President Sh. Kailash Sharma.  Despite the hot weather, more than 500 members participated in the Event.

The Program started at sharp 11:00 AM with the procession, which was led by Sh. V.K. Kapoor, State President SSSSO, Punjab followed by Sh. S.K. Punj, Trust Convener SSSSO, Punjab, Dr. Saajan Sharma & Mrs. Meenakshi Jhanji, State Education Coordinators,  various District Presidents and office bearers of SSSSO Punjab. The procession slowly marched towards Bhagawan’s Altar and offered obeisance to Bhagawan.  Then the lamp lightning was done by State President and State Coordinators, which was followed by Bhajans.

The ceremony was announced open at 11:30 AM, after which the ‘bond of transformation’ torch was presented at the Divine Lotus Feet. All the devotees of Sai family were welcomed by a welcome song sung by the Balvikas Gurus of Jalandhar Samithi, and a prayer dance by Balvikas Children from Barnala Samithi.

Sh. Balbir Singh, Cabinet Minister, Punjab Govt. and Sh. GP, M.L.A were the guests of honor at the event. In his speech, Sh. Balbir Singh motivated everyone to follow Bhagawan’s teachings & disciplines and be responsible citizens of the Nation. He praised the SSSSO for carrying out the Balvikas Program, which builds character and values in Children right from the tender age.

The ‘Benediction ceremony’ was initiated by offering the Scroll of Pledge at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan. This was followed by the awards ceremony. Smt. Tripta Punj, Pro-Chancellor of Sri Sai University, Palampur presented the certificates to Students. 37 students were awarded the nine-year diploma degree and certificate. Approximately 150 Balvikas Alumni also received recognition certificates for carrying the Mission of Bhagawan forward.

Ms. Vrinda Malhotra from Jalandhar shared her experience and journey through Balvikas and highlighted the importance of Balvikas in her life.  She offered gratitude to her Parents, and thanked Balvikas, for inculcating human values. The way she erudite her journey, left the audience stunned and amazed that how Baba speaks through the children.

Sh. Anoop Baruta from Hoshiarpur, who is Balvikas Alumni and currently working as Software Engineer, also shared his experience and journey through Balvikas.  He talked about how the values taught in balvikas helps in handling situations in Life.

Smt. Minakshi Jhanji, State Education Coordinator spoke about the future of Balvikas. As an example, Ms. Jeevika Sharma, a four year old girl from Patiala was asked to recite the Veda Mantra. Ms. Jeevika recited the Ganapati Prarthana with her sweet voice and tremendous confidence, which delighted everyone.

Dr. Saajan Sharma addressed the gathering and motivated everyone with a beautiful speech. He stressed upon the point that the members of SSSSO and Students of Balvikas are lucky to be chosen by Bhagawan, to be a part of the Divine Mission. He also highlighted how Alumni of Balvikas are getting recognition in Society because of the Values that they manifest and the service they do in the Society.

The ‘Samarpit Awards 2018’ was declared Open by Sh. V.K Kapoor, and a beautiful Video Presentation of the Awards enthralled the audience. Sh. K.D Sharma, Smt. Anupama, Sh. C.B Jindal, Sh. Anil Sharma, Sh. Tejasvi Gulati were conferred with the ‘Samarpit Award’ for their dedication and selfless service in Balvikas.

Dr. Karuna Walia, outstanding alumni from Patiala addressed the gathering and talked about how hard work can change the roots of almost anything. She touched upon the importance of Prayer and that the heartfelt Prayers are always answered.

“The Balvikas Times”Annual Newsletter of Balvikas, Punjab was released by State President, Trust Conveners and State Education Coordinators.  The Newsletter comprises the reports of the events carried out by SSS Balvikas Punjab, during the period June 2017 – June 2018.

The Cultural Presentations followed. All the people at the venue were left amazed when the children from Balvikas, Morinda presented the Punjabi Folk dance – Gidha. The song was sung live by the Bal Vikas Gurus of Morinda.

The program ended with Aarthi to Bhagawan followed by Prasadam. May Bhagawan Bless each one with more enthusiasm and endeavor to follow His Divine Message and Mission.  “Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu”

Jai Sairam !


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Sri V.K. Kapoor, State President SSSSO, Punjab.

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