Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Assam

(Balvikas Students Divine Trip to Shillong) 

Place: Prashanthi Sadhana Nilayam-Shillong

28th July 2019 


With the Divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba a group of 15 BV students, 4 BV gurus, 6 mothers along with office bearers of Sathya Sai Seva Organisation made a trip on 28th July 2019 to Prashanthi Sadhana Nilayam, Shillong. As it was a Sunday we all were fortunate to join the Sunday bhajan at in the Prasanthi Sadhana Nilayam.

Prior to the trip to Shillong, Balvikas students were informed about the trip. They started coming to the mandir every day to religiously learn and recite the Mantra Pushpam and definitely, Bhagawan has listened to their prayers for this auspicious trip. Sai brothers and sisters Sri Roopak Sarma, Smt Eleye Changkakoti, Sri Dinesh Raja and Dr Dina Raja also joined us and we were 29 in total. The Sunday bhajan was at 3.30 pm and Narayan Seva on that day at Accordingly, our program was set.

Our journey for Shillong started at 8 am on 28th morning invoking Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba with 3 Omkars. The journey was filled with Bhajans led by the children. We had a short break at Barapani near Orchid Resorts by the lake and had homemade breakfast cooked by the mothers and guru’s. From there we went directly to the mandir and reached around 1.30pm due to heavy traffic from Barapani to Shillong.

On reaching the mandir gates we were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome. There were rows of Balvikas children and all the devotees on either side of the mandir entrance just touched our hearts and we could feel the presence of our Beloved Swami. What a homecoming! We then paid our obeisance to Swami and we were served lunch with much love and care.

After lunch around 2.30 pm, all were seated in the mandir for Satsang conducted by the Convener, Shillong Samithi, Sri Hemanga Kishore Dutta, a very able and energetic person. They first gave a specially made memento to each of the Bal Vikas children and to all who came from Guwahati.

They also felicitated Smt Eleye Changkakoti State Mahila Service Coordinator Assam, Sri Roopak Sarma renowned bhajan singer, Sri Dinesh Raja Convenor SSS books & Publication Trust and Dipa Raja.

Four speakers spoke a few words. Smt Danmati Gurung also gave a heart-rending speech. Smt Indrani Bhuyan BV guru spoke about how she conducts BV classes. Sri Ashok. Kr Ghosh former convener of Shillong Samithi spoke a few words of his involvement with Sai activities. Sri Shivjee Prasad also shared his views, enthusiasm and willingness to learn, revive and expand Shillong Samithi with an invitation for future activities.

They were very happy to have Sri Roopak Sarma among them and he was asked to speak about Bhajan norms. Sri Roopak Sarma also taught a couple of Bhajans. This was followed by a wonderful Bhajan session and Arati by Sri Dinesh Raja. Thereafter tea with snacks was served. We then left with a lot of wonderful memories. On our return journey, we were entertained with Bhajan and naam by the children.

Thus our small trip ended up as a Spiritual Journey. Jai Sai Ram.

Dipa Raja, Balvikas Guru, Sai Madhuram


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