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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation


Loving Sairam!
The Thirunelveli district in Tamilnadu has awarded the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of Thirunelveli yesterday during Independence Day celebration for the exemplary Seva during COVID period The Commissioner of the corporation and other dignitaries were present during the occasion.
-Team Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Thiruelveli, TN

25 June 2020: Loving Sairam! A detailed Report on the help rendered in the form of  Cooked Food, Amrutha Kalasha and various items to the needy and the deserved during COVID-19 crisis in Tamilnadu State has been placed at the Divine Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Seva during Covid 19 Lockdown – Detailed Report TN – District wise – 20 June 2020

-Team Tamilnadu State 



Easwaramma Day Celebrations at Sai Sruti- Kodaikannal

With the immense grace of Bhagwan ,Easwaramma day celebrations at Sai Sruti- Kodaikannal started off with Omkaram and Suprabatham  followed by Poornahuthi of Gayatri Homam. This Gayatri Japa and Homam were regularly conducted since 26th March 2020 and concluded today on 6th May 2020. After the regular Bhajans at 09.30am the grand grama seva was flagged off.
During Bhagwan’s physical visits to Kodai, He would lovingly instruct us to celebrate Easwaramma Day by offering Narayan Seva and by conducting Vastra Dhanam (distributing Blankets/ Dhothis and / or Sarees) to the beneficiaries. It used to be a Divine sight to watch thousands of beneficiaries’ throng at Sai Sruti to receive this Prasadam from Bhagawan. 
Keeping the tradition alive, this year too,the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Tamilnadu had arranged to deliver Amrutha Kalasam Kits containing essential grocery items that serves good enough for a family of four for fifteen days. This would help them to overcome their impoverished situation due to prolonged lock down. 
The Amrutha Kalasam kits were distributed to the deserving families of the neighborhood villages of Kodaikanal, under the supervision of RDO,  in special vehicles that  were arranged by the government functionaries to transport these kits to the villages. The village heads, VAO and in some places even the local post master had joined the distribution team in identifying and distributing these kits to the deserving families. The beneficiaries were nearly 1000 families residing at Vilpatty, Paraipatty, Nattukavai, Pallangi, JJ Nagar,Machoor, Adukkam,  Kamarajapuram and Perungadu. 
We thank Bhagawan for having given us the opportunity to reach out to these needy families and celebrate Mother Easwaramma Day in a befitting manner.
Jai Sairam

A Plethora of Spiritual Activities during Aradhana Mahotsav &

Lockdown period , Tamil Nadu

“With prayer to God, you can achieve anything in life. I want you to pray. I am always with you, in you, above you, and around you. Make efforts to instil such faith and devotion in fellow human beings. That will make Me very happy. Happiness lies in union with God. Hence contemplate on God incessantly. Never give scope for anxiety or worry.”

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol.39/Ch.1

The divine assurances that Swami has bestowed on humanity, is enough for it to survive any calamity and thus take an opportunity to dive within, to reach Him deep inside, who is ever waiting to confer the desired peace. It is with this motive the devotees of Bhagavan in the districts of Tamilnadu, actively involved themselves in spiritual Sadhana during the Aradhana month which coincided with the lock-down period, which is known as the month of “Giving and Forgiving” among Sai fraternity.

Rajapalayam District:

Activities of this samithi during this month included activities like Gayathri homam in their respective dwellings. The devotees also participated in Satsangh conducted through App in the evenings. Also, the devotees participated in bhajan sessions conducted through internet, which covered 500 bhajan songs.

Tuticorin District:

As part of the daily activities, the devotees involved themselves in chanting of Sai Gayathri from 9pm to 9.15 pm. Devotees also chanted Kandha Sashti kavacham in their daily routine.

Tirunelveli District:

Apart from Sai Gayathri chanting, the devotees participated in the Satsangh conducted through App in various topics on Ramakatha rasavahini, Bhagavad Geetha, Tapovanam. Rudram chanting was also conducted through App.

By motivating the youth boys and girls through separate App sessions and after discussions they were given 9 point of code of conduct customised to each of them, to utilise the lock down period, effectively for their spiritual sadhana. The boys and girls look upon these activities enthusiastically, by not merely participating but reporting and analysis to their respective Gurus.

Kanchi South:

Reading of Sai Literature, chanting of Sai Ashtothram and Sai Sahasranama Archana, listening to Satsangh on various topics were the activities of the devotees. Balvikas classes were conducted through app.

Kanchi North:

With the recitation of Sai Gayathri, Sai Ashtothram and Sai Sahasrananama, reading of Sai Literature and Bhajan singing in common, there were diverse activities like Satsangh through App on varied topics for Balvikas children and elders and Narayana Seva, which included supply of cooked food to the local police station, as nearly as 25 food packets on a daily basis.

Swami says,”Time waste is life waste”, and the time of little children is more valuable. Keeping this in mind, using the App, balvikas classes and training for the event of talent search were conducted and thus the children were given “Value tasks” to keep them on track of the spiritual path. Youth in these districts were also motivated to attend the Satsangh and were given bhajan training sessions too.

Namakkal District:

Devotees of this district participated in various daily individual sadhana and collective prayers as well, with ardent devotional fervour. The activities included Omkar, Suprabhatham,, study of Sai Literature, chanting of Sai Gayathri, Sai Ashtothram and Sai Sahasranama. Apart from these they also involved in Jyothi meditation, Sai Divya nama Likhitha Japam, and participated in the Satsangh conducted online from time to time. Some of them also undertake sadhana in the 9 Point code of conduct given by Swami.

Bhagawan’s Aradhana Day-April 24, 2020

Devotees across the districts of Tamilnadu, observed this day with loving devotion to Bhagawan, along with their family. Omkar, Suprabhatahm, chanting of Sai Sahasranama were a part of the day’s agenda in every devotee’s family. Apart from this some chanted Vishnu Sahasranama and listened to and sang Sai Pancharatna Kritis, which form the major part of dedication to our beloved Swami, after a due training by learning through the classes conducted via App.

Also, some of the families had their family bhajans as their offering to Swami at His divine Lotus Feet.

The events concluded with Maha Mangala Aarthi to Swami.

……..activities are still on and reporting will continue…..

Jai Sairam

Loving Sairam! Sri Sathya Sai Community Kitchen has been closed and happy to share that 27080 food packets have been handed over to the  Government authorities in this regard from 4th April to 3rd May 2020.- Reported by Sri Ramesh, State Trust Convener

Aradhana Celebrations  –  24 April 2020

Aaradhana Celebrations- TN and Chennai

Aaradhana Celebrations- TN and Chennai


Sri Sathya Sai Amritha Kalasam Kits

Jai Sairam  

Sri Sathya Sai Community Kitchen – at RED HILLS


 A humble offering at the Lotus feet of our Beloved Bhagawan Sri SriSriSathya Sai BabaVaru

Red Hills is a neighborhood in the northwestern part of Chennai, paddy and rice selling and buying is the major business in this suburban area and has one of the major water reservoirs ‘Puzhal Lake’ for the Chennai City. Mobile Hospital Seva is being conducted here for the past 5 years, where more than 450 patients are benefitted every month.

With lock down imposed by the Government of India from 25thMarch, 2020 due to Covid 19, there has been a consistent request from State Government authorities for providing food to the road side dwellers, migrant workers and daily wage workers in nearby slum. These people are sheltered in Government Community Centre and in the rice mills.

On 2ndApril, 2020 we received the approval from our Chennai Metro President Sri. S.R. Chandrasekaran for setting up Sri Sathya Sai Community Kitchen at Red Hills. He provided us with theset of instructions carrying pre-cautionary steps ensuring hygiene in the food supply to the needy and in protecting our Sevadals.

We discussed with Tahsildar of Ponneri Taluk who was very happy to note that Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization is providing food to the needy, requested us to prepare dinner (4 Chappati’s with sabji per person) for around 500 people which includes Police personnel, Sanitary workers and the people staying in the Government Shelters.The Tahsildar provided passes to the Sevadals to carry out the same and confirmed us that respective authorities from the Government Department will collect the food packets from our end. Rice Merchants Association of Red Hills accepted to give their Marriage Hall Kitchen for preparationand packingof food. It is worthy to note that Mobile Hospital Seva is also conducted in this venue.

We had a meeting with Convenor and Sevadal of Red Hills Samithi over phone on implementing and following each and every instruction given in the preliminary steps for setting up The Sri Sathya Sai Community Kitchen (SSSCK). Subsequently Revenue Inspector of Ponneri Taluk visited the SSSCK and approved the venue and asked us to proceed with the Seva.

Our Sevadal identified a factory near Red Hills where Kneading machine and Rolling machines are available for preparing Chappatis. It is a new factory fulfilling all our set of requirements facilitating the food preparation process. 2 Sevadals go to this factory in the morning and bring the half cooked Chappatis to SSSCK for final roasting.

With Blessings of our Beloved Lord, The SSSCK started functioning from 4thApril, 2020. Please find below the number of beneficiaries from the day of commencement.



500 persons


500 persons


643 persons


643 persons


716 persons (increased the thickness of Chappati and reduced the quantity to 3 per packet)


783 persons (started updating in the SSSCK portal)


750 persons


795 persons


900 persons


6230 persons benefitted till date

The noble work undertaken by the Organization is well appreciated by the Government officials and the number of beneficiaries is on increase day by day as one may understand from the figures. The Assistant Commissioner Of Police had commented that the taste and quality of the food supplied is worth being called ‘REAL PRASADAM FROM THE DIVINE HANDS’.Every day, Vibhuti mixed in water is sprinkled in the place of preparation, in the food prepared and the Sevadals drink the mixture and pray for the wellbeing of All.

All the Samithi’s in the Tiruvallur East district have voluntarily come forward and made generous contributions for the same. Our Heartfelt thanks to Our Dear Most Bhagavan to have Blessed us with the opportunity to execute this humble Seva to the needy. Sairam.




Loving Sairam

With the Divine Grace of our Beloved Bhagawan, the Ramayana Sapthaham, based on Swami’s Rama Katha Rasa Vahini, conducted by the Chennai Metro West District received a overwhelming participation of devotees

The daily sessions spread over 7 days started on the Holy and Auspicious Sri Rama Navami day (Thursday 02nd April) and ended on Wednesday 08th April.

Smt. Lalitha Srinivasan, a trained Study Circle Speaker conducted the sessions, using the Zoom App. The daily sessions which went on for about 75 minutes attracted huge audiences. The total cumulative audience over the 7 days period is conservatively estimated at about 5,000 numbers

This helped all Members of the Organisation to stay connected with Bhagawan and spend this lockdown period in the most useful spiritual manner. With Prayers to Bhagawan to Guide us in all our endeavors. Thanks to all Members for their support and participation

K Suresh Chander, District President, Chennai Metro West

(Report received from Sri S Chandrasekharan, SP-Chennai Metro)

Updated 2 April 2020

Activities by the Members of Chennai Metro (West) District

As part of the Individual and Family Sadhana, with the Divine Grace and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagawan, more than 1,100 Members / Devotees performed Sri Sathya Sai Sahasranama Archana today (Tuesday 31st March 2020), at their respective homes

A very good initiative by the District President and the District Office Bearers. May Swami continue to Guide us in all our endeavours

Thank you. Jai Sairam- Report by Sri Chandrasekharan, SP, Chennai Metro

Updated 26 March 2020

Personal Sadhana/ Family Sadhana: 25-03-2020

As all over India devotees are engaged in Personal and Family Sadhana within their houses following the Law of the land (respecting the Govt of India guidelines), around 150 devotee families in each of the Sai Districts of the state of Tamilnadu have performed Sai Gayathri / Savita Gayathri Homam on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi day (today-25-03-2020) for the general welfare of humanity (Loka Kalyan). 

State office has supplied simple procedure (Sankalpa) by audio and the write-ups to all the Devotees with respect to the procedure to be followed for the Savita Gaytri/ Sai Gayatri Homam. Those who could not do the ritualistic Homam, engaged themselves in the Savita Gayatri/ Sai Gayatri Japam.

Strict instructions were given not to pass on this event photo’s in the whats app and other social media.

J Venugopal, State President, Tamil Nadu

SR Chandrasekhar, Metro President, Tamil Nadu

Jai Sairam

Homam Procedure:

Updated 15 March 2020

Sri Sathya Sai National Cricket League

SP Chennai Metro, Sri Chandrasekaran held a meeting today at Sundaram to plan SSS NCL in the State.

Updated 12 March 2020

Aum Sri sairam. With Divine Grace and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagavan, a new samithi building has been constructed and inaugurated in the district of Villupuram, tamilnadu on the 5th of march. The uniqueness of the function is, our muslim brothers had been invited for he function and they had graced the occasion and chanted verses from the holy Quran, inside the mandir.

Nearly about 250 devotees participated in the function.

The samithi building is a state trust property. Sairam.


Updated on 29th Feb 2020

Medical Camp at Sai Sruthi-Kodaikanal


Loving Sairam!

With the Abundant Blessings of Bhagawan, a medical camp was organised at Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal on 23rd Feb 2020. The camp commenced at 9.00 am with seven doctors, five para medics and four pharmacists. There were about 426 out-patients. Of these, six patients (3 children and 3 adults) were short listed for further cardiac treatment.  All the patients were given lunch packet as part of Narayan Seva.

The details of these patients and their earlier medical reports were now being collated for making arrangements for their further treatment at our Super Speciality Hospitals. It was decided to conduct such camps on a regular basis and fixed fourth Sunday of every month as the camp date.

Dr.Santosh Kumar, block medical officer (GH – Kodai) also visited the camp and gave his suggestions to conduct Derma, ENT and Ophthalmology camps in future which is the most needed speciality camps at Kodaikanal. A small meeting with the doctors was organised to get the feedback as to how to improve our medical camps in the future. The Team is now working to include these specialties in the ensuing monthly camps at Sai Shruti.

K R Suresh, SVP-Tamilnadu

-Jai Sairam

 Bhajan Workshop-Trichy Dist-Tamilnadu

Loving Sairam! 
By the Grace and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagavan, a  Bhajan workshop at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Centre, Aruna Nagar, Srirangam was conducted on 9th Feb 2020. The Morning session was conducted by Sri Nagamani from Tirunelveli & Sasikumar from Dindugal and the Afternoon session was conducted by Sri Balaji, Sri Vittal & Sri.Shankar from Guduvancherry, Chennai.
Around 112 participants participated.
J Venu Gopal
-Jai Sairam
10 Feb 2020
By the Divine Grace and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagavan a bhajana mandali was inaugurated at Padavedu, thiruvannamalai district by our NVP Shri. Ramani sir today. Tnsp
 National coordinator for RVTC Shri. K. M. Rao, State President of SSSSOTN Shri. J. Venugopal, State coordinator for RVTC Shri. Ramakrishna, District president of Vellore shri. Vimalnathan and district President for thiruvannamalai Shri. Narayanan also participated in the convocation today.
With the Divine Blessings and Grace of our Beloved Bhagavan, the convocation for Batch 1 of Rvtc center at Padavedu, thiruvannamalai district tamilnadu took place today. As a part of the CSR initiative of Sri Srinivasa Trust ( A Trust set up by TVS group) along with Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations Tamilnadu, its chairman Shri. Swaran Singh IAS ( retd) participated in the function and motivated the outgoing batch 1 students and also the in coming batch 2 students.   Our National Vice president Shri. N. Ramani sir gave away the certificates to the students of first batch. The trained students were also handed over the tool kit bags sponsored by Sri Srinivasa Trust. It is important to say that even before the convocation, Bhagavan had blessed the trained students with placement in companies. Nearly 7 students out of 22 were issued placement offer letters, and the same was distributed to them along with the certificates by NVP.  The remaining 15 students were to receive their offer letters in the second lot. 
Warm regards
J. Venugopal
State President.

Multi Religious Balvikas

Loving Sairam!
It was a very memorable day in the history of V P Colony Samithi in Tamilnadu. It is well known that there are two Muslim & two Christian Bal Vikas children in the Samithi.
To facilitate them to undertake their religious prayers  *inagurated a Sarva Dharma arena in the Samithi. The holy Bible & Quran & their traditional accessories* were provided. The children performed the Christian prayer, readings of the holy Bible & a short rendition of a Biblical story. *Amidst  Quran rendering Namaz was performed even by other Children*
It was a miracle that Sri Gautama Buddha portrait was offered anonymously just before the commitment of the program which proved authentication by Swami. Thus we had chanting of *Buddham sharanam gacchami*
The portraits of other religions are to follow in due course. The children expressed their desire to render their prayers on all days.
Members are greatly indebted to Swami for having chosen them to participate in His divine mission of global harmony.
-Jai Sairam
Tamilnadu SSSSO has been rendering this Seva to Goshala at vaishnavi koil vaishnavinager.
Tiruvallur District- Tamil Nadu.
Balvikas Alumni Meet-Kanchepuram South-TN
Loving Sairam!
With Bhagawan Baba’s blessings, Kancheepuram South Dist conducted BV Alumni meet on 02-02-2020 at Poondi Bazar Samithi Premises. 32 Balvikas Students who passed out Group-3 exam in 2019 and were given Diploma Certificates by State President –TN. 
Also, Veda Vikas certificates to 13 Group-1, Group-2 and Group-3 children were given.
Veda Vikas was blessed by Swamy and it is exclusively conducted for Balvikas children. It was started in Kancheepuram North district of Tamilnadu about 9 years ago, all the 13 children had learnt Rudram and Chamakam through conference calls and this is the speciality.
State President and State Youth Coordinator have inspired the students with Bhagawan’s teachings.  
District President

Disaster Management Team Activities

Loving Sairam, it is a great privilege for a Spiritual Service Organisation like ours that for the first time,  Revenue Dept of Tamilnadu Govt requested DM Team to train the officials.  At Bavanisagar.  DM team conducted  5 days program for various batches benefittingIn 690 Officials. 3 Mahilas and one Senior DM member from Virudunagar Dist and supported by few of our team with the leadership of Mr.R K Sekaran. The officials were happy. They have requested SSSSO to conduct regularly on quarterly basis for various batches.
J Venu Gopal
SP- Tamilnadu
-Jai Sairam

Srirangam Temple Activities

Sairam with divine blessing from swamy and instruction from  State president TN,  and HR &CE Department  of tamilnadu and the temple authorities requested our organization to do the seva of counting Srirangam temple hundials. Around 170 sevadals
( both mahilas and gents) from various district from tamilnadu participated.

Service to West Bengal Sevadals

With the Divine Grace and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagawan, the Sevadals from Darjeeling arrived safely at Chennai earlier today afternoon
They were received at the Chennai Central Railway Station and were provided refreshments at the Air Conditioned Waiting Hall at the station itself.
Thereafter at about 6 pm today they departed to Puttaparthi by 2 APSRTC Buses
The District President of Chennai Metro North and his team of Sevadals assisted them at the Railway Station and helped them to Board the Buses
Thanking Bhagawan for providing this Seva Opportunity to us
Jai Sairam



By the Divine will and Blessings of our Beloved Bhagavan and with kind permission of our respected All India President I wish to narrate a miracle ( blessings of our Beloved Bhagavan) which happened yesterday. I had reached Chennai yesterday at 11.30 in the night after completing the state level Balvikas Talent Search at Tiruppur district, Tamilnadu. The District Education coordinator of Kanchi north Smt. Jothy Jayaraman was waiting eagerly to receive the certificate and gift which we had honoured them with at Tiruppur. There was a saree gifted for senior Mahila gurus along with the certificate and I had received it on her behalf since she was not able to come there personally to receive. She opened the cover in which the saree was packed and lo and behold, our Beloved Bhagavan had showered the saree with full of Vibhuthi blessings. This is a blessing not only for her but the gurus all over the world as a whole. Words fail to fathom the love and grace of our Beloved Bhagavan.  J Venu Gopal       (26 Dec 2019)


Bhagwan’s blessings in abundance for all the Guru’s and BV children

 SLBTS 2019

I am extremely happy to share that Bhagwan has  blessed all the participants during the recently held SL BTS at Tirupur in His own  inscrutable ways.
Many DEC’s have reported to me that similar Vibuthi manifestations are there in the sarees given to them too.
Not just this, Vibuthis were seen on the prize cups given away to the competition winners.
Seems like Swami is blessings all the worthy instruments on a wholesale basis.
Indeed His ways are mysterious, means are mischievous and the purpose are unfathomable. Yet, all His Leela’s are truly admirable beyond any words and lovable beyond our limited reasonings.
……K.R.Suresh, TNVP-SSSSO (26 Dec 2019)

Srirangam Temple Activities

Sairam with divine blessing from swamy srirangam hundial counting seva started today (24.12.19). Around 168 sevadals both gents and mahilas participated.


Sairam to all. Me and Chennai metro state president take great pleasure in inviting one and all for the 39th Anniversary day of “SUNDARAM” the Divine abode of our Beloved Bhagavan at Chennai.
Shri J Venugopal
SP, Tamil Nadu

Sathya Sai Grama Seva-in Tribal Hamlet-Tamilnadu

Loving Sairam! With our beloved Swamy’s Grace, Grama Seva was performed today (29-12-2019) at Kokkal, a Tribal Hamlet with 150 families and from where 45 people had participated in the Tribal Development programme held at Parthi recently
1. Bhajan,
2. Nagarasankeerthan,
3. Gho Pooja,
4. Temple Cleaning,
5. Medical camp with a Doctor and 10 Technicians,
6. Satsangh,
7. Vasthra Dhanam and
Narayana Seva was the part of the Grama Seva Activities conducted today. 93 people have availed the medical facilities. Lab Tests ECG, Echo, BP and Sugar tests were done to all beneficiaries.
Finally, Grama Seva was concluded with Kotha Traditional dance. Around 40 Sevadal (Gents and Mahilas) participated today and received Bhagawan’s immense bliss.
J Venu Gopal
Jai Sairam.