Report of Activities May 2021

  1. Sanitization and Fumigation of the houses of infected people and public areas
  2. Amrit Kalasham for needy people falling under containment zones
  3.  Sai Protein to infected people
  4. Anna Daanam for frontline workers and families of those infected at the hospitals
  5. Volunteering at Vaccine centers
  6. Blood Donation camps
  7. Sai Care centers
  8. Ambulance Services
  9. Distribution of refreshments to frontline workers  

-Team, Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation, Sikkim

25th State Annual Conference 2021

Loving Sairam!

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Sikkim State celebrated the 25th  State annual conference on 27th, 28th and 29th  March 2021. 670 office bearers of the organisation were present at the conference. Certificate for B V Excellency Award 2020 received from Prashanthi Nilayam has been handed over to Sri. Abhinash Pradhan.

Certificate of five NLP 2020 received from Prashanthi Nilayam have also been given to all NLP members:

  1. Sri. Abhishek Sharma
  2. Sri Pranay Giri.
  3. Sri Sushri. Uden Bhutia.
  4. Sri Sushri Pallavi Pradhan
  5. Sri Sushri Sandhya Diyali.

 Sri.  Avinam Mangar Balvikas pass out student, presently the active member and BV Guru in Gangtok Sadar Samithi who had been selected from Sikkim State in “THE NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT FESTIVAL 2021” in the Indian Parliament and bagging 3rd position in National level. He is also felicitated by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. Sikkim.

Best of the best project written on the topic Golden opportunity in Divine experience during Lockdown by  B V students of 3rd group 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of all the Samithis of Sikkim State, and selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd  position in state-level from each year. So 9 nos winner B V students were also felicitated with Mementoes and certificates.

Report by Sri Punam Pradhan, State President, Sikkim

-Team,Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation,Sikkim.

95th Birthday Celebrations-Sikkim State

Loving Sairam!

With immense blessings of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sikkim state started 95 Birthday Celebrations from 20 Aug and will continue till 22 Nov 2020. It will be a Family Sadhana and Bhajan from every devotee’s home.

-Team Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Sikkim

Sikkim Gets Ready for Monsoon Service

Loving Sairam.

Report on Monsoon preparedness Mass Seva 2020.

The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sikkim organised a State level Monsoon Preparedness Mass Seva on the 12th of July, 2020 from 10 am to 2 pm. The monsoon has hit hard in Sikkim and with it the occurrence of landslides and mudslides are common. This Seva was organised to help clear any such blockades and to clear drains to reduce chances of landslides. A total of 126 Mandalis and all 37 Samithis of the state were involved in the Seva with a total of about 15000 Sevadal both male and female were involved. A control room was established at Sai Mandir, Gangtok, where all the live video feeds from all points where Seva was being done, was being reported. The mass Seva began with the chanting of Omkaram and Sai Gayatri following which the respected AIP connected through a video conference with all the Sevadal and shared his message. Following this, Seva activity began across the state and major drain clogs were cleared, restoration of houses damaged by rains was done along with clearance of pathways, the plantation also done in many places and other such activities. The Minister for Urban Development Department, Government of Sikkim Shri Arun K. Upreti also visited the control room and expressed his pleasure at the selfless service rendered by the Sevadal across the state despite incessant rains.

Minister for Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Government of Sikkim Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha had instructed the officials of his department to allow permission for this Seva. 

The Sevadal followed the protocol of social distancing at all times during the Seva and also wore protective masks and gloves and in all Seva points hand sanitizers were placed the mandalis.

 Understanding the importance of this Seva, a few NGOs and community organisations too joined in the activity. The Seva culminated at 02:00 pm before which National Service Coordinator Shri Koteshwar Rao joined in via video conference and expressed his pleasure for being associated with this Seva and thanked and appreciated the efforts put in by the Sevadal. The Seva then ended with chanting of Omkaram and Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

-Team Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Sikkin

-Report by Punam Pradhan, State President, Sikkim.

Loving Sairam! Live Interview with State President Sri Punam Pradhan and State Coordinators of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sikkim by S K Live

05 June 2020- World Environment Day

Aum Sri Sai Ram 

On the occasion of World Environment Day  5th June 2020. In this hour pandemic, Sevadal of Sikkim Rabong district presented with sincere service towards the Mother Nature by planting of saplings of different varieties of plants, shrubs and beautifying VCGL Senior Secondary school complex.

SP Sikkim.

4 June 2020

Felicitation to the Chief Minister of Sikkim State

Disaster Management Training-Sikkim


Loving Sairam!

A two days Sri Sathya Sai Disaster Management training (outdoor) programme for Sai DM Core Team of Sikkim State has been conducted on 29th Feb & 1st March 2020 at Mikuley East Sikkim. *63 core team members from all parts of Sikkim have attended.

1. The training is given to the team members to rescue & save the victims during a flood, Vehicle accident in the river and other water emergencies.

2. Training on Rescue techniques for casualties during Landslide, fire hazard & Road accident is given to members theoretically and practically.

3. Perfection on making knots by each member was carried out.

Other Techniques of rescue was discussed.

Punam Pradhan


-Jai Sairam

Sikkim State had very Hectic Activities on 22-23 Feb 2020

Loving Sairam!

Several District level programmes have been organised.

  1. Annual district conference of Gangtok North district was organised at Gangtok Sai center. More than 110 office bearers were attended in the programme.
  2. Annual district conference of Singtam district was organised at Kanchi Kama koti Mandir at Lagyap East Sikkim. More than 90 office bearers were attended in the programme.
  3. Two days (i.e. 22nd & 23rd Feb 2020 ) State level Bal Vikas  Gurus training programme was conducted at Jorethang Sai Center South Sikkim. More than 120 Gurus were attended.
  4. One day (i.e. 22nd Feb 2020) District level Bal Vikas Gurus training programme was conducted at Thakurbari Mandir  at Soreng South Sikkim. More than 40 Gurus were attended.
  5. One day (i.e. 22nd Feb 2020) District level Bal Vikas Gurus training programme was conducted at Rabong Sai Center at Rabong West Sikkim. More than 43 Gurus were attended.
  6. One day Vedam training programme is conducted on 24th Feb 2020 at Namchi Sai center South Sikkim. More than 60 Balvikas Gurus were attended to learn the Vedam of Balvikas syllabus.

Punam Pradhan, SP-Sikkim

-Jai Sairam

24th Annual State Conference of Sikkim State

On 8 & 9 Feb 2020 at Sai Mandir Daramdin South Sikkim. More than *650 office bearers of State, District, Samithi, Mandali and Bhajan singing unit have attended*.
Dr Dipak Anand,  Asstt. Professor SSSIHL Puttaparthi was invited for motivational talks. From this conference, we have started wearing Scarf & badge for in every Spiritual/ Sai activities.
Punam PradhanSP-Sikkim-Jai Sairam

Contact Person: Sri Punam Pradhan, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sikkim,

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