Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation

Himachal Pradesh

Guru Purnima Celebrations-2020

Loving Sairam! 
With the grace of Bhagavan, an Online Program of the holy celebrations on the occasion of Guru Poornima (05/07/2020) was conducted. Respected AIP Sh. Nimish Pandya and Smt. Kamla Pandya graced the occasion


One Family – One Tree- Plantation in July 2020

Loving Sairam!

 Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Himachal Pradesh plans to plant 2100 sandalwood and herbal trees across the state. Keeping in view the Covid protocol, each family will plant it’s own tree during the first week of July. Covid19 has done something which we had never thought of.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has made all of us immune to it. Prayers and only prayers can keep us safe.

  1. With the annual tree planting state activity approaching, let’s plan.
  2. With prayers to Bhagavan, Let us all plant one tree each.
  3. One family one tree’
  4. May plant it in your home; plant it in a school or temple.
  5. District presidents & convenors may please monitor and help procure saplings for all.
  6. Please plant with proper protocol, scarves and dress.

Click a photograph and share. Best ones will be shared, appreciated and placed in a folder. Please circulate it to the maximum. With Bhagawan Baba’s blessings the sandawood plants have been obtained from Mysore. 

-Team-Himachal Pradesh


Loving Sairam! 

14 June 2020: World Blood Donor Day

With Bhagawan Baba’s blessings 15 persons have donated blood in Tanda Hospital today 14 June 2020– World Blood Donors’ day.

-Team Himachal Pradesh

04 June 2020 The Sathya Sai Mandirs are getting ready for reopening on 8th June after Govt decided to open the Temples and the Devotional places. 


6th May 2020 Eashwaramma Day -Online Celebrations

Loving Sairam!  
This is a humble offering of BV children from Himachal Pradesh on the eve of Maa Eashwaramma Day.
Celebrations will be held through online with all BV children. 

Aradhana Diwas – 24-04-2020


Stitching of Face Masks for COVID-19 prevention 

Sairam!  Sai Sisters on the job of stitching the face masks in Nagrota Samithi and many other places in Himachal Pradesh.

Dr Sanjay Aggarwal 


Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyothi Report from Shimla Mehli school   : SRI SATHYA SAi-VIDYA JYOTHI-WPS Office


Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Himachal Pradesh has conducted an online state conference of office bearers and active workers in which about 100 participants shared views, experiences and thoughts on Swami’s literature. This is on the occasion of Swami’s visit to Anand Vilas on 14-16th April, 2010 Marking 10th anniversary of His coming.  About 30 participants shared experiences with Swami.

All India President Sh. Nimish Pandya   blessed the conference. This is a part of the 30 days study circle of various “VAHINIS” The programme started with Vedam, Bhajans and address of the state president Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal and ended with the Bhajans in Swami’s voice. All relished the proceedings and got blessings in plenty from BHAGAWAN

Dr Sanjay Aggarwal

SP-Himachal Pradesh

State Meeting-Bilaspur-Himachal Pradesh

On 15th Dec 2019, held State Meeting at Bilaspur (HP) with office bearers and there was good participation despite bad weather.
Dr Sanjay Aggarwal
SP-Himachal Pradesh
-Jai Sairam

Holiday Camp for BV Students

Sairam! 5 day holiday camp for Bal Vikas students from 12 schools ended today. Principal of the convent Sister Isabella Agnes was the guest. 200 students of age go 8–14 participated. Please bless.

Dr Sanjay Aggarwal

SP- Himachal Pradesh

Jai Sairam

A short film by Sathyam & Ayush.
Muslim clerics & namaaz in Bal Vikas holiday camp.