Aum Sri Sairam

Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Kerala

25 May 2020 – Food Kits distribution in Kollam and Idukki Districts

Rice is provided by the Govt of Kerala 

125 kits in Kollam dist for distribution (14 items in each kit)

  1. Salt 1- 9
  2. Manjalpodi 100gr 18
  3. Chilly -24
  4. Mallipodi -15
  5. Payar 500  -66
  6. Uzhunnu 500gr -65
  7. Thuvara 500gr  -42
  8. Kadala 500gr -35
  9. Vanpayar 500 -42
  10. Kaduk 100 -9
  11. Uluva 100 -10
  12. Jeerakm 100-33
  13. Oil 500 -85
  14. Tea 100-27

Idukki: 151 kits ready for distribution in Idukki district. Each kit is having groceries worth of Rs.500.

  1. Washing soap 1
  2. Atta 1kg
  3. Biscuit 1
  4. Chilli 100g
  5. Dry chilly 100g
  6. Coriander 100g
  7. Sambar powder 100g
  8. Turmeric 100g
  9. Sunflower oil 500kg
  10. Salt 1kg
  11. Jeerkam 100g
  12. Mustard 100g
  13. Cherupayer 1kg
  14. Sugar 1kg
  15. Tea powder 100g
  16. Dhaal 1kg
  17. Bath soap 1
  18. Chocolate 100g
  19. Vibhuti 1pckt

24 May 2020 – Youth wing made a Beautiful song –Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

News Coverage 

22 May 2020  – Ventilator  Handing over to Medical College in Trivandrum 

Loving Saram!

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation received the information that there was a shortage of ventilators in the ICU of the Medical college, Trivandrum , the devotees made  prayers to Swami to bless us to provide one. Swami heard the prayers and devotees have come forward to provide and it was costing Rs 6.5 lakh. On 22 May 2020 the Ventilator has been handed over to the Medical College. Along with that 2000 face masks also have been given. The quipment was received by the minister Sri.Kadakampilly Surendran. 

-Prof E Mukundan SP-Kerala

Chief Minister appreciating our seva


19 May 2020

Masks for the schools .Higher secodary school in Kollam dist

Sai Samithy Thrissur arranged second phase of medicine distribution to SRP and general patients attached to SSSPHC Thrissur. Medicine packets marking with full details of the patients handed over to Thrissur Fire and Safety Officier incharge for making necessary arrangement for the prompt delivery to the patients at their residence in the different areas of Thrissur district.
Jai Sai Ram

8 May 2020

Feed A Stomach

Loving Sai Ram.
District president  of Idukki district in Kerala,receiving a certificate from the I.G.of Police for the commendable seva in the programme, Feed a stomach.

Kerala State YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel has crossed the second milestone now. More than 2000 subscribers . It is viewed by 5571 people .
His grace that is always infinite,continuous and ever ready.

Kerala State YouTube Channel: 

Loving Sairam!  It is ever proved that Swami is there to take care of everything ,before we plan and execute  something. With His grace, within a day of the launching of the state YouTube channel Sai Love In Action it is subscribed by more than 1000 members. It is viewed by more than 2800 members.

With Bhagawan’s grace, new features that will be added in this month are

  1. Marks & Remarks- value oriented programmes for students.
  2. Master your mind and be a master mind-Swami’s teachings on human, mind.
  3. SSS Parenting
  4. Bhajan for the mind
  5. SSS Health awareness’s programme
  6. SSS Yuvavikas-For youth.
  7. Sai Sahithyathillode & Study of Sai literature.
  8. Balvikas to Lokavikas
  9. Bhagavanuvacha & Divine messages.

6 May 2020

Loving Sairam! 

Happy to share that on this Holy day-6th May 2020, Beloved Swami has blessed the state of Kerala to launch with You Tube Channel and  to be placed at His Divine Lotus Feet. 


Prof Mukundan, SP-Kerala 



4 May 2020

Loving Sai Ram.
As masks have made compulsory for all to go outside,SSSSO is providing masks to the needy families on 6th May through Asha workers of the government .
Sadhana dinam.-3rd May.
As a part of making personal and family sadhana a part of life of all devotees, first Sunday of every month is made as sadhana day.
On 3rd May,first Sadhana day was observed .More than 6000 devotees constitute this sadhana group.
Eswaramba week celebration with a clearcut six day house based programme
Worshing the trees.
Rural Bal vikas children

30 April 2020

The transition of intensive Sadhana to continuous Sadhana.

On 24 th April, after Koti Archana, active members started Sapthaham Parayan of Tapovanam sathcharitham. 3218 members  today placed at the Divine Lotus Feet their Sapthaham Parayan.

Thousands of devotees did intensive Sadhana till 24th April. These members are given a daily Sadhana schedule from 30-04-2020. This is of a continuous nature with 7 items to erform.2756 gents and 3259 mahilas are performing this from today.

Prof Mukundan, SP-Kerala


24 April 2020

Activity – Opening of Central Store- (Collection of Food Kits)

District – Thrissur

With the immense grace of Bhagavan, today  Sathya Sai Seva Organization Thrissur district Central store for Covid 19 relief operations got  inaugurated at the  Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithy  Thrissur Bhajan Mandir.On this occasion three layer face mask stitched  by Sai Samithy Mahilas handed over for the authorities.

The Balvikas students in the District donated the Vishu Kaineetam  ( money they receive as gift from elders ) they received to the Thrissur District Collector to the Prime Minister Care fund and the Kerala Chief Minister Fund in the presence of the Corporation Minister. Also the three layer masks handed over to District collector stitched by Mahilas.

Activity – Distribution of Food Packets and clothes

District – Pathanamthitta

With the immense grace of Bhagavan, today  on the Aradhana Mahotsavam day Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Pathanamthitta District  handed over Food kits, clothes and toiletries  to the deserving patients in the Pathanamthitta Kozhanchery Hospital. The kit includes 50 Bedsheets, 45 packets of Bread, 200 pieces of masks and 60 packets of Bathroom kits.

Activity – Distribution of Food Packets and clothes

District – Palakkad

With the immense grace of Bhagavan, today  on the Aradhana Mahotsavam day Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation,  Chittor Samithi and 11 Bhajan Centres under Palakkad District, handed over 175 packets of Food kits, Masks, Soaps  to the Chitoor Municipal Chairman to distribute to different colonies like Nayady Colony, Adivasi Colony,SSSVIP Village, Govt Hospital and streets for the needy people.

23 April 2020

District – Alleppy

With the immense grace of Bhagavan, today  Alleppy District team handed over 25 kits to very much needy people in the adopted village Vezhapra, under Kuttanad block. The needy people include cancer patients, old aged people, widows, patients with severe problems etc. The kit includes Rice – 5 KG, Atta – 1 KG, Oil – 500 ML, Onion 1 KG, Tea Power 250 GMS, Bath soap -1, Washing Soap -1, Bean – 1 Kg. All the kits were entrusted to Motor Vehicle Department, Govt of Kerala to distribute in the village.

Activity – Distribution of Food Packets

Date  23.04.2020, Seva Day: District – KollamWith the immense grace of Bhagavan, today  Kollam District team handed over provision kits to 4 Balvikas Students and 13 kits to needy families in the Karunagapally Samithi. The kit includes Rice – 5 KG,Suger -1 Kg, Jiggery -1 Tea Power 250 GMS, Pulses -1 Kg Bean – 1 Kg. Distributed Anna Vastra kits to differently abled brothers staying at Chettikulangara, under Allapuzha District.

Activity – Service, Distribution of  Foods kits and Medical kits.
District – Cochin
With Swami’s Grace handed over  Food and Medical  kits  in the  Puthuvaippu Village adopted by Cochin District
19 April 2020
Activity – Service, Distribution of  Tender coconut
District – Wayanad
With Swami’s Grace distributed 200 tender coconuts to  the Staff of Betheri Thaluk Govt Hospital, Wayanad.
Activity – Service
Activity – Special Narayana Seva
District – Thrissur
With Swami’s Grace in  connection with Shakthi Swaroopini day,April 19th, Mahila’s group organised special Narayana Seva( Goseva, Vrishabha Seva and Shwana Seva).
Activity – Service, Distribution of  Commode Wheel Chair
District – Cochin
With Swami’s Grace handed over a Commode Wheel Chair to Ms Sindhu who’s both leg’s got paralysed from childhood onwards. She is staying in Puthuvaippu Village adopted under  Cochin District and it was her dream to have a wheelchair which got fulfilled by the grace of Bhagavan.
18 April 2020 
Activity – Service, Distribution of  life saving drug to a kidney patient.
District – Thrissur. 
On18 th the Sevaday Sai Samithy  Thrissur   procured a life saving medicine and send through  Fire and security squad brothers   ON EMERGENCY, for a very poor patient at Kecheri , a bit far away place who had recently undergone kidney transplant surgery and who could not survive without these medicines. The Fire and Rescue team picked it up around 9.25 pm  and delivered it by 10 pm. The selfless service rendered by these officials was commendable and applaudable.

17 April 2020

Activity – Service, Distribution of Face Masks

District – Kollam, 300 Masks were distributed at the Kadvoor Govt Hospital, Anchalumood  Police Station.

Disaster Management Service:

District – Mallappuram, Activity –  Virus Disinfection program with Govt Machinery.

Sai Brother Saikumar, member of Disaster Management team and Kottakkal Samithi Service in charge offered his support to Govt Fire Force and Safety  Officials in cleaning and disinfecting Market place,few affected houses and church and police camp.

Cumulative Figures from SSSSOKERALA, MASKS-67293 Already distributed and still continuing the stitching.
FOOD Packets 6620
Veg.kits 347.
Provision kits 935.

Activity – Spiritual

Districts – 14 ( All Districts)
Shrdi Sai Sapthaham
Devotees participated – 1832

Activity – Service

Date 16.04.2020
Distribution of Face Mask.
District – Trivandrum
Masks were Distributed to Govt Thaluk  hospital, Parassala, Kerala Raj Bhavans. As of now Trivandrum District Mask Distribution is 10250.
Updated 16 April 2020
Date 15.04.2020
District – Calicut
Spiritual Activity 
Sai Sapthaham 230 Devotees
Sai Gayathri Japam -191 Families
Sri Rudram- 110 Devotees
Service Activity
Dated 14 04.2020
District – Thrissur
Activity – Narayana Seva with Govt permission.
Beneficiaries – 350 patients and bystanders at Medical College hospital,Thrissur.
Date 15.04.2020
Distribution of Face Mask.
District – Palakkad
500 Masks were Distributed to Govt hospitals near Pattambi, Palakkad.

Updated 15 april 2020

 Service Activity
Dated 14 04.2020
District – Calicut
Activity – Distribution of Food kits
The west hill  samithi Calicut distributed 50 food kits to the deserved people including Samithi members and Marketing trainee students from other Districts.
Spiritual Activity
Dare 14.04.2020
District – Allappuzha
Activity – Spiritual
508 Hours continues Sai Gayathri Japam for 21 days concluded today  with Mangala Aarathi to  Bhagavan at 6PM.
Dare 14.04.2020
District – Malappuram
Activity – Spiritual
 Kottakkal samithi conducted viswakalyana homam today.Ancient rigvedic homam performed mainly by sages Viswamitra, Markandeya and Bharadwaja. This homam is mainly for the prosperity and well being of the world.
Dare 14.04.2020
District -Palakkad
Activity – Spiritual
Kumkumarcha conducted by Mahilas in Chitoor Village

Updated 13 April 2020

Spiritual Activity
District – Allappuzha
Activity – Sai Gayathri Japam
Day – 21
Samithies – 13
Service Activity
District – Calicut
Activity – Distribution of Food kits
The youth wing of theekuni samithi calicut distributed 25 food kits to the deserved people.
online registration for Kerala task force touched 3100 today with Swami’s Grace


Updated 12 April 2020

Distribution of Grocery Kits in Tribal Areas.

SSSSOKERALA has started the distribution of Grocery kits in Tribal colonies in the District of Pathanamthitta as requested by Govt Authorities. Today we have  distributed 120 kits in the Nilakkal Tribal Colony, Pathanamthitta District and another  200 numbers is getting ready now. As directed by our  Respected AIP , we  entrusted  the kits to  the  Govt Authorities for distribution and no way our devotees or Sevadals are involved in distribution.
Jai Sai Ram

Service Activity Update.

Distribution of Face Mask.
District – Thrissur.
Thrissur samithy handed over masks  to the  Thrissur Corporationation Primary Health Center Ayyanthole by Sai Youths.
Activity 2
District – Eranakulam
Second lot of  Face Mask distributed to Ernakulam north ESI dispensary. The masks was stitched by Kaloor Ayyappan kavu & Palluruthy Samithies.
Spiritual Sadhana Update
District – Wayand
125 Devotees conducted Kumkumarcha at their respective houses
District Kollam
Sai Gayathri Chanting – 184 Devotees took part in the Chanting.
Sai Satcharitha Parayan -61
District – Wayand
125 Devotees conducted Kumkumarcha at their respective houses
Service and Seva Activity Report 
Dated 11th April 2020
District : Pathnamthitta 
Service : Distribution of Vegetable Kits in Tribal Colony Distributed 200 bags of vegetable kits at tribals residing within the forest area of Kottupara, Pathanamthitta District.Distributed 120 kits of vegetables to the Nilakkal Tribal Colony, Pathanamthitta.
Spiritual Activity
District – Allappuzha
Activity – Sai Satcharitha Parayan.
Day – 18
Samithies – 13
Total Participants- 147
Service Activity  – Distribution of Masks
District – Palakkad
Distributed 115 Face Masks at the Primary Health Centre,Oogaloor , Palakkad.

09 April 2020

Loving Sai Ram. Handing over 3000 masks to District Drug warehouse, Kollam and 600 masks to all police stations in Calicut.

08 April 2020

Today’s (08-04-2020) Seva on distribution of Masks, total 1250 distributed to Trivandrum Peroorkada Govt Hospital, Police Station Kattakada, Public Health Centre, Kattakada. Sairam, distributed grocery kit to Chenkal Grama Panchayath that   to be given to Villager’s

Sairam, Spiritual Activity Reports.

Today being HANUMATH JAYANTHI,JUSTNOW COMPLETED HANUMAN CHALEESA and pooja to Swamy at Machad Bhajan Mandali .

03 March 2020

CM of Kerala award to this school and we are supporting the School on this. Govt LP School Oolampara, Trivandtum bagged the prize for arranging the best class libraries in TVM North Sub District. March 3rd 2020. The Govt L.P .School, Oolampara adopted by Ambalamukku Samithi in Trivandrum district won the award for best library in the north region of the district.  The Head Mistress received the award from the honourable Chief Minister. We are happy to share that the furniture and books were provided by the samithi in addition to the water purifier, refrigerator. We are conducting regular school BV classes , English enrichment classes and maintains a vegetable garden

Masks Stitching in SSSVIP village

Stitching of masks in our RVTC at Chittoor ,Palakad district, This is in SSSVIP village

07 April 2020

Masks to Block Development office, Kottayam  district

Forest officials distributing our masks to tribal people

Loving Sairam, Materials to a community kitchen functioning in colony. This was on the basis of a request made by the  Panchayat in Trivandrum district .


Masks Handing Over

2500 masks to hospitals and police stations in Trivandrum district. Handing over of the masks to deputy collector, Alleppey district

Tapovanam Parayan

Sai Ram. More than 1500 families have completed the Sapthaham Parayan of Sri Sathya Sai Tapovanam on 2nd April. The devotees will start Sri Shirdi Sai Sathcharitham on 10th April

Amrutha Kalash Kits to BV Students (Parents)

Loving Sai Ram

Kits are prepared in Amablapuzha Samithi, Alleppey district, for distribution to needy families of sixty Balvikas children. In that area they are living in huts, poor and more than 100 Balvikas children are living in that area.

Palakad Dist Activities

280 Balvikas children of Chittoor Samithi in Palakad district chant Sai Gayatri daily.

Masks and caps for the health workers by Chittoor Samithi, Palakad district

Materials collected in our community centre and this was handed over to the community kitchen at Chittoor run by the Municipality. This was on the basis of the request from the Municipal Chairman.

Masks Handover in Thrissur

Three layer face mask stitched by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Thrissur devotees handed over to ACP Administration Sri.Wahid at  Police Commissioner’s Office Thrissur. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Thrissur District President Sri.M.S Sangameswaran, Thrissur Samithi Convener Sri.K.A.Asokan, Joint Convener Sri.Kalyanakrishnan participated in the handing over program.

Sai Ram.Handing over the masks in Pathanamthitta dist

List of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation counseling team published by the Shornur Muncipality with a request to all to contact whenever needed.All are doctors and psychologists. Counseling for those in quarantine

Distribution of Masks for COVID 2019

Six thousand masks made in Wayanad dist.District collector receiving the masks. This is the second lot.

Counseling for Quarantine persons

Sai Ram!.

With His grace , the state team members have started counseling for quarantine persons. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation is having a team of 38 trained persons and this is being done over the phone.

SP-Kerala- 31st March 2020

Updated 29 March 2020

Sai Ram. Handing over the masks to Sri Nooh.IAS, District Collector, Pathanamthitta district


Updated 27 March 2020

Distribution of Masks

Sri Sudharan,Minister for PWD, Sri.Sunilkumar ,minister for Agriculture and Ms Anjana,district collector accepting the masks prepared in Alleppey district 

Jai Sairam

Kerala State Sapthaha parayanam 

Started Parayanam of SSS Thapovanam today all over the state. To be completed by 7 days as sapthaham.

Sri Sathya Sai Thapovan.
Started on 27th March and will be concluded on 2nd April of devotees doing parayan in all the 14 districts=1438.

New initiative by Sai youth of Ernakulam district

Here comes the first offering of SAI SANGEETHIKA by Sri.Unni Nandakumar.

Unni got lot of opportunities to offer Bhajan in front of Swami at Puttaparthi. He is an active Sai Youth member from EKM Dist, currently the Ernakulam Dist. Bhajan-in-Charge and the Kerala State Bhajan team members also. 

Jai Sairam

Link to Facebook


Updated 26 March 2020

Handing over of the Masks-Kerala

Handing over the masks to the Supdt. Of Police, Sri. James Joseph, I P S, in Alleppey Dist.

2790 masks have been handed over to the medical college at Manjeri, Malapuram district, as advised by the dist collector. They came to the Samithi and took over.

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

Sunil Kumar, Dist Youth In-Charge & Samithi Convener-Kottathala-Kollam Dist-Kerala

Loving Sairam! 

There is much to learn from the Samithi Convener of Kottathala in Kollam dist of Kerala Sri Sunil Kumar

 He was a tailor before he got the job in the Electricity dept as a lineman. Now, during his lunch hours, he engages himself in stitching the face masks which are in great demand, he stitches about 20 during the time and with the support of his family he already made 500 face masks, Kerala largest circulated daily ‘Malayalam Manorama has published a News item about our Sai brother

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

News Published about our Sai brother Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar with Youth Scarf

A man in need is a man indeed

 Sairam brother Sunil Kumar, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-India congratulates you for your timely Seva and may Bhagawan Baba bless you & your family.

-National Team, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-India

-Jai Sairam

Updated 23 March 2020

1, 50,000 facial masks from Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Kerala! 

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, KERALA to stitch and supply 1, 50,000 facial Masks, prepared by the Mahila members, throughout the state.

On 11th March 2020, the Chief Minister of Kerala State had sent out a call calling for voluntary organizations to come forward and extend whatever assistance possible in the efforts to assist the people in the state in this grave situation. 

State and the District Teams thought about it and came up with the noble idea of making and providing facial masks, which was in short supply in the state. A sample mask was made and got it approved by the authorities. It was a 3 ply model.

Many Sai devotees had tailoring machines in their home and the Mahila Vibhag members came forward to make the items from their home

The SSSS organisation provided the cloth and other materials and ladies got into the job very earnestly. The state has set a target of 1,50,000 and each district was asked to provide 25,000 pieces. 

The state office also circulated a video showing the method of manufacturing masks and provided enough clothes, non-woven fabrics etc. Each sai centre offered to provide 5000 to 10,000 pcs from their sources. 

State office was constantly monitoring the process and Wayanad was the first district to complete the first batch of 10,000 pcs of face masks which have been delivered. 

This great effort was published in state-level reputed news Paper.

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

Distribution of Masks-Kerala

Loving Sai Ram

With Bhagawan Baba’s immense grace, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala has started the distribution of three-layered masks to departments.

Masks have been supplied to the 

  1. The staff of State Secretariat as per government request
  2. Health department 
  3. KSRTC staff, 
  4. Police department etc. 

As the requirement is acute, whatever is ready on each day, they are being distributed.

-State office


Family Sadhana as advised by All India office

Loving Sairam!

22nd March 2020 –FAMILY SADHANA DAY

On this day, with Bhagawan’s infinite grace, thousands of devotees performed Sadhana at their respective residences. They had Sai Gayatri Japam, chanting of Rudram etc. 

Most important spiritual Sadhana was SSS Sahasranama Archana-2430 families have performed this with 6400 members

More than 1000 members are chanting Rudram daily at 6 pm

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam


Updated 15 March 2020

Masks in great demand from SSSSO-Kerala

Loving Sairam!

There are many calls for the supply of the masks and Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation has taken up as a challenge to meet the requirement as Bhagawan Baba says Help Ever Hurt Never

Sai sisters are on humble Divine Service of making the masks in the following districts who are currently stitching the masks

  1. Trivandrum
  2. Calicut
  3. Kollam
  4. Kannur
  5. Palakkad

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

Residential Sai Gayathri Japam-Kerala

For the World Peace and Healthy Society

Loving Sairam!

With His grace, chanting Sai Gayatri Japa by State President, State Vice Presidents, State Coordinators, District Presidents and the District coordinators-68 members of State group on every day in different slots.

From 18 Mar 2020 at 6 pm, 789 Veda chanters are chanting Rudram and other devotees Sai Gayatri. This will be continued on every day and more than 50 youth members each of Palakad and Kollam did one day Sai Gayatri Japam at their residences.

Devotees of Wayanad and Pathanamthitta are doing Akhanda Sai Gayatri Japam in slots in different houses.

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

How to make a Mask (explained in English)


Hand Wash Machines-In Public Places-Preventive Measures-Alleppey-Kerala

Loving Sairam!

Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation, Alleppey district has installed proper Hand washing facilities in different parts of the city. Medical college, Market, Auto stand etc were some of the centres. Municipal chairman Sri. Illickal Kunjumon inaugurated these hand washing centres. On every water tank, the method of hand washing is also depicted. Soap, hand wash liquid etc are also provided.

Prof E Mukundan


-Jai Sairam

Updated 12 March 2020

Masks –on large scale supply-Aluva-Kerala

Loving Sairam!
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation takes every opportunity in serving during calamities. SSSSO is one of the five Organisations that approached the Government to do this Seva to stitch the Masks on large scale.
The Secretary, Health Dept,  has informed our Organisation that there is an urgent need of 25000 masks in each district to prevent from Covid-19.  
A teacher of Sri Sai Vidya Vihar, Aluva, is stitching the masks for handing over to the Govt.
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Updated 10 March 2020

Counseling for Govt Teachers and Selected workers

Loving Sairam!

With Bhagawan Baba’s grace, two courses are active now at Sri Sathya Sai Centre, Alwaye, under Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Training and Development.

  1. One is for newly appointed counsellors in Government schools.
  2. The second one is 8 months course in counselling for selected active workers and teachers.

One day training for counsellors in government schools teachers who are all postgraduates in Psychology or MSW.

Prof E Mukundan, SP-Kerala

-Jai Sairam

Updated as of 02 March 2020

Temple Festivals-Helping the Devotees-Kerala

Loving Sairam!
Months of February and March are the periods of temple festivals in Kerala. Swami has always blessed the Sevadal to have Sri Sathya Sai Seva centres in all these temples to distribute buttermilk, medicated water and also provide medical assistance. Bookstall also will be there. Also, arrange Bhajan in temples.
1. At Mavelikkara in Alleppey district *served around 5000 devotees*. 
2. Trivandrum-Attukal temple where 25 lakhs mahilas assemble for the festival. This temple is known as *Ladies Sabarimala*
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Temple Festivals-Lalitha Sahasranama Japa by Sai Sisters-Kerala

Loving Sairam!
As a part of the temple festival, more than 700 Sisters participated in the Lalitha  Sahasranama Japa at Attukal temple, Trivandrum.
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Updated as of 24 Feb 2020

Coaching for Competitive Exams-Sai Education-Kerala

Loving Sairam!
Sai Education for competitive Exams. This was started three years ago and now has spread to 10 districts out of 14 districts in Kerala.
The training is given to appear for all types of competitive exams including that of UPSC and State PSC
With Bhagawan Baba’s grace 143 youth members who attended our training programme have got appointments already
Now 274 students are undergoing this.88 faculty members are there and many of them are our trained youth members.
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Vahinis Study-Kerala

Loving Sairam 
Study of Vahinis is started in all districts. This is a part of the monthly Sadhana camp.
 (Received from Prof Mukundan)
-Jai Sairam

New Initiatives for Tribal People-Kerala 

21 Jan 2020
Loving Sairam!
With Bhagawan Baba’s immense grace on Tribal People Kerala state has initiated new activities in,
1. Kollam Dist 
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation has adopted Mambazhathara Tribal Colony having 51 houses with 152 members and distributed utensils and other needy materials. The local Forest Officer also has participated. 
2. Waynad Dist 
District Collector has solicited the help of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation 
to solve the urgent basic needs of the Tribal People and invited our Organisation members for a meeting on 13th Jan 2020.
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

The tribal belt for receiving Swamy Prasadam-Kerala

Loving Sairam! SSSNTDP (Sri Sathya Sai National Tribal Development Program)
A remote tribal settlement, Kuttampuzha in Ernakulum district has been receiving Bhagawan’s love in the form of materials and other services since a few years there are 6000 families in 15 settlements without any transportation. In an incident, six children died due to malnutrition. Last week a dead body had to be carried on a bamboo ladder for 3 KM.

Drawing Attention-News Published

Legal forum of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Kerala (Sai Neethi- accredited agency of High court of Kerala) has brought this pitiable condition to the notice of the High Court Chief Justice and a detailed report has been published in widely circulated Kerala News Paper-Mathrubhumi and the paper has highlighted our Organisation involvement to help these tribal people.
SSSSO-Kerala State is going to help these remote people under Anna-Vasthra project which is soon going to be launched in Jan 2020. This is the New Year gift by Bhagawan Baba
(Swami once said- The reward for a Seva is giving you another Seva Opportunity by HIM)
Govt also may come up with some development programs.
E Mukundan
Video-Housing Project-Kerala
Loving Sairam! Please watch the video related to Kerala Floods, subsequent help by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation including the construction of houses with SSCT, SST-Kerala support.
E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Jan 2020

Phase -3 Training Camps-Kerala State

 Loving Sairam!  Happy to share Kerala State has completed Phase-3 Training camps as per the National Plan in 12 districts with 1250 (Gents-730 & Ladies 520) and with 55 faculty members for Dist/Samithi office bearers and Sevadal. Only Idukki & Thrissur districts are left and are scheduled for 5th & 17th Jan 2020.
E Mukundan

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28 Dec 2019

 2020-Seva Year-Massive Anna –Vasthra Project-Kerala State

Loving Sairam! The state of Kerala is going to unfold a massive Anna & Vasthra Project from Makarsankranthi festival targeting initially 3000 families and by year-end around 10 thousand families to make the Year 2020 truly a Seva Year.
On Thursdays, devotees will bring these materials as naivedyam (offering to God) to Samithis. Mahilas will take care of the packing etc. Twice in a month, necessary provisions will be handed over at the doorsteps of the deserved and needy families. Everyone interested in this noble project will be given an opportunity which includes the devotees and the general public and indeed all who want to serve the society selflessly.
Youth Role
Sai Youth will collect the Provisions’ Divine Packets and will deliver at the doorsteps of the selected families. On Special days cloths are also planned to give to the families.
E Mukundan

Dec 14th & 15th 2019

Annual Two Day Sadhana Camp-Kerala

Loving Sairam! Held State level Sadhana Camp for the state-level office bearers on 14th & 15th Dec 2019 and finalised the Action Plan for 2020. Total 77 (gents 70 & Ladies 7) have attended.
State coordinators
State In-Charges
District presidents
District Coordinators were the participants.
Every year this exercise is done to evaluate the current year and plan for the next year.

Programme calendar in Prashanthi Nilayam

The Programme Calendar-2020 will be published and will be given to the office-bearers in PN when they meet at Parthi.
Bhagawan used to bless the Action Plan copy and take to Yajur Mandir
E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam

Kerala State Meeting on 14th & 15th Dec 2019

Loving Sairam!
1. More house Bhajans
2. Regular contacts
3. More Balvikas, Bhajan centres in these areas
4. Bring maximum devotees to local Samithis
5. Sanathana Sarathi/Publication works
6. Arranging Bhajans in the houses of elderly devotees who were active earlier, but due to health reasons cannot attend now.
-E Mukundan
attached PDF file- for kind information


All the decisions are at spending less and more of spiritual-based activities except on the houses constructed for the flood victims
This is the emphasis of the All India President Sri Nimish Pandya in many of his visits* to the states (Please listen to Sir’s speeches given on various occasions).
-Jai Sairam

Quality Achievement-Bhajans & Samithis

A small attempt is being taken up and is on the way in Kerala State
1) Listing of Bhajans
2) Singers in white dress (gents)
3) Regular Bhajan trainings
Based on certain Organisation Requirements Samithis are graded
Excellent-A, B, C and D and on the basis of activities Samithis are graded into E- Excellent, A, B, C and D.
Now D grade Samithis are almost Nil
Upgradation is going on regularly with a definite plan.
E Mukundan
SP- Kerala
-Jai Sairam
This is shared to inspire and take positive way* to improve our Bhajans which is the Fundamental aspect of Sathya Sai Mission.
-Jai Sairam


-Jai Sairam

119 Water Purifiers-Kerala State

Loving Sairam! 
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala has been blessed by Bhagawan Baba to install 119 Water Purifiers in Schools, Hospitals (hot and cold water) and Bus Stands during 2018-19 under Sri Sathya Sai Premadhara Project. The pure drinking water facility is available for 24 hours for 365 days.  Local Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithis take care of the maintenance. The cost of this project is around Rs 23 lakhs. 
Beneficiaries: close to one lakh sixty-five thousand people 
Prof E Mukundan
-Jai Sairam
-Jai Sairam